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Malaga Public Transport

Public transport in Malaga includes buses, trains, taxis, and the metro. There are no trams here. In this article, you will find out how much public transport costs, how to get to the nearest cities.

If you are staying in a hotel in the center of Malaga, for example, at the Eurostars Astoria , then all the main attractions of Malaga (Picasso Museum, La Malagueta beach) will be within walking distance. In this case, you do not even have to use public transport and understand how it works.

If you are staying in the suburbs of Malaga, then you can get to the center of Malaga by bus or city train. It is convenient to plan a route for a bus trip on the official website of buses in Malaga (Spanish and English versions are available).

Tickets Prices in Malaga

Traveling around the city by bus costs around 1.3 Euro. Public transport tickets are sold at special ticket offices. Train and train tickets to other cities can be bought at the railway station or online on the website of the Spanish national carrier – Renfe.

Metro in Malaga

Malaga Metro is a light rail system launched in 2014. Malaga Metro has 2 lines. The red line L1. It runs from El Perchel to Andalucía Tech. And the blue line L2. It runs from El Perchel to Palacio de los Deportes. You can download the Malaga metro map below.

Malaga Buses

Malaga has an extensive bus network. Most lines operate from 06:45 am to 11:00 pm. There are also 3 night bus lines. The starting and ending stops of night buses listed below. Tourists will be most useful route N1. It runs through the center of Malaga, stopping at the main train and bus station.

  • 1-Night bus line N1: Puerta Blanca. Alameda Principal – El Palo;
  • 2-Night bus line N2: Plaza de la Marina – Circular;
  • 3-Night bus line N4: Alameda Principal. Teatinos – Pto. de la Torre

Taxi in Malaga

Taxi cars in Malaga are white. With a blue diagonal stripe on the front doors. There is a light bulb on the roof. If it is green, then the taxi is free and you can catch it.

In a taxi in Malaga, the following rules apply:

  • A fee will charge for trips on weekends public holidays. And depending on the time of day. (from 00:00 to 06:00 a surcharge of EUR 2 taken). For the carriage of luggage over 60 cm.
  • Prices for trips to the most popular destinations indicated. On the sign at the taxi rank.
  • Most taxis carry a maximum of 4 people, including children.
  • Take a photo of the vehicle’s license. Or the registration number before boarding the taxi. If you lose your belongings in a taxi. You can return them thanks to this photo.

Trains in Malaga

Malaga has 2 commuter train lines. That runs around the city and the nearest Spanish resort towns. The trains cross at the Malaga Maria Zambrano. And Malaga Centro Alameda stations. Malaga Maria Zambrano Station is the main train station in Malaga. From where trains depart to Seville, Madrid and other cities in Spain.

Malaga Public Transport
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