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Mall of Arabia

The mall opened in 2010 and considered one of the most famous and largest commercial and entertainment malls in Giza Governorate, and why not! The main objective of it was to develop an integrated entertainment community, suitable for different age and social groups as well, as the family often suffers from agreement on one place, there are those who prefer tranquility and there are those who love fun and exceptional memories, so the mall addressed all possible entertainment aspects.

Mall of Arabia Location

The Mall of Arabia located in 6 of October City, Juhayna Square, near Helnan Dreamland Hotel, Novotel 6th of October, Swiss Inn Pyramids Golf Cairo, and many other landmarks.

Mall of Arabia Working Hours

Given the question that exists, is Mall of Arabia open? The mall is already open from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Mall of Arabia operates on Fridays from ten in the morning, while cinema halls operate from ten and a half in the morning to eleven in the evening.

Entertainment in Mall of Arabia

Children’s amusement park

Therefore, Mall of Arabia games are available in large safe spaces to allow children to play with all fun and fun. Parents are assured of their children and their other needs. The games are also suitable for children over the age of 3 next to many entertainment places, the most prominent of which are:

Billy Biz Amusement Park

Also it is located on the top floor. It features a large area with many toys suitable for children up to the age of 12. It also welcomes visitors from 10 am to 11 pm, where the ticket value is EGP 140. In addition to having a special cafeteria for children. Besides the possibility of internal communication with parents.

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Sparks Egypt Amusement Park

Mahi also enjoys the presence of electronic games by purchasing a points collection card. Which enables the child to buy other toys. Which is suitable over the age of 3 years, and the value of the ticket is 150 pounds.

Playgrounds inside the mall

Inside the mall there are football pitches called Shot FC Stadiums. It is held on large areas for children who love sports, especially boys from 5 to 12 years old. The child must also pay the entrance ticket which is 90 pounds per hour.

Mall of Arabia Shops 

There are several clothing stores in Mall of Arabia and we find extreme selectivity in the brands that have their own stores in Mall of Arabia, which reflects that you will get a very carefully selected piece of clothing specifically for you and these are some of the names of Mall of Arabia Egypt stores (Tie house, bershka, Spalch, defecto) and many others.

Children’s clothing stores in Mall of Arabia Egypt


It is considered one of the best clothing stores for children that provide your child with a distinctive robe and the finest materials.

Contact number 010930017750

Center Point

It is a store with many branches in more than one country and it is good that the spring assortment has arrived with them so maybe now is the time to shop for your child.

It can be accessed through the fifth gate and communicate with them through the following number 038260271

Men’s allowance shops in Mall of Arabia

Tay House tie house

The most important men’s suit shop is located in Mall of Arabia and contains different styles of suits and men’s clothes to suit all tastes.

He can be contacted via this number 01117006298

Bracelet Dresses Stores in Mall of Arabia

Mango Mango

It is one of the most famous international brands and contains many dresses that will make you look like a princess.

As for communication, through the number 01028092727

Abaya Stores in Mall of Arabia

Abaya Nawar Abaya Noir

One of the best women’s abayas as well as the most valuable, paperless and modest ones. It is located at the third gate in Mall of Arabia.

You can contact him through the number 01274847468

Women’s clothing stores in Mall of Arabia

Um Sue

The shop includes not only clothes but also accessories and bags, which represents a complete shopping place for you. It is located at gate number one and can be contacted through the following number 01100890635

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Offers a variety of distinctive options of clothes with modern fashions

You can contact the place via the 0238260272 number


It offers a unique selection of women’s clothing, and is located between Gate No. 18 and Gate No. 19.

You can call him on 01145117733

Pregnant clothing stores in Mall of Arabia

Both local LC Waikiki, Centre Point located in Mall of Arabia offer trendy and fashionable outfits to enjoy your elegance during pregnancy

Shoe Shops in Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia hasmany shoe stores including:

Vans store

It has shoes to suit all characters and also of high quality.

You can contact him via the 01279444504 number


It has home shoes that are open from the back in various sizes for adults and children. It is located at the third gate in Mall of Arabia

You can call the following number 01066680222


It has comfortable women’s shoes with modern shapes and keeping up with fashion.

Skechers skechers

If you are looking for high-quality, comfortable sneakers, you will find them at Skechers 377 Mall of Arabia.

You can contact the place via the 01020950954 number

Gold Shops in Al Arab Mall

Swarovski Swarovski

It offers great diamond pieces and there are always discounts on some pieces. It is located on the first floor of the mall

The place can be contacted through the 01013572393 number


It has different gold sets and handpicked pieces. The shop is number 309G

He can be contacted via the following number 01024620250

Watch Shops in Mall of Arabia 

Moon for hours

It has women’s watches and watches for men in modern brands and varying prices.The nearest gate is number 23

And his contact number is 200333839


Watches are available at prices that are not very high. I watch can be accessed via Gate 23

Furniture Shops in Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is a complete shopping complex. Even if you are thinking of changing one of the pieces of furniture in your home or adding a new masterpiece to it, of course you will find it in Mall of Arabia and here are the furniture stores in the mall:

HC Furniture HC Furniture

You can get the finest pieces of furniture from HC. The shop is located near the first gate of Mall of Arabia.

You can contact him via the following number 01281100001


The world-famous home furniture brand, whether for office furniture, home furniture or even kitchenware, is located on the first floor Corridor No. 2

The Best Activities in Mall of Arabia

There are many activities that are available in Mall of Arabia that can be enjoyed, such as:

  • There are many places for children to play in which parents can leave their children so that they can enjoy various games.
  • You can shop in different decoration sections, which contain a lot of household items such as antiques and furniture that are purchased from the largest and most famous international companies.
  • There are many shops that offer the latest electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and laptops for lovers of electronic devices.
  • There are many shops that have the most famous fashion, whether in perfumes, shoes or clothes that are found in the month of international brands for women, men and children.
  • New and favorite movies can be enjoyed by entering the cinemas located in the mall, through which all the exclusive and new films are shown as soon as they are released through large and huge screens.
  • The tastiest dishes and most famous items can be eaten in the restaurants located inside Mall of Arabia, and two months can be the favorite drink of the visitor as he enjoys seeing the dancing fountain.
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Best hotels near Mall of Arabia

There are many well-known hotels for certification located near Mall of Arabia, the most important of which are the following:

  • Spectra Hotel: which operates one of the most important hotels in Cairo and is characterized by the comfort and tranquility of the place.
  • Novotel Hotel: which is located in the Sixth of October City and features comfortable and spacious rooms
Mall of Arabia
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