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Malaysian Sweets

Malaysian sweets, or they are called “Kuei” or “Kui”, are very peculiar in appearance and taste. Most of them are made from rice flour with added palm sugar, agar-agar, coconut, etc. Sweets come in literally every color of the rainbow (including green and blue). Desserts are most often steamed, sometimes deep-fried and baked.

Today I will take a closer look at desserts. Interesting to see?

Pulut Inti, Angku, Kueh Talam, Bingka Telur, Kueh Lapis, Putu Bambu, Onde Onde.

1. Pulut Inti –

A very popular sweet made from steamed glutinous rice with coconut milk and coconut filling, wrapped in a banana leaf. Pulut means glutinous rice and Inti means filling.

2. Angku Red -Angku Purple

also a very popular sweet. It happens not only red (orange) and purple, but also yellow and green. The dough is made from a mixture of rice and potato flour (starch), and the filling is made from adzuki beans or mung bean with added sugar. A very peculiar taste.

Angku Purple, Angku Red

3. Kueh Talam (“Kuei Talam”) – 

this dessert has two layers. The upper white layer is a mixture of rice, tapioca flour and coconut milk, and the lower green part is tinted with pandanus. Sometimes this dessert comes in white and brown colors. Talam – translated as “tray” (these desserts are steamed).

4. Bingka Telur –

Bingka Telur is a delicate dessert made from tapioca flour and eggs.

5. Kueh Lapis – 

– translated as “layer cake” – this striped dessert (also comes in different color combinations) is again made from rice flour and coconut milk with the addition of sugar and various dyes.

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Kueh lapis

6. Putu Bambu –

“Putu Bambu” – Rice flour rolls impregnated with palm syrup, sprinkled with coconut. These tubes, or rather cylinders, are steamed directly in bamboo “cups”, which is why they got their name.

7. Onde Onde –

These green balls (sometimes brown) sprinkled with coconut and stuffed with sweet palm sugar syrup. This dessert looks like little sweet bombs.

PS Personally, I only liked onde-onde balls . Everything else, for my taste, is either too sweet or too bland …  Angku  still seemed quite interesting because of the bean filling, but only as something exotic for me so far.

Malaysian Sweets
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