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Massage Shops in Riyadh

The body needs from time to time to feel pampered and relaxed, and get rid of daily burdens and pressures, which is what many massage shops in Riyadh offer, which provide massage and massage services of various kinds, to get rid of body pain and relax and relax the muscles.

If you are looking for a distinctive massage experience, with which you feel energetic, energetic and rejuvenate your energy, here is a group of the best shops where you get a distinctive massage at the hands of experienced and competent experts.

Massage Center Riyadh Al-Aqiq District

Getting a massage and body massage to loosen muscles and feel comfortable in centers with long experience and skilled labor is what you find in massage centers in Riyadh.

1- Ocean Spa Center

It one of the centers specialized in men’s care, and providing recreation and relaxation services, from a Moroccan bath, pedicure, jacuzzi, steam massage Riyadh.

Ocean Spa Center located in the Al-Aqiq neighborhood in Riyadh and is open daily from 9 to 2 am except on Friday, it open from 1 pm, and reservations and inquiries made on the 0554444112 number.

2- Riyadh Massage Center

It is one of the largest and best massage centers that offer different types of massage for men, including home, Moroccan, Thai, Swedish, andFilipino massage, which each of them has its own distinctive way that helps to get a relaxed body and feel comfortable after completion while getting rid of fatigue and body pain, and the Riyadh Massage Center is located in Al-Aqiq neighborhood.

Riyadh Massage 2018

Massage and massage have many benefits for the body, as it helps to relax the muscles, feel comfortable, and get rid of nervous and psychological pressure, as it is an opportunity for recreation and escape from daily pressures and burdens, and there are many distinguished centers to provide massage services of various kinds.

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3- ADSPA Sports Center AAD Spa

It is one of the famous massage shops in Riyadh to provide all kinds of massage, Moroccan bath, and pedicure, with the provision of a full bridal service, a jacuzzi, with skin cleaning and treatment service with natural products.

One of the most famous massage services it provides, which has a wide fame, is the Filipino massage, which is one of the oldest forms of treatment that helps the body heal itself through massage, making it the best Filipino Riyadh massage center.

The center located on Othman Bin Affan Road, Riyadh 12443. Open daily from 9:30 to 12 am except on Fridays from 4 pm to 12 am, and reservations contacted on +966544618743.

4- Hot stone massage. Hot Stone Center

It a massage center Riyadh from the center specialized in caring for men and providing various relaxation services that help him feel comfortable, recuperative and get rid of stress, and you find them massage services, Moroccan bath, steam, jacuzzi and pedicure.

They also have a popular offer to offer 8 types of massages in one 70-minute session for 300 riyals, including hot stone massage, reflexology, Thai, shiatsu, perfume massage, black massage, Moroccan hammam with sandpaper, and jacuzzi, making it the best massage in Riyadh.

It is located at 6601 Al Baqarat, Al Rahmaniya, Riyadh 12341, and is open daily from 9 am to 12 am, except Friday, it starts from 1 pm, and you can book on +966114196663.

5- Ladonna Center

It is one of the centers that offer women’s massage in Riyadh in a calm and beautiful atmosphere after which the woman feels energetic and active, and the massage rooms offer many types, from relaxing massages and hot stones, with the use of specialized essential oils for massage to reach a feeling of complete comfort.

The center is located in Al Olaya, behind Al Anoud Tower, and for the best massage in Riyadh, visit the center on the available timings from Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 10 pm, except on closed Sundays, and book on 01141611 number, or 0500618759.

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6- Feet Center Massage Center

It is one of the massage centers north of Riyadh, which offers luxurious Moroccan bath services, massage and pedicure and hand care, and it is a massage center that provides its services to men only and has special packages for grooms to prepare them at the highest level.

It located on Prince Saad bin Abdul Rahman I Road, Branch, Al-Salam, Riyadh 14226. Open daily from 9 to 12 am, and booked on the number +966508997755.

7- Hyatt Spa Center

It is the best massage center in Riyadh that provides massage and massage services, so that the visitor feels after completion of energy and refreshment and gets rid of pressures and burdens.

The center characterized by all types of massage, where you find specialists in different types of countries of the world, there are Moroccan specialists to do the Moroccan bath at the highest level, with the use of original essential oils specially brought from the Moroccan mountains of Fez.

Located on Tahlia Street, Galaxy Complex, and call 0114652020, or visit their website here.

Getting a massage in Riyadh is the best gift you give to yourself and your body, as massage has a great role in getting rid of stress and psychological burdens, as well as relaxing the body and relaxing the muscles.

8- Roca Massage Center

Roca Massage Center one of the distinguished centers that able in a short period to be one of the most important massage centers in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One of the most reasons that prompted this place to be one of the most important massage centers in Riyadh. That it one of the centers that provide massage service Badi to Badi, which one of the types of massage very required, and for this we recommend this center to you and we see that it one of the centers that are very worth visiting.

  • Center Address : Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Al Hamra, Hayy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • To access the center’s location through Google maps (click here)
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9- Oriental Massage Center Al Badi 2 Badi

Sharqiyat Center is one of the very distinctive centers in Riyadh, and it is one of the few centers that offer private massage and Badi to Badi professionally in Riyadh, so in this center there are a large number of trainees who were able to be the most skilled and popular in Riyadh, and to live up to the name of the center in which they work Sharqiyat Center to be one of the most important massage centers in all of Riyadh.

  • Center Address: Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman bin Bishr, Gulf, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

10- Al Farid Massage Center

Al-Farid Massage Center is one of the largest Badi to Body massage centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this center does not only offer Badi to Body massage, but also offers a range of unique and very required services such as private massage, relaxin massage, and even pharaonic massage, all of these services are provided with great professionalism in this place, and for this it is one of the large places that we recommend visiting.

  • Address: King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, King Abdullah Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Working hours: daily from eight in the morning until midnight
  • Phone Number: +966112993555

Massage Shops in Riyadh
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