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Lebanese Restaurant in Jeddah

Learn about the best Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah. When talking about restaurants and delicious food. You must think of a group of dishes and items that will certainly be among the most famous Lebanese dishes. The Lebanese cuisine characterized by the diversity of its dishes that satisfy all tastes. This is why Jeddah includes a wide range of Lebanese restaurants that offer delicious menus rich in wonderful flavours.

Beit Ward Lebanese Restaurant

Bait Ward Lebanese Restaurant is one of the best traditional and high-end Lebanese restaurants in Saudi Arabia. It currently has a branch in Jeddah and another in Riyadh and is looking to expand further and further. The restaurant has a friendly staff with extensive experience in Lebanese cuisine. Offers a wonderful atmosphere to visitors thanks to its elegant interior décor full of plants that liven up the place. Visit Beit Ward Restaurant with your family or a group of friends. To enjoy some of the best Lebanese cuisine and sweets.

Karam Beirut Restaurant

A great fine dining restaurant in Jeddah. Serving authentic Lebanese dishes in a refined environment and serving many dishes. Including spicy potatoes, freshly grilled shrimp, chicken shish tawook and many other dishes.

Restaurant Guests are very welcoming around the clock and offers a beautiful and quiet atmosphere. The interior design of the restaurant is comfortable.

Address: The Boulevard, King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Shati, Jeddah.

Byblos Lebanese Restaurant

One of the most upscale Lebanese restaurants in the city. The restaurant characterized by its extensive and rich menu, it serves various well-known Lebanese and Levantine dishes. As well as delicious oriental appetizers and desserts.

  • Name: Byblos Lebanese Restaurant
  • Category: Families | Members
  •  Type:Lebanese Restaurant
  •  Prices: Medium
  •  Children: Allowed
  • Music: Yes
  • TIMING: 1PM–12:15AM
  • Address: Corniche Road, Al Hamra, Jeddah 23321, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966 50 671 2108

Leila Min Lebanon Restaurant

One of the most beautiful Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah, which offers the most beautiful dishes. That have won the admiration of many, such as manoushe, fattah, meat with dough. In addition to easy access to the restaurant. As it is located at the following address: Saud Al-Faisal, Al-Rawda, 23431 Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The restaurant provides service on a daily basis from nine in the morning until twelve in the morning. You can communicate through the phone number: 966920033400

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Agave Lebanese Restaurant Jeddah

At Agave Restaurant you can choose the atmosphere you like. Do you want to sit in a quiet atmosphere? Or maybe outdoors? All options are available to you as this restaurant very large and has many sections that you can choose from. As for the menu, it includes a wide range of Lebanese and Italian cuisine. In addition to appetizers, desserts and drinks.

Address: Prince Sultan Road, Al Rawda, 7th floor, Jeddah 23431, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Leon Restaurant 67

One of the best Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah in a sophisticated modern style serving snacks. Traditional Lebanese meals, with a variety of dining options for every taste.

Address: Box Park, Al-Zahra District, Jeddah.

Qamriya restaurant in Jeddah

One of the most famous restaurants, the demand for it increases, especially for the development of its food and services. You can enjoy the most beautiful Lebanese dishes. In addition to dessert dishes, and the Lebanese kunafa one of the most beautiful desserts that served and enjoyed. It is easy to reach the restaurant through the following address: Andalus, Jeddah 23326, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can also contact the restaurant and inquire about it through the following number: 966126598141

Chez Ghazal – Lebanese Restaurant in Jeddah

Ghazal a Lebanese restaurant and café in Jeddah suitable for families and friends’ meetings. Spacious place beautifully decorated with lots of green plants. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes including chicken, salad, pasta, grills, shish tawook, soups and more. They also serve desserts such as kunafa, basbousa, cheesecake, ice cream and more.

Address: Saud Al-Faisal, Al-Rawdah, Jeddah 23434, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Zaitunay Bay Restaurant Jeddah

Among the distinctive Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah with a sophisticated modern style serving snacks in a unique décor. Wonderful city views of the city from the seating area on the first and second floors of the building.

You will find friendly staff, great ambiance, delicious food, good prices and refreshing drinks in comfortable interiors as well.

Address: Tahlia Walk, Al Nahda Road, Al Rawdah District, Jeddah 21442, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ghanouj Lebanese Cuisine Jeddah

Ghanouj Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner through indoor seating. Outdoor seating with beautiful and stunning views, so Ghannoug Restaurant a great destination for families and individuals. Especially those who want to have breakfast in a modern restaurant in the early morning. Lebanese restaurant Jeddah Ghannouj characterized by its average prices. Distinguished service provided by a group of qualified employees in their field. The most famous dishes at Ghannouj Restaurant. Omelette, eggplant fatteh, manakish with various flavors, chicken liver, fried kibbeh, tabbouleh, grape leaves and more varieties and various drinks.

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Ghanoush Restaurant Contact Information

  • Location: Corniche, Al Shati, Jeddah
  • Timings: 07:00 am – 12:00 pm (Daily)
  • Contact Number: 0581017315

Shababik Restaurant Jeddah

Shababik one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah, suitable for families and friends meeting. As it a spacious place beautifully decorated with lots of green plants. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes including chicken, salad, pasta, grills, shish tawook, soups and more. They also serve desserts such as kunafa, basbousa, cheesecake, ice cream and more. And don’t forget to have a cup of coffee after you’ve finished eating.

Address: Prince Sultan Road, Al Rawdah, Ana Special Mall, Jeddah 23431, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Wazzan Restaurant – Lebanon Fruit Restaurant

Part of the appetizer dishes served by Al-Wazzan Restaurant Lebanon Fruit – Photo credits reserved to Al-Wazzan Restaurant
website. The most distinctive feature of the Lebanese restaurant Al-Wazzan (Fruit of Lebanon) that most of its varieties. Materials brought from private farms in Lebanon. Whether it meat that used in grills and shawarma. Or fruits that used to prepare more than 40 types of fresh juice.

Not only that, but the Lebanese Fruit Restaurant prepares a daily dish consisting of several items. In addition to bread and manakish that prepared on the Lebanese saj as it a famous Jeddah Lebanese restaurant.

  • Location: Tahlia Street, Jeddah.
  • Timings: Round-the-clock (daily)
  • Phone: 0126658023 | 0126608909

Reef Al Sham Restaurant

One of the largest Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah has a clean and spacious dining area. With a comfortable and quiet seating area overlooking Sari Street and some small fountains.

The restaurant is clean and tidy, the grills are very tasty, and the appetizers are fresh. We recommend tasting grilled chicken with sauce, fattoush salad, hummus with muhammara. Grilled kibbeh, and it is worth noting that the décor of the restaurant is simple and elegant.

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Address: Al-Shumus, Sari Road, Jeddah.

Fares Breakfast Restaurant

The idea of Fares breakfast may not be a dazzling invention. But it undoubtedly a dream story turned into reality with the participation of thousands of followers of the executors. The restaurant offers you the right breakfast prices. You will find in each dish a special spirit that makes breakfast their favorite meal.

The restaurant’s signature dishes include Meteor. Croc Madame and French-style chicken making this the best place for an inspiring start to a day full of achievements. A smile will appear on your face and energetic as soon as you taste the meals of this restaurant.

Head to the restaurant to enjoy different breakfast dishes at any time of the day that suits your schedule. You will learn about a beautiful concept where you will see how this restaurant takes care of all family members. Which is why it is classified as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah.

It provides drawing papers on the tables for children with a beautiful touch and upon entering. You greeted by the smell of coffee and one of their staff who will find you a table. Organize your trip to sail in traditional Lebanese flavors with a modern presentation. This all-day breakfast restaurant also offers plenty of dishes for vegetarians as well.

Yonine Restaurant Jeddah

Younine Restaurant is one of the most luxurious Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah. Considered one of the most luxurious Lebanese restaurants in Jeddah. As Younine Restaurant offers outdoor seating, and characterized by its luxurious modern décor and quiet seating. The restaurant operates within the pre-booking system, whether for families or individuals. Its prices are high, but it provides a distinguished and fast service to all its guests and customers.

Among the popular dishes on the menu of a Lebanese restaurant Jeddah. Younine grape leaves, grills, kibbeh, eggplant with pomegranate and many other dishes and various drinks.

Location: King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah.
Timings: 1:15 pm – 01:00 am (Daily)
Phone: 0126132444

Lebanese Restaurant in Jeddah
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