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Lebanese Restaurant in Riyadh

The Lebanese cuisine distinguished by the diversity of foods and ingredients and its dependence on vegetables greatly when preparing food, as well as the flavor of the food that distinguishes it and differs from other kitchens. If you want to eat Lebanese food abroad and are looking for the best Lebanese restaurants in Riyadh, we will mention to you in this article the best Lebanese restaurants in Riyadh.

Baalbak Restaurant Riyadh

There are many advantages that distinguish this restaurant from other restaurants. And among these features that it has suitable and comfortable seats. Informal not associated with a specific outfit. There are all vegetarian dishes and there are many options in it. There a suitable place that is very safe for children, and there places designated for groups and families, and it also offers a lot of delicious Lebanese dishes. The feast of drinks and sweets, and its atmosphere is very quiet. Baalbek restaurant considered one of the best restaurants that offer free potatoes, its service is excellent, the prices are Suitable for its features.

Address: 3764 Al Orouba Road, Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh12252, Saudi Arabia

Phone Number: +966114641154

Burj Al Hamam Restaurant

If you looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Riyadh, do not miss visiting Burj Al Hamam Restaurant. Which serves the most delicious Lebanese food in the original way with a delicious taste. And as soon as you enter it, you will feel that you are inside one of the Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon. Among the items served inside it grilled kibbeh in addition to tabbouleh and muttabal, hummus and chicken kebab, shish tawook with Lebanese bread and many other dishes.

  • Location: Takhassusi Street east of King Faisal Hospital.

Naya Lebanese Restaurant

There are also a lot of features in this restaurant represented in the wonderful outdoor seating areas. It has a very comfortable base so many visitors come to it, and it is casual, and there are wheelchairs, a very luxurious restaurant that has a very safe place for children and the prices are appropriate, the Lebanese corner restaurant, address: Northern Ring Road, Al Murooj Sports, Saudi Arabia.

Address: King Fahd Road, Model Riyadh, 12731, Saudi Arabia.

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Phone Number: +966114579999

Lebanese Countryside Restaurant

The Lebanese countryside restaurant considered one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Riyadh. As it is one of the old Lebanese restaurants in Riyadh in the Kingdom. Where it has been operating for more than ten years, and it characterized by the taste of traditional delicious food. And among the most famous Lebanese dishes it offers are grape leaves, hummus, tabbouleh, grills, shish and hot potatoes, while the most important feature of the Lebanese countryside restaurant is that it offers sweets in a different way.

  • Location: Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Olaya Road.

Lebanese Corner Restaurant

There are many features that suit all tastes, and this restaurant has beautiful and wonderful features, including: – It offers a lot of dishes: Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and grills, and offers two meals, lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers a lot of Lebanese meals, there is excellent service, very fast in completion, the menu is varied, the cleaning service is high, and it is very suitable for watching matches and prices are average for the services provided to it, and the most important feature of this restaurant is that it gives you the Lebanese mood, taste and natural speculation.

Address: Northern Ring Road, Al Murooj, Riyadh 12284, Saudi Arabia

Maxim Lebanese Restaurant

It is one of the most restaurants that have many features and among these features, there is everything you can eat all Lebanese foods and meals, and it offers delicious and wonderful meals and there are many visitors to this restaurant because it provides services at the highest level.

The place very clean, and offers its best, so it considered the best Lebanese restaurant in Riyadh and also offers three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is a place suitable for children and there are a lot of games such as slides and swings It is a very safe place, and for the prices it is very cheap, and its features are excellent.

Address: Takhassusi Al Nakheel Street, Riyadh 12381, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number: +966112290022

Abdul Wahab Restaurant in Riyadh

If you are looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Riyadh. Do not miss Abdul Wahab Restaurant, which offers a varied menu of delicious Lebanese grills. As well as Lebanese appetizers including tabbouleh, hummus, kibbeh and fattoush. The restaurant characterized by its reasonable prices.

  • Location: 3596 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road, Sulaymaniyah, 3614, Riyadh 12223, Saudi Arabia.
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Fairuz Garden Restaurant

This restaurant characterized by the most important features that people want. And among these features, the restaurant one of the most important restaurants in Riyadh. It offers the best famous Lebanese food, and also it characterized by the best services it provides to families and there are places for families. There is a children’s place, and the restaurant offers you the best services for people with special needs, and there is an electric elevator. This restaurant offers the best types of food and the types of food offered by this restaurant fried eggs, Lebanese cheese. Lebanese tea, and a lot of Lebanese foods, It also offers all kinds of drinks, and the prices are very reasonable.

Address: The Pancake House, King Fahd Road, Next, Wadi Hanifa Street, Riyadh 13712, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966509477794

Reef Lebanese Restaurant

We have many advantages of this restaurant and these features suit many people, and among these features, this restaurant offers us the best main dishes, including dessert dishes and all hot and cold drinks, and there is also the menu of this restaurant, grape leaves, shish and tabbouleh, various grills and hot potatoes, and we offer you a lot of different varieties of Lebanese sweets, so that customers can choose what they like from the dessert, and the restaurant also offers tea, nescafe and other drinks, and this restaurant features With its cleanliness, and the speed of placing orders to customers, the restaurant has a long history of more than ten years and it serves the best Lebanese food to customers, and this restaurant has a distinctive length such as the high ceiling, the presence and the fountain, and these features give a wonderful and calm view, and there are open places overlooking the greenery and the fountain in which customers can sit, and the prices are very appropriate.

Address: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Road, Olaya, Riyadh, 12241, Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number: +966114555556

Um Sharif Restaurant

If you are looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Riyadh, um Sharif Restaurant is the right place for you, where you will find all the flavors of traditional Lebanese cuisine, serving in addition to classic dishes, delicious international dishes.

  • Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia.

Grand Lebanon Restaurant

This restaurant offers a lot of features that distinguish it from other restaurants, and among these features. It has very suitable and comfortable sessions, casual you can wear what you prefer. There is a place suitable for children and there are a lot of games. And there are places designated for groups. It a very excellent restaurant in all entire grills, and Lebanese appetizers, the prices are appropriate.

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Address: Prince Mamdouh bin Abdulaziz, Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number:+966114631888

Lebanese Island Restaurant

This restaurant has many features that make it better than other restaurants, including. There are wonderful sessions, very comfortable seats, and wonderful lengthening, not committed to a formal dress. There are many beautiful vegetarian options, and there are also dedicated and wonderful sessions for groups. And the prices very suitable for all groups.

Address:- Madinah Road, Dhahrat Al Badi’ah, Riyadh 12972, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number: +966114270681

Dunia Beirut Restaurant Riyadh

Dunia Beirut considered the best Lebanese family restaurant in Riyadh. As it provides suitable seating areas for families, as well as the excellent service provided to them, whether from the availability of various food dishes suitable for adults and children, or reasonable prices, and high food quality, and we advise you to try meatballs with pomegranate molasses, and kebabs with cherries.

  • Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road, Hittin, Riyadh 13514, Saudi Arabia.

Lebanese Rose Flowers Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the distinguished restaurants and among its features is that it serves the best fast food and famous Lebanese cuisine, and serves three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, the place is very clean and service all day, the prices are very reasonable.

Address: 4545 Al Suwaidi Al Aam Street, Al Suwaidi District, Riyadh 12792, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number: +966114251938

Ekleel Lebanon Restaurant

Ekleel Lebanon Restaurant considered among the best Lebanese restaurants in Riyadh. As it characterized by the wonderful reception of guests. As well as the beauty of the luxurious decorations inside, and it serves the most delicious Lebanese cuisine from main courses, appetizers, grills and desserts.

  • Location: King Fahd Branch Road, Olaya, Riyadh 12333, Saudi Arabia.
Lebanese Restaurant in Riyadh
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