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Languages of the Netherlands

Have you ever been to Holland? Have you heard what language is spoken in the Netherlands? It’s the same country, just with different names. Let’s figure it out, is it really that everything is as difficult with languages ​​as with the name of the state.

Official language in the Netherlands

The official language of Holland is Dutch (Dutch). It belongs to the Germanic group of languages ​​and contains a large amount of vocabulary and grammatical structures from German, English, French, Swedish and Danish. In other words, the Netherlands has absorbed all the best from its neighbors in Europe.

Despite the presence of an official language, there are various provinces in Holland in which people prefer to preserve local dialects and their own linguistic features.

In particular, already at the official level, such dialects become regional languages, acquiring a similar status.

These include the Low Saxon language, the Limburgish dialect, the West Frisian language (acts as a second language for the province of Friesland).

In addition, the Dutch language is considered the official languages ​​of some areas of Belgium, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles.

Given that the Dutch language has become widespread in the Netherlands, English is no less successfully communicated here. In particular, in the Netherlands there are a large number of higher education institutions in which education is conducted exclusively in English.

Needless to say, the inhabitants of the Netherlands are fluent in it and understand everything “without a dictionary”.

In addition, those residents of the country who are not strong in English, by chance, begin to study it, as the Dutch government “imposes” the language through numerous programs, radio broadcasts, films and TV shows that are broadcast without translation into Dutch.

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On the territory of the Netherlands, you will not be able to meet a person who will actively explain himself in your language .

And also there are few of those who understand, and even more so speak, in Chinese.

Despite the large number of tourists, it is better to communicate in English here.

Languages of the Netherlands
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