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Languages of India

India is an oriental country that attracts with the beauty of its nature, captivates with the aroma of spices and inspires confidence in its silks. So what language is spoken in India and what if you do not understand the state language?

What is the official language in India

There are two official languages ​​of India. They are English (everyone probably knows that India is a former English colony), as well as Hindi.

Hindi stands out as the traditional historical language of India, which is spoken by about 45% of the country’s inhabitants. These are native speakers.

You can experience the happiness of hearing the pure form of the Hindi language only in the northern part of the state. In general, Hindi is not a separate language, but a collection of languages.

What to say about English? Due to their colonial past, which lasted until 1947, Hindus actively communicate in English.

Especially those residents of the country who live in Bangalore (represents the Indian version of Silicon Valley).

In addition to the official languages, more than 2,000 different dialects are widespread in the territory of modern India. For example, in Bombay (one of the states of India), they speak two languages. The thing is that the state is divided into two regions – Maharashtra (only Marthi is spoken in it) and Gujarat (Gujarati is considered the popular language of the region).

Let’s look at the numbers:

In just ten states and three union territories of India, Hindi serves as the official language.

Only seven states and five union territories of India have English as the official language of the region.

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On the territory of French India, in Pondicherry, which was the French occupier, the inhabitants speak mainly in the French dialect.

In addition to the fact that Hindi, English and French are spoken in India.

The fact is that India is connected with USA by great friendship and cooperation within the framework of political groups.

Languages of India
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