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Lion Tombs Al Ula

Alula is a city with a long and fascinating history. It is located in a difficult to reach location, but the journey is well worth it for those who want to see the magnificent lion tombs. In this article, we will take a brief overview of the city of Alula, the journey to get there, and the Lion Tombs themselves.

Alula: A Brief Overview

And one of the most beautiful areas that must visited while you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Khuraiba area and the tombs of lions, as it considered one of the most important archaeological areas in the city of Al-Ula, which has a great importance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it a wonderful city full of many different monuments and natural tourist features as it located in the northwestern region of Medina as it separated from Medina by about three hundred and seventy Square kilometers.

This city enjoys international fame as it contains many tourist attractions and it also considered one of the oldest historical and archaeological areas in the whole world, as it has been since the dawn of history and the city of Al-Ula one of the most important commercial centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it was in the past is among the cities that were located on the road of the old commercial caravans.

As it was an ancient large commercial center where many of the finest Traders to receive trade coming from the continent of Asia and the continent of Africa and the countries of the southern Arabian Peninsula that gather out, the most important of which spices, perfumes and incense, and the city of Al-Khuraiba is one of the most beautiful areas that visited and enjoy its picturesque tourist attractions. So we are going to talk about it and the tombs of the lions in which it is located, which is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the region.

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The Journey to Alula

The extraordinary beauty of it enjoyed by the tombs and lions in the Dadan Oasis, near Al-Ula Governorate, where lions carved on the rocky surface adorn the two tombs built in the heart of the mountains.
The site drew attention to the area around Al-Ula, famous for the tombs in Al-Hijr (Madain Saleh), which built by the Nabataeans in the first century. However, archaeological excavations have unearthed the remains of a more unique civilization in the Dadan Oasis.

This region also called the capital of the kingdom of Dadan, and it mentioned for the first time in the Hebrew Bible, written in the sixth century BC. The city described as the beating heart of the kingdom and a trading partner of Tire (in present-day Lebanon) along the road connecting the Levant with Oman and Yemen. Being on a major trade route, Dadan inevitably exposed to other cultures. Archaeologists found a completely fortified city buried under the sand in it, as influences from other cultures appear in their statues and the decoration of their buildings and tombs.
According to the belief of those who lived in that region, the souls of the dead would reach heaven more quickly if they buried in the mountains, a belief also shared by the Lycians who lived in the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey).

The City of Alula

The lost city of Alula, hidden away in the Ethiopian jungle.

Abandoned in the 13th century, the lost city of Alula has hidden away in the Ethiopian jungle for centuries. But recent efforts have made to locate and excavate the city. The journey to get to Alula is not for the faint of heart – the terrain is treacherous and the progress slow. But those who make the journey rewarded with a glimpse into another world – the world of the ancient Aksumites.

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The Lion Tombs

The Lion Tombs are the final resting places of Alula’s ancient kings and queens. They are located in a hidden chamber deep within the city. The chamber guarded by a massive lion statue, and only the city’s royalty allowed to enter.

The tomb paintings and carvings tell the story of Alula’s history and culture. They depict the city’s founding, its golden age, and its decline. They also show the Aksumites’ belief in the afterlife, and their hope for rebirth in a new life.

The Lion Tombs are a fascinating glimpse into the past. They offer a rare opportunity to see how the ancient Aksumites lived, and how they saw the world.


The lost city of Alula is definitely worth visiting. It is a city with a rich history and culture, and the journey to get there is an adventure in itself. The Lion Tombs are a must-see for anyone visiting Alula, and they offer a rare glimpse into the past. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination, Alula is definitely the place for you.

Lion Tombs Al Ula
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