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Marriott Customer Service Phone Numbers

Marriott International is a multinational hotel company that owns and operates a wide range of hotel brands across the world. With millions of guests staying at Marriott properties every year, it is not uncommon for customers to need to contact Marriott’s customer service department for assistance. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to reach Marriott’s customer service by phone.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Marriott Customer Service Phone Numbers
  3. When to Call Marriott Customer Service
  4. Tips for Contacting Marriott Customer Service
  5. FAQs
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Marriott offers several customer service channels, including phone support, email, and live chat. While these channels can be useful for different types of inquiries, some customers may prefer to speak with a representative directly over the phone to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. Marriott provides multiple customer service phone numbers to cater to these needs.

2. Marriott Customer Service Phone Numbers

Here are the different customer service phone numbers provided by Marriott:

  1. General Customer Service: 1-800-535-4028 (available 24/7)
  2. Marriott Bonvoy Customer Service: 1-800-627-7468 (available 24/7)
  3. Group and Event Planning: 1-800-831-4004 (available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 9:00 pm EST; Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm EST)
  4. Marriott Vacation Club Customer Service: 1-800-845-4226 (available 24/7)
  5. Marriott Rewards Credit Card Services: 1-800-338-5960 (available 24/7)

3. When to Call Marriott Customer Service

Customers may need to call Marriott customer service for various reasons, including:

  • Booking a hotel reservation
  • Assistance with Marriott Bonvoy rewards program
  • Questions about Marriott vacation packages or timeshares
  • Assistance with group or event planning
  • Issues with billing or payment
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4. Tips for Contacting Marriott Customer Service

When contacting Marriott customer service, there are several tips you can follow to make the experience as smooth and efficient as possible:

  1. Have your reservation or account information ready: Before calling customer service, make sure you have your reservation or account information ready if applicable. This will help the representative quickly locate your account and provide more accurate assistance.
  2. Be clear and concise: When explaining your issue or inquiry, be clear and concise in your communication. Avoid using technical terms or jargon that may confuse the representative.
  3. Know what you want: Have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve from the call. Whether it’s booking a reservation, changing an existing reservation, or getting assistance with a billing issue, knowing your objective will help the representative provide more targeted and effective assistance.
  4. Take notes: During the call, take notes about any important information or instructions provided by the representative. This will help you remember important details and avoid having to call back for clarification.
  5. Be patient: Customer service representatives may need some time to research your inquiry or issue, so be patient and give them the time they need to provide accurate assistance.

5. FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Marriott customer service phone numbers:

Are the phone lines toll-free?

Yes, all of the Marriott customer service phone numbers are toll-free.

Can I access customer service outside of business hours?

Yes, all of the Marriott customer service phone numbers have extended hours of availability, including weekends.

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Can I switch between different departments during the call?

Yes, if you need to speak with a different department during the call, the customer service representative can transfer you to the appropriate department.

6. Conclusion

Marriott customer service phone numbers are an important resource for customers who need assistance with their hotel and travel needs. By following the tips provided in this article and having your reservation or account information ready, you can make the most out of your customer service experience and get the assistance you need. While phone support may be the primary means of contact for some customers, Marriott also offers other customer service channels such as email and live chat for those who prefer alternative methods of communication.

Marriott is committed to providing excellent customer service and assistance to its customers, and it is evident in the quality of its customer service department. With its focus on personalized service and attention to detail, Marriott is a company that customers can trust and rely on for their travel needs. The different Marriott customer service phone numbers provided in this article can help customers get the assistance they need, whether they have questions about Marriott Bonvoy rewards, vacation packages, billing, or group and event planning.

In addition to its customer service phone numbers, Marriott also offers a range of online resources and tools to help its customers with their travel needs. These include online booking, account management, and a comprehensive FAQ section. With its commitment to innovation and personalized service, Marriott is a company that is always looking for ways to improve and enhance its offerings to better serve its customers.

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Marriott Customer Service Phone Numbers
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