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Lubec Maine

Lubec Maine

Lubec Maine History

Lubec Maine a small 1,400 inhabitants, a city in the United States, in northeastern Maine. The most eastern city in the United States. Lubek was originally a part of the town and became an independent town in 1811. The city named after the city of Lubeck, located in Germany. Lubek developed as a commercial center, resort and fishing sardines, salmon. Quoddy Head State Park, the easternmost point of the continental United States, has a lighthouse built in 1808, rebuilt in 1858. The bridge connects Lubeck to Roosevelt Campobello International Park on Campobello Island, where President Franklin Roosevelt had his summer home. The population of Lubek was at its maximum in the 1910s and 20s, at around 3,300. Since then, the population has been gradually but steadily declining and currently stands at less than 1,300.

As a result of a storm on January 4, 2018, a historic building in the city of Lubek swept off the coast of the Canadian island of Campobello. It half sunk, but the Americans were hoping to save it and put it back where it was. The building part of the museum complex and listed in the National Register of Historic Sites.

Lubec Maine Statistics

Population in 2016: 1,282

Population change since 2000: -17.7%

Men: 658 (48.4%)

Women: 701 (51.6%)

Average age of a resident: 54.0 years

Median age in Maine: 43.0 years

Postal code: 04652.

As of 2000, the median household income in the city was $ 20,565 and the median household income was $ 26,098. The average income for men was $ 25,170 versus $ 19,375 for women. The per capita income for the city was $ 13,081. About 20.3% of families and 28.8% of the population live below the poverty line, including 49.6% of those under age 18 and 20.6% of those age 65 or over.

Things to do in Lubec Maine

1- West quoddy head light

Quoddy Head State Park located in Lubec, at the most terrestrial moment in the United States. Over 532 acres, acquired by the state in 1962, the park features 4.5 miles of hiking trails, vast forests, swamps, diverse habitats for rare plants, and towers red and white stun lighthouse in West Quoddy Head Light. With its diverse landscape, stunning views, beautiful hiking sites and the opportunity to hike and watch whales, Quoddy Head State Park a great delight to visit. eastern Maine bottom.

West Quoddy Head Light Station, Maine Just off the rock below the lighthouse, Sail Rock ominously jutting out of the water, ready to tear up any ship that dares to get too close. In 1806, a light station authorized by Congress. To assist Marines in navigating these dangerous waters, just south of Canada’s Campobello Island, and west of Grand Manan Island. The light station established in 1808. And fog signals added in 1820.

Location: 189 S Lubec Rd, Lubec Maine, ME 04652-3622

2- Roosevelt Campobello International Park

It’s 5 min driving from Lubec Maine. Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family valued their years on their “beloved island of Campobello” in the early 20th century. It’s across the bridge from Lubec, Maine.

Take a tour of the 34-room FDR hut with a guide, join the FUN Tour, learn about Eleanor’s life in «Eleanor’s Tea», walk the popular FDR trails, walk on new bike paths, ride on carriage roads and observe beautiful sea landscapes, picnic in one of 11 places. Or have breakfast or a light lunch in the historic Prince Café overlooking Friar’s Bay.
Free entry. SEE website for timing / reservations/ tickets or for selected activities; also there special good events throughout the summer.

The island accessible by bridge and ferry, although boats run only seasonally. See the website for details.

3- Cobscook Bay State Park

It’s 26 min driving from Lubec Maine about (17.0 miles). The wildlife-rich waters of Kubskock Bay surround this 888-acre park on three sides, providing opportunities for bird watching and amazing tide watching in the area. Cobscook, the Maliseet-Passamaquoddy’s stem word for “boiling tide,” aptly describes this setting, where the average tidal range 24 feet and can reach 28 feet. Compared to an average tide of 9 feet along the far south of Maine. The park offers boat launching for those who have experience in handling boats in demanding conditions. With fast-moving tidal slopes.
Copskock Bay an unusual estuary with a narrow estuary to the sea, a long and complex beach, and a relatively small number of feeding streams and rivers. The nutrient-rich saltwater flowing from the Gulf of Maine stimulates the growth of plankton. Which in turn feeds a wide range of invertebrates. such as molluscs and sea worms. Vultures, sea eagles, seals, otters, and even occasional bears have abundant fish in the bay, including fish, birds, Chad, sea trout, striped bass, and Atlantic salmon. The bay, which produces a food network. Feeds more than 200 species of birds. They attracted by the sheltered bays of the Cuban Gulf, mud and eel beds, and thousands of seabirds stop at each fall to rest and forage as they migrate south from their northern nesting grounds. The Inner Gulf Bays Support Maine.

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4- Shackford Head State Park

Shackford Head State Park about 55 minutes drive from Luebeck Maine. The interconnected road system at Shackford Head State Park includes some easy hiking trails and some more challenging hilly terrain.

If you enjoy challenging terrain with extra views, continue on the Ship Point Trail and return to the parking lot via the Schooner Trail for a total of about two miles. When eagles nest in the park area, some roads may be temporarily closed to protect the families of the young eagles from disturbance. Gather extra layers of clothing, be prepared for poor visibility, and carry a map of the park with you while hiking.

Shackford Head State Park has no routine staff. Please take extra precautions when visiting, as there no protection assistance near you. Wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for rough terrain. The park trails also offer great wildlife viewing opportunities, with forested game birds and hermit birds, bald eagles, common swallows and sandy vegetation along the shore.

Ornithologists have documented 28 different species of head nesting birds. The trails in Shackford Head State Park part of a larger network of hiking trails known as Cobscook Trails. Cobscook Trails a joint project of conservation landowners and community partners looking to expand recreational and nature-based tourism opportunities in Eastern Washington County. visit: The Cobscook Trails Project.

5- Reversing Falls Park

It’s 43 min driving from Lubec Maine about (30.9 miles). lovely viewed reverse waterfall at River Falls Park in Pembroke, Maine. The park located at Mahars Point at the end of Leighton Point Road. Strong tides flowing in and out of Kubskock Bay create accelerated water activity. The park also a great place to spot bald eagles, seals, and other seabirds. A park owned by the town in the middle of Copskock Bay, with the opportunity to walk on a private estate along the coast. You will probably see seals playing in the waterfall. Bald eagles, a variety of waterfowl, and migratory birds observed from the coast. The currents in inversion cascades can change rapidly and dramatically according to the tidal cycle. Not safe when swimming or swimming into the river at any time. Rowing in upside-down waterfalls only done with an experienced local guide.

6- Boot Head Preserve

Boot Head Preserve 14 min (7.7 miles) from Lubec Maine. Features 700 acres of stunning rugged coastline, raised woodland, swamps, and coastal wetlands. Jim’s Cape and Boot Head two points of the anvil-shaped coastal section of 400 acres. The interior of the reserve connected to the adjacent Hamilton Cove Preserve of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust – together that make up nearly 2,000 acres of adjacent protected land in the town of Lübeck. Today, visitors can explore the moss-lined temperate hiking trails in the reserve, two miles away. The trails, which include long sections of swamp bridges, descend to pebbled beaches and then rise to the tops of rocky outcrops that provide sweeping views of the Grand Manan and the Mainbold Coast. Visitors will likely see seals playing in the waterfalls. Bald eagles, many species of waterfowl, and migratory birds observed from the shore.

7- McCurdy Smokehouse Museum – Lubec Maine

The historic McCurdy Hearing Smoke House Complex, owned since 1996 by Lubec Landmarks, Inc. (A 501 non-profit charity. (C). 3), is a unique location in both Maine and the United States.

Its buildings stand on tall wooden poles in the fast tidal currents of Lubec Narrows where the tides of the Bay of Fundy can reach 25 feet twice a day. From the 1890s until 1991, herring smoked here in the traditional process with European roots. McCurdy not only the last site where herring smoking buildings preserved.

One of the most important industries in the afflicted state of Maine – but it also represents some of the only structures that represent the area’s working waterfronts from an era that disappeared. There were many different types of buildings along Lübeck’s waterfront. There were “pockets of charcoal”, docks, ship refrigerators, boatyards, sardine cans, and of course other smokehouses that once lined the waterfronts of all the Water Street streets in Washington County cities. McCurdy “the last of the last.”

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8- FDR Memorial Bridge

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge an international bridge that connects the Lubeck community in Maine in the United States to Campobello Island in the Canadian province of New Brunswick via Lubeck Narrows. The ornate steel beam bridge named after Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, who had a summer rest at Campobello.

9- Lubec Channel Light

Lübeck Channel Light a beacon of spark in Lubeck, Maine. Established in 1890, it one of the three surviving bright lights in the state, and served as an important aid for navigating the route from Bay of Fundy to Eastport, Maine and the St. Croix River. Lübeck Canal, about 500 feet from the Canada-US border.

10- Hamilton Cove Preserve Trailhead

Hamilton Cove Preserve located in Lübeck. Hamilton Cove Preserve embodies the rugged character that gives Main’s Bold Coast its name. This reserve provides opportunities to experience some of Maine’s most remote and wild terrain – cobbled beaches, cliffs, and rocky outcrops. Several paved beaches and Lawrence Head, a rocky outcrop with impressive cliffside views, lie in the Grand Manan, along 1.5 miles of shoreline. A small Hamilton Brook, stream, runs through the middle of the property. Enhancing the diversity of animal life. Mount Benny on the inner side of the road provides a scenic summit.

11- Lost Fisherman’s Memorial

Lost Fisherman’s Memorial Park located in the small fishing village of Lübeck in Maine. The park’s purpose to honor the brave spirits who died in the fishing industry off Washington County, Maine and Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. The names listed below Hunters honored in the Wave Garden sculpture created by Jesse Salisbury Mine Grint. The purpose of this site not only to provide a list of names engraved on the sculpture of the park, but also a place to provide biographical information, photos and stories of the Hunters we honor. The list of names found on both the site and the statue belongs to fishermen who died in the waters of either Washington County, Maine or Charlotte County, New Brunswick. or fishermen who live in these two districts and get lost in other waters while fishing. The list also includes losses between 1900 and today.

Food and Restaurants in Lubec Maine

1- Monica’s Chocolates

The chocolates handcrafted at Lubec, Maine’s chocolate shop, just minutes away from West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. Quite simply Monica has the best chocolate dessert. It tastes so fresh, which makes it hard to have more than one if you aren’t watching yourself. She also has an assortment of mint muffins to turtle with different types of nuts. There dark, white and milk chocolate. Everything there. The shop filled with bountiful chocolates as well as gifts and other Peruvian items.

2- Water Street Tavern & Inn

Restaurant and accommodation in a restored building on the seafront in Lübeck with stunning views of the waterfront. Water Street Tavern & Inn the easternmost pub in the Continental USA. It housed in a restored building on the waterfront in Lübeck, Maine, with stunning views of the working waterfront, seals, eagles, and the Bay Islands. It a true pub offering travelers, friends and family’s accommodation, food and drink. Endless views of the water can enjoy from the dining room, outdoor deck and rooms to rent above and behind the lodge. It a relaxing place for locals, visitors to the area, and travelers to gather. A wonderful restaurant in the heart of Lübeck city center. They have a great selection of meals to please anyone at your party.

3- Frank’s Dockside

Frank’s Dockside Restaurant rated 3.5 stars. Frank’s Dockside Restaurant offers an outdoor seating area. The relaxed atmosphere at this spot allows customers to relax after a hard day’s work. Most reviewers find the staff to be adequate. People mention service is nice here. From the guests’ point of view, the prices reasonable. Nice decor of great use. Google users assigned a score of 4.2 to this restaurant. Menu variety and prices were reasonable, plus you’ll love the location. The food delicious and you will enjoy the view right on the water. You will see seals roam in the water and fishing boats pass by.

4- Cohill’s Pub

Well-cooked lamb, hamburgers, and shepherd’s pie must recommend this place In Lubeck, Maine. The delicious blueberry pie, peanut butter pie, and ice cream the tastiest dishes. Use your chance to sample good draft beer, friendly beer, or Irish beers. Order the delicious coffee shown here. The convenient location of this spot makes it easily accessible even during peak hours. Many people confirm that the staff great at this bar. Professional service something visitors will appreciate here. Cohill’s Pub guests have stated that they found the prices reasonable. Nice decor and an exotic atmosphere make guests feel at ease here. According to Facebook’s rating, this place has 4.6 stars.

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5- Lubec Brewing Company

Come here for a drink after a long stroll around the McCurdy Smokehouse. According to guest reviews, the vegetarian dishes here very good and the menu well organized. Try the mouth-watering pizzas, soups and pizza salads suggested by Lubec Brewing Company. Here you can order a well-made beer, red beer, or draft beer. Many visitors ask for coffee, lemonade, or delicious juice. It said that the staff hospitable here. This place known for its great service. You will definitely adore the relaxing atmosphere and the cool decor. On Facebook, this place has a lot of user reviews and a 4.8-star rating which means the place very popular and well worth a visit.

6- Quoddy Bay Lobster

An order of delicious lobster rolls, scallops, and lobster soup what a number of guests recommend. Try the good ice cream suggested in this restaurant. Choose delicious draft beer, you will not regret it. The convenient location of Quoddy Bay Lobster makes it easy to get to even at peak hours. Competent staff welcomes visitors all year round. The service in this place something one can call great. Average prices found here. The calm atmosphere would be a good addition to delicious food and a great location for this spot. This restaurant has a score of 4.7 in Google’s ranking system.

Best Hotels in Lubec Maine

1- The Inn at the Wharf

Housed in a century-old sardine plant on the dockside, this motel 1 mile from Roosevelt Campobello International Park in New Brunswick and 5.8 miles from West Cody Head Lighthouse. The 12 airy suites offer views of the water and connected to a communal kitchen and dining areas, plus a rooftop with ocean views. Wi-Fi available. The 3 bedroom apartments have waterfront roofs, as well as kitchens, dining areas, and washer / dryers. The casual seafood restaurant offers views of the bay, and there also a conference space. The property offers whale watching tours, and guests can fish or launch boats from the dock. Winter boat storage available.

2- West Quoddy Head Station hotel

Great location across the bay from Lübeck and about a 15-20 minute walk to West Koody Lighthouse. The suite spacious, there a well-equipped kitchen, the beds comfortable with lots of lighting options. There grassy areas surrounding the buildings. The sunsets here spectacular and there some chairs and picnic benches in the spot.

3- Cohill’s Inn Lubec Maine

The Cohill’s Inn located at 7 Water Street in LubecMaine, overlooking Lubec Narrows on one side and Fundy Bay on the other. They offer simple but attractive rates and accommodation for those who wish to extend their stay in Lübeck. Cohill’s Inn inspired by the traditional Irish pubs they find and love on our travels through Ireland’s coastal towns. They provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for people to come together for fun company, hearty food, and good humor. Come and enjoy a weekend or more in one of our 9 non-smoking rooms and watch the seals frolic right outside our hostel. Enjoy the relaxed charm of a traditional fishing village,

4- Seaside Beach Resort Lubec Maine

It’s 14.9 miles from Lubec Maine. These mainly modular houses and there four cabins. All located on the same plot and all self-contained and have their own entrances, kitchens, and bathrooms, which equipped with basic daily life, and crockery, cutlery, bed linen, and towels provided naturally. They have 200 feet of waterfront spread on a large promenade and rest on a large open square. Not everything overlooks the water, but nothing far away. The terrace equipped with a number of picnic tables and charcoal barbecues for general use, and some units have their own. Just a few blocks away toward downtown Water Street a supermarket, a five-minute walk away. Town Wharf, home to many whale watching companies, minutes away.

Lubec Maine
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