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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best countries for medical tourism in the world, warm weather and the beauty of the country are the main contributors to medical tourism, and it also enjoys a wide range of medical centers and resorts… Below we show you medical tourism in Costa Rica

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica:

Medical tourism statistics in Costa Rica:

  • In 2016, Costa Rica welcomed about 70,000 medical tourists – up from 25,000 in 2008, 30,000 in 2009, 36,000 in 2010, and 48,000 in 2011.
  • Spending on medical tourism in 2016 was $485 million.
  • A medical tourist spends up to seven times more than an ordinary tourist.
  • The medical tourism sector supports around 20,000 jobs.
  • 42% of operations are dentistry, 10% cosmetics, 22% other surgeries.

Resorts and treatment centers in Costa Rica:

The relaxed atmosphere and exotic beauty of Costa Rica have made it one of the main competitors among international wellness destinations, as Costa Rica is a tropical paradise, and the following is a list of the most important resorts and treatment centers in Costa Rica:

  1. Pranamar Villas Resort

Located on Santa Teresa Beach, in the heart of the yoga area of the Nicoya Peninsula, with surfing lessons, daily yoga and ocean views, guests can slow down and reconnect to their surroundings. Pranamar’s spa has a variety of massage treatments, treatments that focus on relaxing in certain areas of the body.

  1. Tabcon Grand Resort

Located near Arenal Volcano, and its vast natural springs are naturally fueled by the volcano, the hot springs are a true tropical paradise surrounded by lush gardens.

  1. Rio Perdido Resort:
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Set in a 600-acre nature reserve, with the Río Perdido Thermal River at its center, the river is naturally heated by the Miravalez volcano, and the vibrant landscape has created dozens of natural pools at varying temperatures, rich in minerals from the soil in which guests can relax.

  1. Body Tree Yoga Resort:

Located in Nosara, this luxury boutique resort has 26 rooms, Bali-style gardens, and all levels of surfing and yoga classes, the wellness club experience includes a freshly squeezed bar and surfing school, yoga classes, a full-service spa, a gym, not to mention the beaches of the Nikoya Peninsula that are perfect for rest and rejuvenation.

  1. The Retreat Resort:

It is a boutique hotel with 11 rooms, a wellness center located in the center of the Costa Rican Valley, this lush resort that is located in the mountains, with views extending to the Pacific Ocean emphasizes luxury, Hatha Yoga classes are offered every morning, it also has a swimming pool, jacuzzi and steam bath, fitness room, and many of the excursions available at the hotel.

  1. Amatera Retreat & Wellness Center:

Located near San José, a haven focused on holistic health, the property offers Hatha Yoga in the morning, the resort also offers holistic treatments with a certified herbalist, detoxification programs, nutritional consultations, energy balancing therapy, massage therapy, and biotherapy.

  1. Samasti Nature Resort

Located on the southern Caribbean coast, a lodge located within a rainforest reserve with views of the Caribbean Sea, the resort focuses on natural remedies at its spa, with treatments such as a muffle body scrub, Ayurvedic yoga massage, and deep tissue massage.

  1. Alajuela Resort
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The programs are centered around activation and relaxation, detoxification and anti-stress, weight loss, it also provides yoga therapy, nutrition counseling, and a number of amazing treatments, such as lymphatic massage with aromatherapy, healing stone massage, you can also add acupuncture, neuropathy treatments, and floral treatments.

  1. Costa Rica Resort:

Opened in 2014, on Mount Quartz outside San Jose, and since then has won numerous awards, it is the perfect place for those looking for an inner sense of balance and peace, providing guests with all the resources, space and guidance they need, to achieve health and relaxation goals.

  1. Anamaya Resort:

Located in the Pacific beach town of Monte Zuma, the resort offers guests a great selection of spa treatments, yoga classes, organic meal options and local excursions, and is also close to some amazing magnificent waterfalls.

  1. Pachamama Resort

Located in the province of Guanacast, it is a haven for the mind, body and soul, focusing on transformational growth and self-acceptance, expanding awareness and healing, there are silent retreats, yoga retreats, detoxification retreats, and all food is organic.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
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