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Lunch Restaurants in Jeddah

The best restaurants in Jeddah for lunch Many residents of the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia want to see the most prominent restaurants that offer meals and dishes for lunch and are delicious and delicious and have high cooking quality, and we will present to you through the following article the five best restaurants for lunch in Jeddah in addition to some information for each restaurant, as well as the hotline and addresses of these restaurants, so follow us.

Naranj Restaurant

Opened in 2014, Naranj is one of the best restaurants for lunch, dinner and breakfast in Saudi Arabia.
Naranj Restaurant is located on Abdul Maqsoud Khoja Street in Al-Rawdah District, Jeddah.
The restaurant serves various Syrian and Lebanese meals and dishes, such as chicken liver, shawarma and other delicacies.
The restaurant is open daily from seven in the morning until two in the morning, and you can book an appointment at the restaurant by calling +966126128833.

Al Sharq Restaurant

There are many ingredients that make it the best restaurants in Jeddah for lunch, through a varied menu of the most delicious and delicious Thai and East Asian dishes, this restaurant provides a wonderful tasting experience in a pure Asian atmosphere for delicious dishes such as chicken with green pepper, beef with garlic, shrimp, spring roll, chicken with cashews, the famous Tom Yum soup and spicy seafood.

Jeddah Lunch restaurants are open to the public from Sunday to Friday from 1:00 pm to 11:45 pm.

Phone: +966 12 607 7479

Piato Restaurant

Piato Restaurant is an Italian restaurant that was opened in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the restaurant specializes in serving all types of famous Italian cuisine such as pizza, pasta and others, and the restaurant also provides many offers such as serving side dishes and free drinks next to meals Piato Restaurant is located in Etoile Center, located on King Abdul Aziz Road, Jeddah, and there is another branch in Al-Fayhaa neighborhood in Jeddah.

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To contact Piato Restaurant, you can dial the unified number 966126922501

Brioche Restaurant

  • Brioche is one of the best and most famous lunch restaurants in Jeddah.
  • The restaurant serves many delicious dishes and meals, in addition to special meals for children.
  • Brioche Restaurant is located in Al-Kayyal Street in Al-Rawdah District, Jeddah.
  • The Brioche restaurant hotline is 966565300060+.
  • The restaurant is open all days of the week from seven in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night.

Chili’s Restaurant

Chili’s is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the world.
Chili’s has many branches in the Middle East, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
The restaurant offers all kinds of different dishes and cuisines with a distinctive flavor of the restaurant, done by chefs at the highest level of experience and efficiency.
The address of Chili’s Restaurant is Palestine Street, Al Andalus Road, Al Hamra District, Jeddah City.
You can also call the restaurant’s unified number +966126632787, for reservations and inquiries.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant Jeddah

Japanese food is known for its wonderful flavors and high nutritional value, so do not be surprised that the Japanese people are the longest-lived people in the world, and to experience Japanese food on its origins, we strongly recommend you to go to Sakura Japanese Restaurant, the best sushi restaurant in Jeddah, which offers a long list of the most delicious Japanese meals and dishes, in addition to salads, desserts and delicious drinks, and you will also find some Chinese varieties as well, the secret of the great demand for it, cleanliness, order and wonderful décor in addition to the excellent service from Before its staff, it is one of the best options for lunch or dinner.

Address: Al Hamra, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jeddah.

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Working hours: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, open from 1 pm to 11 pm, and the rest of the week, open in the morning (1 pm to 4 pm) and then in the evening (7 pm to 11 pm).

Phone Number: +966 12 260 4900

Parsa de Brasil Jeddah Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Jeddah Lunch, which offers an exciting live Latin experience assisted by Brazilian decorations and attractive Latin style of service, which depends mostly on preparing dishes directly in front of guests to arouse enthusiasm, and most importantly menus specialized in grills and South American food, and this is noted with great excellence in the methods of preparing chicken, venison, beef and shrimp, as well as with fish and seafood, as well as drinks, and is famous for being the fastest delivery restaurant in Jeddah.

Parça de Brasil Restaurant Hours The restaurant is open daily from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am, and on Thursdays and Fridays it runs until 2:00 am.

Restaurant & Cafe Coffee Flavor

  • Coffee Flavor Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Jeddah, which combines the restaurant and the café at the same time.
  • The restaurant features décor and cheerful views that attract many people.
  • The restaurant serves all kinds and cuisines for lunch such as chicken and pizza, in addition to sandwiches and various drinks.
  • Coffee Flavor Restaurant is located on Corniche Road, Al Hamra District, Jeddah, and you can contact the restaurant via the hotline 966920010163+.

Jeddah Windows Restaurant

A Lebanese restaurant in everything, decorations, atmosphere and service methods, as well as modern and heritage menus from this rich international cuisine, the restaurant gives families a dazzling opportunity to meet and taste collectively by allocating separate spaces for them, especially with its inclusion of indoor and outdoor sessions.

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Shababik Restaurant Working Hours Shabaik Restaurant The restaurant is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 am to 12:30 am, and works on Thursdays until 1:00 am, and on Fridays it operates between 1:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Al Fayrouz Restaurant Jeddah

It is considered one of the oldest and best Turkish restaurants in Jeddah, you will find the best Turkish casseroles, grills and shawarma known in the whole world, it is one of the best destinations for lovers of authentic Turkish food, as well as excellent service, arrangement and cleanliness, and inside the restaurant there are closed family sessions, it is worth noting that this restaurant has 3 branches in Jeddah, the first branch in Al-Safa neighborhood, and a small branch on Al-Siteen Street, and the branch we are talking about here is located on Heraa Street.

Address: Heraa Street, Al Nahdah, Jeddah 23523, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Timings: 9 am to 2 am

Phone Number:+966 12 622 7366

Lunch Restaurants in Jeddah
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