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Las Terrenas

palm trees on beach during daytimeLocated in the northeastern part of the Samana Peninsula, the resort town of Las Terrenas is of interest to people who prefer a secluded vacation. Its beautiful, like in a fairy tale, quiet beaches stretching for many kilometers along the Atlantic coast. According to some unspoken law, have turned into cozy places for individual pastime for newlyweds and couples in love. In addition, the ocean floor off the coast of the town seems to have been created specifically in order to study it. So experienced and inexperienced divers often come here.

It’s nice that this uncrowded resort has something to do in the evening: the choice of nightlife is quite decent. It won’t be boring, you can dance, play gambling games, and indulge in local drinks in a cheerful company, and with good music.

Las Terrenas beaches

In addition to the clean and safe Playa Las Terrenas public beach, which stretches a good couple of kilometers along the coast. There are other beaches in and around Las Terrenas. If you dreamed of peace and quiet. Then there are plenty of options available to lie on the sand, relax, without being distracted by anyone. But sometimes, for a change. You can make an excursion to a noisier beach, where there are all kinds of entertainment. If you wish, you can always find a middle ground.

Playa el portillo

Playa El Portillo is great for families with small children. The beach is very clean, the entrance to the water is safe and the bottom is shallow. Not far from the coast, a pretty coral reef has grown, which is regularly “attacked” by divers. There really is something to see, and if you have a mask. With a snorkel and fins, this can be done absolutely free. There are rarely waves on El Portillo beach, but if they appear, small flocks of kitesurfers instantly materialize on them.

Playa kakao

Playa Kakao is perhaps the liveliest of the local beaches with a variety of entertainment. An abundance of gastronomic establishments, clean white sand and shallow warm sea. Protected from the waves by a coral reef. Naturally, the reef attracts lovers of diving into the deep sea. Compared to the rest of the local beaches, Playa Kakao looks quite noisy. More suitable for relaxing with cheerful youth companies. But if you are not too irritable, and noise is a mere trifle for you. Then you may well relax here with your children.

Playa las ballenas

Playa Las Ballenas in an ideal ratio contains a variety of beach activities. A sufficient number of cafes, restaurants, eateries and the endless freedom of a quiet, cozy beach. There are almost no waves here, at least no high waves were observed at all. This place is very popular with divers: in the coastal waters. There are coral colonies. At some distance from the coast there is a group of small uninhabited islands. Off the coast of which you can also see a lot of interesting things.

Playa coson

Playa Coson is a quiet, almost uninhabited beach, one might say. Wild, where there is a high probability of feeling like Robinsons in the bosom of unique nature. The blue sea sparkling in the sun, bordering on gentle sand, palm trees rushing. Into the sky and no one but you and those who you.

Playa punta popy

Playa Punta Popy is another calm beach located near the town center. There are few tourists here, locals are more likely to rest. This the best recommendation for the beach. However, they come here in small numbers, so no one bothers each other to relax. Hotels, restaurants and bars are clustered around the beach, which is a welcome addition to the secluded spot.

Playa bonita

Playa Bonita is a very beautiful beach, as even its name in Spanish says. No one will bother you here for sure – a wonderful place for a secluded vacation. For a young couple, a family with children, or just a friendly company. Which cramped and uncomfortable on crowded beaches. This beach with golden sand and a gentle entrance to the water located a few kilometers from the city. So you need to get here by taxi or a rented car, for which there is ample parking. However, you can settle right on this blessed coast in one of the bungalows. Or cottages, hidden under the nearby palm trees.

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Playa moron

Playa Moron is another slightly remote beach. Which is about half an hour away from the city by car. Ready to amaze tourists with expressive landscapes, soft sand, an abundance of beautiful palm trees. The absence of external irritants in the form of a huge number of grace seekers. Locals ready to feed you and provide you with soft drinks. If you are interested in looking at the colorful fish, take a snorkel with you. Here they can be viewed not far from the coast.

Tours and activities in Las Terrenas

To somehow dilute the monotonous vacation on a gentle beach. You can go on one of the many excursions within the Samana Peninsula that local travel agencies offer. To Los Haitises National Park, to El Limon waterfall, to Cayo Levantado island, to Taino Park, etc. e. During the mating season of humpback whales. It recommended to go on a special excursion so as not to miss this unique majestic sight. In Las Terrenas itself, active entertainment predominates, directly related to the sea surface, wave or depth.

The Dive Academy Las Terrenas

The Dive Academy Las Terrenas is a dive club and diving school rolled into one. With the goal of making this sport so accessible that everyone who comes to Las Terrenas will dive under the water at least once in their life. For beginners, in addition to training, a dive with an instructor is provided. Confident divers can choose from a variety of dive sites. From simple coral dives to the most challenging and exciting adventures. The Diving Academy also offers a unique and exciting adventure. Riding a torpedo scooter (scuba diving with a torpedo in hand).

Address: Calle 27 de Febrero, Calmos Cafe, Punta Popi, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18299069618.

Official website:


Kiteworld is an all-inclusive kitesurfing school: a beginner’s course. Excellent kitesurfing equipment rental, drinks and snacks at the bar. Lunch at a restaurant, relaxation at a tropical spa. You can feel like a member of a kite club for at least one day.

Address: Hotel Beach Club Palapa, 27 de Febrero, Playa Punta Popi, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18097694978.

Official website:

The Las Terrenas Sailing Club

The Las Terrenas Sailing Club is a sailing club where adults and children are actively engaged in sailing and kayaking. The club has a sailing school for beginners, so anyone can try themselves in this romantic sport. Every quarter, confident athletes get the opportunity to take part in the club regatta. The sailing club has an entire stretch of the beach. With a beach club where you can relax on a sun lounger and dine.

Address: Endof the beach road in Playa Las Ballenas, Nextto Restaurant Sol & Mar, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18097297879.

Official website:

Adventure Helicopter Samaná

Adventure Helicopter Samaná offers unforgettable helicopter excursions that promise a lot of experience. You can get a bird’s eye view of Las Terrenas or fly around the entire Samana Peninsula . However, you can choose any direction within the Dominican Republic. The company operates a fleet of three modern, inspiringly colored helicopters, each carrying up to four passengers.

Address: 1 Calle Libertad, Beach Garden Plaza, Suite 1, Las Terrenas.

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Phone: 18296457278.

Official website:

Las Terrenas nightlife

Las Terrenas definitely has a lot to go to in the evening. When the heat of the day subsides and the sun begins to tilt towards the horizon. Night bars come to life, sound appears in nightclubs and life in discos begins to be felt. And if someone is impatient to play roulette, then there is also a casino here.


Locura is a typical disco in a traditional Caribbean spirit. Where it is impossible to stay still. You want to dance until you drop to the fiery rhythms of heady music. Of course, cocktails ordered here will also do their job. If you get hungry, you can, among other snacks. Order the unique Montecristi sausage, which you can hardly taste anywhere else in the world. In general, the night spent here is bound to be remembered for a long time.

Address: Pueblo Los Pescadores, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18092682542.

Gaia night club

Gaia nightclub is considered the best in the city. If anything, it is a very trendy and popular place. The institution occupies a three-story building. Something special is happening on each floor at the same time. Different good music plays, parties in different styles are held. Plus, there is a sushi bar on the top floor.

Opening hours:

From 19:00 to 05:00.

Address: Pueblo de Los Pescadores, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18099141023.

Official website:

Casino niza

Casino Niza is just a short drive from the town center. Upon entering the establishment, the first thing you will see is a bar with a variety of drinks. The casino has a good selection of slot machines. Several tables with table gambling – not Las Vegas, of course, but you can quench your thirst for excitement and have a good evening.

Address: Calle Gregorio Luperon, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18092406154.

How to get to Las Terrenas?

Las Terrenas is located approximately 45 minutes from the airport in the city of Samana. From there, you can take a taxi for approximately RD $ 2,700 ($ 60). Public transport is, of course, cheaper. You can also take a taxi from the capital’s airport in about 2 hours. But it will be cheaper to get there by intercity bus for only RD $ 350 ($ 7.5). If there is a need to get to Las Terrenas from the international airport in Punta Cana. It better, nevertheless, to choose a taxi or order a transfer in advance. Although this will result in a pretty penny, since it is extremely inconvenient to get by public transport. It will take three transfers and, perhaps overnight at the hotel.

Las Terrenas Restaurants

An interesting feature of the life of the small town of Las Terrenas is its international population. People from very different countries gathered here. This, of course, found its expression in the culture and traditions of the city. The same can be said about the gastronomic aspect: representatives of different nationalities offer traditional cuisines. From different countries in their restaurants. Based on this, gourmets will find something to their liking here – exploring, comparing and enjoying a variety of gustatory delights.

Paco cabana

Paco Cabana a restaurant famous for its unique atmosphere, delicious food. A convenient location in the city center and close to the beach. Lovers of French cuisine will feel right at home here. In addition, it is worth trying the typical Caribbean dishes, especially the seafood: lobsters, shrimps, tuna, etc. Mojito is a must-try drink. They say that they do it better here than in all other establishments in the city.

Opening hours:

From 10:00 to 23:45;

Mon – day off.

Address: Calle Libertad, 1, Las Terrenas.

Official website:

The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant is a cozy restaurant located on the Coson beach. The menu is an organic blend of Caribbean, Mediterranean and international cuisine. You should pay attention to the dishes made from the freshest seafood. However, if you prefer hamburgers, they are also cooked here, and quite tasty. The very beautiful surrounding landscape adds an additional charm to the restaurant.

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Average bill: RD $ 685 ($ 15) to RD $ 1,3,700 ($ 30).

Address: Calle Coson, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18099627447.

Casa Azul

Casa Azul a great choice if you want to taste real pizza. From the hands of a real Italian chef. In addition, here you can order pasta and other traditional Italian dishes, as well as some international cuisine. It is also worth trying the freshly squeezed passionfruit juice and other soft drinks. Perhaps the main thing that makes Casa Azul happy its guests is the incredibly low prices for delicious quality food.

Opening hours:

from 11:00 to 00:00.

Average check: RD $ 91 ($ 2) to RD $ 500 ($ 11).

Address: Calle Libertad, Frente a la Policia, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18297070404.

Las Terrenas Accommodation

Las Terrenas has an impressive variety of hotels, luxury villas, cute bungalows, gated communities and bed and breakfast mini hotels. You can choose a more expensive or cheaper option, closer to your favorite beach or in the city center. The main thing that distinguishes all hotels in this quiet town the high level of service. Regardless of the category and price.

Sublime Samana *****

Sublime Samana an elite hotel with twenty spacious apartments. Located in a cozy quiet place surrounded by a beautiful palm grove. The hotel has two swimming pools, in addition, there is an exit to a beautiful and almost deserted beach. The hotel has a fitness center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. A tennis court and a luxury spa offering relaxing massages, beauty treatments, and more. Free yoga classes are offered twice a week for all guests. Parking, internet and breakfast are also free. The hotel’s restaurant offers a varied menu, and the bar offers intricate cocktails.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 10,000 ($ 220) to RD $ 25,000 ($ 550) per night.

Address: Bahia de Coson, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18888969416.

Official website:

Xeliter Balcones del Atlantico ****

Xeliter Balcones del Atlantico is a romantic hotel with thirty-five luxurious rooms with balconies, air conditioning, refrigerators, kitchenettes and jacuzzis. The hotel is well located practically on the central beach of Las Terrenas. Its territory is a picturesque tropical garden with fountains and pools. Internet in the hotel is free. The local restaurant has amazing cuisine. The hotel is perfect for both honeymooners and families away from the hustle and bustle.

Room rates range from RD $ 12,700 ($ 280) to RD $ 28,500 ($ 625) per night.

Address: Las Terrenas Beach, Las Terrenas.

Phone: 18299473255.

Official website:

Hotel Restaurant Atlantis

Hotel Restaurant Atlantis is a very cozy budget mini-hotel. With only ten rooms with a simple but comfortable and cute atmosphere. The main advantage of Atlantis is its location thirty meters from the unspeakably beautiful and convenient Bonita beach. On the territory of the hotel there is a swimming pool. A cocktail bar and a restaurant where you will be served tasty, hearty and quite inexpensive. However, the prices for accommodation in the hotel itself also look symbolic. At the same time, everything is in order with the Internet here, and you can use it for free. Recommended for family vacations.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 2 650 ($ 58) to RD $ 2 740 ($ 60) per night.

Address: Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas.

Las Terrenas
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