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Mattress Shops in Riyadh

The bed mattress is one of the most important things that must be chosen carefully to maintain your comfort and deep sleep without worry or pain. There are many types of mattresses with different materials, and their prices range from medium to high, but their price is high. The mattress does not mean its good quality, so you have to choose carefully, so we collected for you the best bed mattresses in Riyadh.

Tempur for family sleeping furniture

A shop specialized in beds, bedspreads, massage chairs, the best bed mattresses in Riyadh, and luxurious medical pillows of high quality, the place is very wonderful and the mattresses are comfortable and by all standards, they have a good selection of high-quality mattresses, especially medical temper, friendly staff, good reception and tactful dealing, their prices are high.

Address of Tempur Family Bedroom Furniture

Al-Hassan Bin Ali, Al-Rawdah, Riyadh

Tempur phone number for family sleeping furniture

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 56 993 5191‬‏

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Land of Medical Mattresses

Excellent medical mattresses, excellent services and distinguished treatment, they have all kinds of mattresses of the highest quality and international companies, medical mattresses – hotel mattresses – children’s mattresses, medical and hotel pillows, hotel bedspreads and all sleeping accessories, and there is a tailoring of beds on request, competitive prices, and they also have a home delivery service.

Address of the Land of Medical Mattresses

Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Street, Al Salam, Riyadh

Medical Mattress Land Phone Number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‪+966 53 155 7760‬‏

Corner of the bed

The largest stores selling furnishings and all bedroom supplies from beds of all shapes and materials, and the best bed mattresses in Riyadh, where all sizes are available, and there are several branches for them within the city, high-end dealing, excellent service and information provided during the service is adequate, and their prices are also medium and suitable for everyone.

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Bed corner address

PM9Q+XH, Al Urubah Rd, Al Wurud, Riyadh

Bed corner phone number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 9200 01428‬‏

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Sealy mattresses

One of the best types of mattresses used, excellent mattresses at very great prices in addition to medical pillows and high-quality comforts that give luxury hotels, they have accurate appointment delivery service and their style is sophisticated in addition to the great prices, they have three branches inside Riyadh.

Title of Sealy Mattresses

Takhassusi Branch Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh

Sealy mattresses phone number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 11 416 9321‬‏

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Bed House

One of the best medical and hotel mattresses and sleeping supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they have three branches in the city of Riyadh, and its branches extend outside the city to include all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing all sleep and comfort supplies that suit those who suffer from back and muscle pain and those who suffer from disc problems, medical mattresses and hotel – pillows, feather pillow, fiber pillow – feathers slippers – wooden beds and mobile beds – loungers – prayer mats – massage devices, they have all international brands such as Malaysian, Spring Air American, Malaysian brand Ogawa.

Address of the bed house

Al Orouba Road, Al Wurud, Riyadh

Bed House Phone Number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 56 501 8467‬‏

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Sleep High

One of the finest types of mattresses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, good material, affordable prices and high-end treatment of employees, high-quality mattresses with a ten-year guarantee, they have multiple branches inside and outside Riyadh, and they also settle offers continuously.

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Sleep High address

Dammam Branch Road, Granada, Riyadh

Sleep High phone number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 59 579 3286‬‏

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Sleep Royale

The most luxurious medical and hotel mattresses to suit all tastes, they have several branches within the city of Riyadh, excellent services full explanation and is one of the best mattresses in the market comfortable, strong and practical, their reception is welcomed and their face is confused Their prices are appropriate,

Address of Sleep Royale

Al Orouba Road, Al Wurud, Riyadh

Sleep Royale Phone Number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 938 0171‬‏

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Matt Royal

A salary at the top of comfort and well-being, professional staff. Fast delivery with a nice bouquet of flowers and a Adhkaar card, they have multiple types of mattresses in different degrees and discussions, all of them at the top of comfort and beauty, luxurious European mattresses with international quality and design.

Address of Matt Royal

Al Orouba Road, Al Wurud, Riyadh

Matt Royale’s phone number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 505 6322‬‏

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Royal orthopaedic mattresses

The most luxurious types of mattresses, good atmosphere and high materials, there are different sizes, knowing that they have a bed décor detail, they have limited shapes, you choose the color and model, their prices are a little expensive, but the magnificence of the specifications makes you pay more than the limited amount, they are characterized by punctuality and high-end dealing, and distinguished experiences in winning and satisfying the customer, located in various parts of Riyadh.

Address of Royal Oral Ranks

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Yanbu, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh

Royal Oral Mattress Phone Number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 136 6699‬‏


The best furniture store to sell all bedroom supplies and salary different types that suit everyone and their prices are medium, they have several branches in the city and their treatment is very sophisticated.

Backcare Address

Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Al Hamra, Riyadh

Backcare Phone Number 

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 9200 07925‬‏

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Mattress Shops in Riyadh
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