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Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach Bali – The island of Bali is indeed famous for the beauty of its enchanting beaches.

In Bali, tourists can find a variety of Watersport tourist activities and other interesting activities.

One of the advantages of beaches in Bali is that the white sand is so clean and smooth, such as Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach, Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach, and many more.

Unlike the beaches in general in Bali that are white sandy, the beach that we will discuss this time has an exotic view with black sand. This beach is called Lovina Beach.

Not only has a natural tourist attraction, Lovina Beach also offers various interesting things that make your vacation even more exciting.

To know more about Lovina Beach, you must check out the following review.

Attractions of Lovina Beach Bali

Lovina Beach has exotic black sand and the location is still natural and awake.

In the beach area there are many rows of traditional fishing boats.

But the main attraction of Lovina Beach is not in its beach, but the activity of seeing dolphins in the middle of the sea.

The tourist attraction area of Lovina Beach is very famous for the show of wild dolphins in the middle of the sea.

On Lovina Beach there are hundreds of dolphins that jump in the ocean.

To be able to see the dolphin attractions, you have to leave for the middle of the sea before sunrise.

Typically, dolphins will appear on the surface of the sea between 6 and 8 a.m.

Trips to the middle of the sea in the waters of Lovina are very fond of tourists.

The waters of the Lovina sea are relatively calm, so they can be passed comfortably using fishing boats.

You can find the dolphin about 1 km from the shoreline.

Some are jumping to the surface, and some are just swimming.

Of course, this black sea beast attraction is very interesting to watch.

Those of you who visit Lovina Beach, can rent a traditional fishing boat that is specially provided for dolphin watching tours in the middle of the sea.

While heading to the middle of the sea to watch the dolphin show, you can also see the beautiful, calm, and natural waters of Lovina.

For the duration of seeing dolphin shows in the waters of Lovina about 2 hours.

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Fishermen will take you to the middle of the sea using their traditional boats to where dolphins often appear.

Besides being able to see dolphin shows, at Lovina Beach there are also diving activities available.

Marine life in the waters of Lovina is diverse and not inferior to other balinese diving spots.

Specialties of Lovina Beach

Talking about tourist destinations on the island of Bali, the Singaraja area may not be the first time it comes to mind.

However, did you know that Singaraja has quite an interesting wasat potential? Yes, Lovina Beach is one of them.

This beach is increasingly popular and visited by many tourists every year.

There are many things that make Lovina Beach able to attract many tourists, including:

√ Wild Dolphin Attractions In The Middle Of The Sea

Traveling in Bali, when else can you see dolphin attractions in their habitat if not at Lovina Beach?

Yes, indeed, these dolphins are the main attraction of Lovina Beach.

Here, flocks of these highly intelligent marine mammals live freely.

Dolphins on Lovina Beach have been protected by local government regulations, so no one is allowed to catch or sell them.

To be able to watch dolphin attractions in the middle of the sea, you must rent a special boat that has been provided by the manager.

One boat can accommodate 4-5 people, at a cost of around Rp. 60,000 per person.

Later, the boat will take you towards the ocean, which usually appears a lot of dolphins.

Ideally, dolphins at Lovina Beach appear in the morning, precisely around 06.00 – 08.00 WITA.

Therefore, you must come before that time so you can see special moments that are rarely found on the beaches of other areas of Bali.

The best time to see dolphins at Lovina Beach is during the dry season, around April – October.

√ One Of The Best Sunrise Spots In Bali

Since you have to come in the morning to watch the dolphin attractions at Lovina Beach, you can take advantage of the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunrise.

The time is not much different from the time of the appearance of dolphins, which is around 05.30 – 06.00 WITA.

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So, before sailing to the middle of the sea, you can relax first by the Lovina Beach to wait for the sunrise.

Even if you are lucky, it is not impossible that there will be dolphins appearing while the sun is walking up to the east.

Always have a camera near you so that you can immediately take pictures of these beautiful moments.

Exciting Activities & Activities At Lovina Beach

Watching dolphin attractions from a fairly close distance is not the only exciting activity that you can do at Lovina Beach.

There are still other interesting things that you can try at Lovina Beach, here are some of them:

√ Snorkeling Enjoys Underwater Beauty

Not only presenting dolphin attractions on the surface of the sea, Lovina Beach also holds underwater beauty that you should witness firsthand.

You can find many coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish in it.

While the sky is still clear, you should try this activity after watching the dolphins.

If you are really interested in snorkeling at Lovina Beach, you don’t need to bring your own equipment because snorkeling equipment rental services are available.

You only need to pay a rent of around Rp. 60,000. Pretty affordable price, right?

√ Fish In The Middle Of The Sea

In addition to snorkeling, you can try fishing at Lovina Beach.

To do this exciting activity, you must first sail to the middle of the sea by renting a boat that has been provided at Lovina Beach.

If you want to fish for yourself, you can join other groups on the boat.

Ideally, per person will be charged a rental fee of around Rp. 60,000 – Rp. 150,000.

But, if you come with a group and want to fish together, you can rent a large boat.

Usually, the price of renting a boat for a group will be cheaper than paying per person.

Each boat can usually only carry 4-5 people.

sunbathing √ &Revelrying On The Beach

Lovina Beach can also be the right destination for those of you who want to get rid of fatigue.

Different from most beaches in Bali that have white sand, Lovina Beach looks more exotic with its black sand.

On this black sand, you can roll out mats or other pedestals to relax, as well as have a picnic.

This beachside area is also usually used by tourists as a place to wait for the moment of sunrise.

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Don’t forget to bring lunch or order food from nearby stalls.

That way, you can relax for a long time by the Lovina Beach without worrying about starvation.

√ See a Musical Performance

You can also enjoy some activities at Lovina Beach at night.

Around the beach, there are various places to eat and cafes that are often used by visitors to hang out until the evening.

Some cafes usually show music, so the atmosphere around the beach is more lively.

Given that the sea breeze blows strongly at night, make sure your body stays warm while on Lovina Beach.

You can wear fairly thick clothes, as well as order hot food and drinks to warm up.

Entrance Ticket Prices & Operating Hours

There is no entrance ticket to Lovina Beach, it’s just that you have to pay for a boat rental if you want to take a dolphin tour.

In addition, you also have to pay equipment rental if you don’t have equipment when you want to snorkel.

Dolphin Package √

  • Adult: IDR 100,000/person
  • Child²: IDR 50,000/person (3-7 years old)

√ Dolphin + Snorkeling Package

  • Adult: IDR 200,000/person
  • Child²: IDR 150,000/person (3-7 years old)

Lovina Beach does not enforce official operating hours. That is, you can come to this beach at any time.

If you already intend to see dolphins or watch the beautiful scenery of the sunrise, it’s a good idea to come to Lovina Beach before 05.00 WITA so you don’t miss this special moment.

Address Location Lovina Beach

Route to Lovina Beach

Most people who visit Lovina Beach usually travel to Bali by sea.

Because, the distance is quite close to the port of Gilimanuk, which is about 1 hour drive.

If departing from Denpasar, you have to travel for approximately 2 hours.

If you take a private vehicle from Denpasar, you can pass several tourist attractions in Bedugul, Singaraja, then arrive at Lovina.

Meanwhile, for those who choose to take public transportation, you can depart from Tegal Terminal to Ubung Terminal, then continue the journey to Lovina Beach.

Lovina Beach
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