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Marina Mall Kuwait

Marina Mall Kuwait in the Arabian Gulf region is classified as one of Kuwait’s finest tried and tested markets that contains everything that families have been looking for lately.

Marina Mallof Kuwait is located in the center of the tourist area of Salmiya and attracts our Arab visitors newly in the State of Kuwait, near the famous Zaatar Restaurant and provides you with the following:

Features and activities, all family essentials, assorted clothes and accessories, as well as precious antiques and much more.

Marina Mall Kuwait Shops

(Marina Mall) located in the Salmiya area on the wild side parallel to the Arabian Gulf Street. The complex includes many shops for international brands and luxury restaurants. These include:

Trafalgar – Salmiya
H&M – Salmiya
Adidas – Salmiya
Legends of Oud and Perfumes – Salmiya
Atiyab Al Marshod – Salmiya
Agner – Salmiya
Avello Paris – Salmiya
Aqua – Salmiya
Altenburg – Salmiya
Aldo – Salmiya
Aldo Accessories – Salmiya
Alshaya Perfumes – Salmiya
American Eagle – Salmiya
American Tourister – Salmiya
NYX Professional Make-Up – Salmiya
Otrkoy – Salmiya
Austin Reid
OnTime – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Oasis – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Oysho – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Itam – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Eco – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Bath & Body Works – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Bambi – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Pant Roma – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Pandora – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
By Malin Berger – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Burberry – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Promod – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Barwi – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Binti – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Behbehani Boutique – Salmiya (Marina Mall)
Buggy Milano – Salmiya (Marina Mall)

Things to do in Marina Mall Kuwait

• Shopping malls often include a number of diverse fashion stores, whether you like to follow the latest fashion trends, or simply want to buy some new clothes, of course Marina Mall is the right destination

Where you will find stores dedicated to women’s clothing, shops specialized in selling men’s clothes, as well as stores for children’s clothing.

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In addition to shops that sell sportswear.

• During your tour of Marina Mall of Kuwait, you also need to take a look at the shoe and bag shops in it

They are an irreplaceable appearance supplement that will give your clothes a touch of taste.

• This mall offers a great selection and an attentively selected selection of the best accessories stores, ensuring shoppers have a comprehensive shopping journey

If you want to buy some accessory pieces, head to one of the accessories stores, jewelry stores or watch shops located in the mall.

• It would be really great to have some unique gifts to give to your loved one

In Kuwait Marina Mall, you will find a range of gift shops and souvenirs that will attract you with the goods they provide that attract attention

• In order for the shopping experience to be more comprehensive, this mall was keen to include a number of stores that sell household items and therefore you will not need to look for such stores outside the mall.

• In terms of electronics, the stores available at Kuwait Marina Mall will ensure that you find your order of various electronics.

• In this mall you will find a supermarket selling various goods and food commodities.

• Shoppers come to the Mall of Kuwait Marina in search of the stores of the most famous international brands that the mall abounds in such as

Barischka, H&M, COS and Zara.

• When we described this shopping mall as an ideal stop for everyone, we did not exaggerate it, besides being a shopping destination

It is also an entertainment destination by offering some entertainment options such as a children’s entertainment center and an amusement park.

• In terms of modern technologies and unique services, this mall remains ahead of many other shopping malls

It has a cinema inside it that will provide you with an unbeatable opportunity to enjoy an amazing cinematic experience.

Marina Mall Kuwait Services & Restaurants

• The mall offers some restaurants, the most famous of which are Lenotre Restaurant, Kababji Restaurant and Dominos Pizza.

• There are a number of distinctive cafes in Marina Mall of Kuwait including Madhu, Starbucks and Marina Café.

• The mall has a range of facilities and services including an ATM, public bathrooms and a car park.

Working Hours of Marina Mall Kuwait

Sun: 09:00 – 00:00

Mon: 09:00 – 23:00

Tuesday : 09:00 – 23:00

Wed: 09:00 – 23:00

Thursday : 09:00 – 23:00

Friday: 09:00 – 23:00

Saturday : 09:00 – 00:00

in Marina Mall Kuwait

Marina Mall Kuwait Restaurants

There are many famous restaurants in Marina Mall, and the most important of these restaurants are mentioned below:

KFC Restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants in the world, and serves burgers of all kinds, breakfasts, hot and cold drinks, in addition to ice cream, and a delivery service is available.

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Dominos pizza Restaurant

One of the world’s most famous restaurants for making and preparing pizzas, this restaurant serves multiple varieties of pizza, potatoes and soft drinks, and a delivery service is available.

Abu Jassim Restaurant (Abou jassem)

It is one of the restaurants that serves grilled food, sandwiches, and traditional Arabic cuisine, cooking on its origins. 

Hardeez Restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants in the world, preparing food for all meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets, but the most known thing to offer is the preparation of burgers.

McDonald’s (MC Donald’s)

It is one of the most famous restaurants in the world, offering many types of burgers, soft drinks, and prepares special meals for children of small size with natural juice in addition to light breakfasts and hot drinks, such as: coffee, home delivery is available, and it has more than one branch in Kuwait.

Subway Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in the world, it is an American restaurant known for serving sandwiches and salads that contain a small amount of fat.

(Sturback) Starbucks Cafe

It is one of the most famous shops in the world, it specializes in making coffee and the most famous thing it does is roasting and preparing high-quality bean coffee, and it also offers a selection of luxury teas, luxury pastries and other delicious foods, and its goal is to inspire humanity and nourish the soul, by caring for one person, one cup, and one revelation at a time.

Burger king Restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants in the world and is an international chain of restaurants famous for the preparation and preparation of burgers and fast food, and also offers meat, fish and chicken, which is characterized by its delicious taste, and the availability of a delivery service, there is more than one branch in Kuwait.

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Kardo (Kurdo)

It is one of the most famous restaurants in the world, offers many different meals to customers, and is characterized by the speed of meeting requests.

Wendy’s Restaurant

It is one of the well-known restaurants in the world, has several branches in Kuwait. Offers different varieties of burgers, different types of soft drinks and juices.

Shrimpy Restaurant

It is one of the restaurants specialized in serving seafood of various types grilled and fried. Which is characterized by its delicious taste and reasonable prices and is considered healthy because it is supported by an international health system, and offers varieties of fish, shrimp, baked goods and various sandwiches.

B&B Navy Restaurant

It is one of the well-known restaurants in Kuwait, has several branches, and provides home delivery, and is one of the Mexican and American restaurants that serve different types of food from burgers and sandwiches, and a few sweets and ice cream.

Carluccio’s Restaurant

It is considered one of the high-quality restaurants. That serve delicious food from pizza, pasta and kish that makes you feel good and full.

Zafran Restaurant

A well-known and award-winning Indian restaurant. It serves a range of delicious foods through a team of highly trained and experienced chefs.

European restaurants

It is one of the most famous restaurants in Marina Mall. That serves the best and best European cuisine from different parts of Europe.

Marina Mall Kuwait
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