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Languages Spoken in Greece

What language do the Greeks speak? Even those who do not live in linguistics can define and distinguish English from French, and also tell about the existence of the Swedish language, which in its characteristics is somewhat similar to the German language.

At the same time, the Greek language, despite its antiquity and popularity among the inhabitants of Greece, is difficult to guess in everyday life. Let’s talk about what language the Greeks use in their country and how they communicate with the outside world.

Greek language is the basis of Greek culture

The language is a reflection of the history of the people, as well as its prevailing mentality. Please note that the history of Greece is the richest, so its language acts as the main language in the world. After all, just imagine that for a long time it was spoken by the inhabitants of the most ancient civilizations who lived on the territory of the Mediterranean Sea.

With its help, trade relations between cities were carried out, wars were waged and works of culture and art were written. Therefore, the Greek language can be called one of the most “tenacious” in the world, which has gone through many trials, but survived and is actively used by the Greek people.

For a many persons, it will not be difficult to make out Greek speech. It is also quite easy to use Greek words and pronounce them. In particular, many letters that are present in our and the Greek alphabet have the same sounds.

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That is why, when traveling in Greece, a many persons has a rather easy time, and he adapts without problems to the changed living conditions.

The only key features of the languages ​​are related to the original pronunciation of Greek words. So, phonetically, many Greek words are very difficult to pronounce for other speaking person.

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In addition, Greek does not use the indefinite form of the verb, which is popular in many European languages.

Interrogative sentences do not use the usual question mark. Instead, a semicolon is used. Indeed, it is very strange and original.

Despite the fact that the Greeks mainly use the Greek language in their lives, due to globalization and the penetration of English into the life of any foreign state, foreign languages ​​are also used on the Greek coast.

Mostly – English, as it is easy to learn.

Languages Spoken in Greece
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