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Mercury City Tower

“Tower Mercury” is a bright and noticeable, ultra-high skyscraper, located on the territory of the Moscow international business complex “Moscow-City”, on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment – 15. Elite skyscraper – within walking distance from Vystavochnaya metro station.

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“Mercury City” – a golden skyscraper

The tower project is the result of the painstaking work of the creative union of the Russian architect, academician Mikhail Mikhailovich Posokhin and the American architect in the field of high-rise construction, the founder of his own architectural bureau, Frank Williams.

Designed by Dutch architect Erik Van Egeraat , renowned for his daring design ideas. Construction carried out in 2007-2013. The project cost is $ 1 billion.

Technical characteristics and purpose

The building houses the Russian head office of Japan Tobacco, which in 2012 purchased 5 floors of a 10,000 square meter skyscraper. Lessees – PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, JSC Megapolis, PJSC Dixy.

Important figures:

  • The height of the tower is 338 meters (75 aboveground floors + 5 floors of underground parking for 437 cars).
  • The area of ​​the above-ground part is 143 181 sq.m., the underground area is 30779 sq.m.
  • From 4th to 39th floors – class A + offices.
  • On the 40th floor there is a multifunctional playground of 375 sq.m. From 42 to 75 floors in the tower – 137 apartments, apartments, office and public areas – with separate entrances.
  • Ground floors – restaurants, cafes and banks, a sports club, a cinema, a concert hall.
  • The 5 upper floors are luxury penthouses.

The Mercury City Tower provides:

  • Landscaped area and high-speed elevators with a speed of 7 ms.
  • Reliable security and alarm system.
  • Central heating and automatic skyscraper control system.
  • The latest air conditioning and ventilation system + modern evacuation system in case of fire.
  • State-of-the-art power supply system, cable and interactive television.
  • Alarms and video surveillance around the clock.
  • Concierge and doorman service, room service and cleaning services.
  • Thermal insulation of the building with slabs that provide a comfortable microclimate inside.
  • The building equipped with shadow humidifiers for hard water.
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Tower architecture

The “Mercury” complex designed as a vertical city with a unique architecture and developed infrastructure: offices, luxury apartments and restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

The tower is distinguished by a golden facade – panoramic glazing with sun-protection and energy-saving gold plating along the entire height of the skyscraper. The building crowned with the tallest media façade in Europe: a giant projection screen the size of three football fields.

The tower equipped with an electrical substation, the power of which provides electricity to 1000 apartments in an ordinary house. The building is not afraid of earthquakes over 5 points. Mercury Tower received the Best Architecture for High-Rise Buildings award in 2013, as well as the highest award for infrastructure and service. The skyscraper recognized as the best 5-star multifunctional complex in Europe.

Mercury City Tower – fantasy and reality

In early 2014, tenants moved into Mercury City. The tower is called the City of Gold not only for the color of the building, but also for its interior. The building is unique for doing business, comfortable life and vibrant leisure.

“Mercury” is the center of attraction for the cultural life of the capital, which has an Art space – a territory for the free expression of creative initiatives. The Golden Tower hosts conferences, receptions, weddings, parties and fashion shows, photography and video filming, performances, scientific seminars and TV shows. Mercury develops socially significant projects for students and graduate students of Moscow State University and MGIMO.

In the building there are spa salons and a fitness center, a billiards room and a cigar room, a bar and a meeting room, a beauty salon and a sauna, a gym. The interior design developed using high quality materials: travertine, mirror polished stainless steel and onyx for wall and ceiling cladding. The project provides for the impeccable execution of every detail of the interior.

High ceilings with well-designed lighting: the light is soft, diffused and at the same time bright. The windows in the skyscraper do not open; rather narrow corridors (1.2 m) visually expand the decor and good lighting. The complex space custom finished: framed by hard chrome metal – illuminated onyx and sand-colored travertine.

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Future owners can realize their own design visions by purchasing apartments in their original form without finishing. Enhances comfort zoning rooms. Positioning yourself as an active and successful person in the capital business means having apartments in the Mercury City tower.

“Mercury” – residential skyscraper

The tower is in strict perfect order with a modern security system based on face recognition. Apartments in Mercury City – a qualitatively new lifestyle in the metropolis. The tower has 137 apartments with Italian kitchen furniture and built-in appliances: oven and hobs, microwave and refrigerator, dishwasher.

All apartments have panoramic glazing with high-strength tinted double-glazed windows. The apartments offer magnificent views of Moscow: domes of churches, old Moscow courtyards and “Moscow City” with skyscrapers.

The minimum area of ​​an apartment in “Mercury” is 99 sq.m. and costs 39,000,000 rubles. The minimum price per square meter is 386 193 rubles. Affordable mortgage for a period of 25 years with an initial payment of 19,500,000 rubles.

Interiors and finishing of apartments

The apartments of the tower finished on a turnkey basis and made in three styles: modern, classic and fusion style with a predominance of “cold” or “warm” shades.

The modern style is discreet, but very sophisticated: minimalism and an emphasis on individual elements are the dominant feature in the design. The interior equipped with highly environmentally friendly materials: wood, stone, marble.

The colors harmoniously selected: beige, olive and caramel colors prevail. The interior acquires originality and expressiveness due to the combination of color contrasts.

The space divided into separate zones by elegant sliding doors, which enhances the feeling of spaciousness and freedom. An important part of the interior is functional furniture that matches the style.

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The classic style combines clear proportions with strong symmetry. In the interior decoration – a good choice of shades: warm, light tones combined with dark, chocolate ones. Floor finishes – marble, natural stone and expensive woods.

Particular attention paid to the selection of furniture. The classic style favors exquisite four-poster beds, armchairs and sophisticated baroque chandeliers. Calm and harmony reigns in the interiors of classic-style apartments.

Fusion style is for those who love constant movement and variety. Screaming shades of bright colors combined with warm tones, walls – with geometric patterns and paintings in an abstract style – the interior of extraordinary personalities. Stained-glass windows in furniture and accessories set off the floors made of natural stone.

Tower Offices

The area of ​​offices in the tower “Mercury” from 4th to 39th floors – 89,025 sq.m. Class A offices – comfort and safety, round-the-clock security, video surveillance system. You can buy or rent for several million a month a spacious, bright modern office with an area of ​​150 to 3500 square meters with ceilings 4 meters high. Neighbors are well-known world companies with which high-speed elevators will connect.

Transport and parking

There is a multi-level underground parking under the tower, and convenient ground parking in the adjacent territory. On the territory of the complex there is a round-the-clock taxi service, right from the tower, without leaving the street, – access to the Vystavochnaya and Mezhdunarodnaya metro stations.

The Delovoy Tsentr station of the Moscow Ring Railway was opened in the Moscow City complex , which connected 20 city stations. From the Kievsky railway station, located along a straight line at the neighboring metro station, an Aeroexpress train departs every half an hour to Vnukovo airport.

Tower “Mercury” has no analogues either in appearance or in internal equipment.

Mercury City Tower
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