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Languages of Switzerland

What language do the Swiss speak? Switzerland is considered to be the richest country in the world. And this is not only due to the large concentration of financial resources in the hands of a small state, but also to multilingualism.

It is precisely due to the fact that four languages ​​​​are fixed in Switzerland at the state level, the country is called one of the most multilingual and habitable by foreign citizens. What languages ​​are spoken in Switzerland? Let’s look into this issue.

According to the constitution of the Swiss Confederation, in the state, which is located in the Alps, I use four official and national languages. They form the basis of the life of the inhabitants of the state.

Official and state languages ​​of Switzerland

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  • German;
  • French;
  • Italian language;
  • Romansh language.

All four languages ​​are actively used in the modern life of the Swiss, giving them the opportunity to actively communicate with representatives of other countries and highly business matters with foreign firms.

The specificity of Romansh as an official language is that it acquires a similar official status only in the situation when the communication of the federal authority with a citizen of Switzerland will take place in Romansh.

Do not even assume that there is any discrimination. On the contrary, this can be explained by considerations of the effectiveness of the activities of the apparatus of state power, taking into account and taking into account the numerous representatives and speakers of a given language.

At the same time, the Romansh language does not exclude its significance and officiality, providing great scope for communication and application in everyday life.

The publication uses images from open sources

Speaking of German as the national language of Switzerland, it is important to note that the inhabitants of the German-speaking part of the country use a somewhat distinctive German language in their lives.

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In particular, a special dialect of the German language is mainly used, which has practically nothing similar to the classical version of the German language.

True, at the same time, a resident of Germany will be able to understand a Swiss who will speak with him to communicate in German.

French is the native language for almost 30% of the Swiss population. By the way, it is used everywhere and can be said to be very popular among the inhabitants of this small state.

Languages of Switzerland
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