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Medical Tourism Companies in India

India is one of the best medical tourism destinations ever, as it prides itself on providing treatment to patients in all specialties at affordable prices, high-quality services and specialized doctors, all this has led to the growth of medical tourism in India tremendously during the past few years, and in this article we will review the most important and best medical tourism companies in India to provide a sufficient amount of information to all those wishing to receive treatment in India.

Medical Tourism Companies in India

Vaidam Company

  • It is the only medical tourism company that has been registered with ISO.
  • It places great emphasis on providing appropriate health care to the patient through treatment by a selection of the best doctors, as well as equipping the centers with the latest medical machinery and equipment to ensure the best possible service to them.
  • It has transparency and credibility while dealing with the patient, as each medical procedure is listed on its own site at approximate costs to it, as well as the cost of accommodation, tickets, visa fees, food and daily transportation.
  • The company has signed several agreements with more than 70 leading hospitals in India, as well as being the host of patients from more than 20 countries.

MediConnect Company

  • It is a renowned medical tourism company that provides full assistance to tourists wishing to receive treatment in the country of India from the medical opinion to the stage of examination after treatment.
  • She won the National Tourism Award twice in two years, the first time in October 2009 and the other in November 2010.

Tour2India4Health Company

  • One of the best medical tourism companies in India ever, officially recognized by the Indian government.
  • They work to provide the best treatment services to international patients individually, as they recognize that everyone has needs and interests that vary depending on the health status and age of the person wishing to receive treatment.

IndiCure Health Tours Company

  • It is a limited company established in 2006 with the aim of providing unique solutions to tourists who came with the aim of receiving health care as best as possible during their visit to India.
  • It was selected as the best therapeutic institution representing India at the World Medical Tourism Congress organized by Korea.
  • She created the best patient care services by using their professional skills and experience in the field.

Tour My India Company

  • A leading domestic travel company that is expanding its services in the field of medical tourism.
  • It is keen to provide high-quality services with absolute transparency and reasonable prices to many customers, ensuring that they are an experienced and trustworthy travel partner who can take care of the smallest details from arranging visas and accommodation to providing a safe means of transportation to and from the hospital.

Delhi Medical Tourism Company

  • It is a Delhi-based medical tourism company that provides affordable medical care through a group of highly qualified doctors.
  • The hospital specializes in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and surgery including joint replacement, heart surgery, kidney and liver transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, dental surgery and cosmetology.
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HIMT Company

  • The company follows international humanitarian tourism with the highest degree of ethics and international patient care protocol.
  • It strives to provide all medical solutions to all international patients seeking treatment worldwide at an affordable price.

Surgery Tours India

  • A leading medical tourism company in India that provides medical care to all patients by connecting them to the best hospitals and doctors in India at affordable prices.
  • Treatments are offered at a cost of 60 to 80% less than in the USA or UK.

Medsurge Company

A medical tourism company specialized in providing medical tourism consultancy in India by helping international patients find the best hospitals in various specialties at affordable prices for everyone.

ClinicSpots Company

  • It is one of the best medical tourism companies in India with ties to various famous hospitals in Mumbai.
  • It helps tourists get the best healthcare facilities that are of high quality and affordable prices for many customers.

Midway Medical Tourism Company

  • One of the medical tourism agents based in Delhi has a high ingenuity and skill in providing medical care at the highest level.
  • It has relationships with some of the best and most important hospitals that follow international standards in providing health services to ensure the provision of treatment of high quality and low price.
Medical Tourism Companies in India
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