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Best Attractions in London

London, the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom. The city of fog as the world knows it. Home of fashion, perfumes, chocolate. History and modernity. The city of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. It loved by those who were fortunate to visit it. And those who had no luck yet dreamed of it.
We review 10 of them in the following report.

London Eye

London Eye London England Travel  - hasanoguzart / Pixabay

Ferris wheel ” London Eye ” one of the newest attractions of the city. It has managed to catch the fancy of residents and tourists. Along with the more ancient sights of the British capital. The London Eye considered a cult symbol of the city. The Ferris wheel built in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. It is hard to imagine London today without this impressive attraction. The Ferris wheel booths made of glass in such a way to observe the city from all sides. All guests entertained with a short 4D movie before boarding.

Big Ben

Sky England Uk Thames Clock Big  - Mark_Taylor66 / Pixabay

Big Ben is a 96-meter clock tower. Located in the northeastern. Part of the British Parliament in Westminster. The attraction included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The actual name of the tower is the Clock Tower. It called Big Ben, Big Tom, or Big Ben Tower. The Clock Tower one of the most structures in London. Its trademark, just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Tower of London

London Uk England Winter Sky Hazy  - hulkiokantabak / Pixabay

The attraction visited by 3 million people yearly. Over the centuries, the Tower has been used as the residence of monarchs. A mint, a prison, a treasury. The Tower has been rising on the banks of the Thames for a thousand years. Being one of the main symbols not only of London. But of the whole of Great Britain.

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Buckingham Palace and changing of the guard

Buckingham Palace Square Statue  - dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay

Buckingham Palace built in 1837. It has been used as the seat of the royal family. To find out if the queen is at home. Just look at the flagpole that adorns the roof of the building. If the royal banner flutters, then the queen is in the palace. You are lucky enough to be in London during significant events. Then you can even see the Queen and her family on the balcony. They go out to greet the people.

Double-decker buses

London’s famous buses a brilliant attraction. Explore the city. See streets decorated palaces. Museums and monuments. Buses run around London. Around the clock. You can plan your trip at any time. It’s important to remember that on the bus you cannot pay in cash. For this you need either a transport card. (Visitor Oyster Card, Oyster Card, Travel card). A full-fledged attraction. The bus ride is much more interesting for those who are in no hurry. And want to observe the life of the city from a window on the second floor.

Trafalgar Square 

London England Trafalgar Square  - 12019 / Pixabay

The center and main square of the city. In the heart of which rises the 50-meter column of Nelson. It is worth coming here for the National and Portrait Galleries. Wonderful fountains and spontaneous exhibitions of London artists. The square opened on May 1, 1844, although it was not complete. It made a good impression on the public. Over the next few decades. The new landmark won the title of one of the symbols of London.

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Westminster Abbey

London Westminster Big Ben  - TeeFarm / Pixabay

Westminster Abbey one of the most important religious buildings. The traditional place of coronation. As well as the burial place of the country’s monarchs. Westminster Abbey called the Church of St. Peter, located in the historic district of London (Westminster). Westminster Abbey is a prime example of the Gothic style. It known that the church built with long breaks for five hundred years (from 1245 to 1745).
The rebuilding of the abbey took over 250 years. The area of ​​the church is 3000 m².
You can get inside through the main entrance. The Great North Door, in which the chapels located.

Oxford Street

Oxford Circus Street Tube Rush Hour  - TheOtherKev / Pixabay

Oxford Street is one of London’s most famous and lively shopping streets. It’s popular with tourists. Because here you can find shops and boutiques for every taste and budget.
The street located in the historic Westminster district. The length of the street is 2.4 kilometers. There are 548 boutiques and shops along the length of Oxford Street.
You can stay in some cozy hotel or relax in a street cafe. Oxford Street is a shopaholic’s paradise. There seems to be everything here: mass markets and style worthy boutiques. Where you can find gifts for your loved ones. Pastries, jewelry, shoes, clothes, toys, books, and much more.

Hyde Park

England Lake Forest Tree Palace  - Metwoshd / Pixabay

Hyde Park is one of the eight royal parks in London. In terms of area, it ranks fourth: Hyde Park located on 142 hectares. For comparison: the largest is Richmond Park. Its territory is 955 hectares. Hyde Park hosts live fun during major holidays such as Christmas.
Hyde Park located in West London. Buses run there, and can reached by metro or taxi.

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British Museum

British Museum Museum London Uk  - hulkiokantabak / Pixabay

The British Museum the most popular art. And history museum in the UK. Its collection contains over 8 million items. Covering the history of world culture. From inception to the present day. The British Museum has over 250 years of history. It created in 1753 by order of King George II of Great Britain.
The easiest way to get there is by metro. There are 4 metro stations next to the museum. The nearest ones are 500 meters. A little further there are Russell Squares. (blue line and black line). About 800 meters from the museum.
For visitors. The museum opened 6 years later. In the Montague House mansion. On the same site is the modern building of the British Museum.

Best Attractions in London
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