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Mobily Data SIM Unlimited 150

Mobily one of the telecommunications companies that characterized by providing fast internet packages. So we will talk through the following about the data SIM of Mobily Unlimited 150.

Unlimited Mobily Data SIM 150 SAR

Mobily offers a prepaid data SIM priced at SAR 150 per month and this offer provides you with the following online + call features:

  • Package Name: Prepaid 150.
  • Unlimited internet on all social media apps
  • 55 GB internet on other applications and websites.
  • 2,250 minutes calls to all local networks.
  • Shelf life: 4 weeks from the date of subscription.
  • Chip price with VAT: SAR 178.

This package available for Mobily SIM and prepaid customers, it is not possible to subscribe to it on the postpaid system. The offer renewed automatically. And the automatic renewal can cancel, and the package can disable by using the application or contacting one of the customer service representatives. Calls to 9200 numbers counted within the local minutes of the package and for more details you can visit the following link. That shows you all the details of the package on the official website: Mobily Data SIM 150.

Social networking applications: WhatsApp – Facebook – Snapchat – Instagram – Twitter – YouTube, these applications get unlimited internet throughout the month and their consumption not calculated within the limited capacity , when using other sites and applications, their consumption calculated within the limited capacity and the package can renew at any time.

Mobily data SIM is unlocked for 3 months for how much

You can subscribe to one of the data bundles on Mobily Data SIM and get internet for 3 months, the package details are in the following list:

  • 100 GB Internet + 100 GB YouTube for 3 months at a price of 368 riyals, activation code: 8080.
  • 300 GB data for 3 months at 517.5 SAR, activation code: 300.
  • Can subscribe to other offers, see all plans on the official website: Data Packages.
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Mobily Data SIM offers 6 months

When buying a new Mobily data SIM, you can activate the 6 months package, which is the highest package within the data packages provided by the company, more details in the following list:

  • 600 GB internet for 6 months , price 1035 SAR and activation code: 606.
  • The price includes VAT and VAT is collected upon shipment for prepaid customers and charged on the invoice for postpaid customers.

To activate the 6 months data bundle on the Mobily SIM, please send the activation code within the package details to 1100, this offer is activated only once without the auto-renewal service, and to activate it again, recharge the balance and then subscribe to it again via the activation code and follow the same steps that we have explained.

Conditions for subscribing to Mobily Unlimited packages

  • Subscribe to this service for Mobily SIM holders.
  • Postpaid subscribers cannot access the bundle.
  • Calculate the package tariff when consuming the package features.
  • The customer cannot share communication software data.
  • This package a set of added services, where the customer must subscribe to a basic package.

How to activate Mobily Data SIM Unlimited

Activate Mobily Unlimited Data SIM 150 by following these steps:

  1. Send an SMS with 150 to 1100.
  2. Then you receive a text message that you have successfully subscribed to this package

Deactivate Mobily Data SIM Unlimited

You can deactivate the Mobily Unlimited 150 data SIM through the following:

  1. Send a text message with the number 0150 to the number 1100.
  2. You receive a text message stating that you have unsubscribed from that service.
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Cancel the automatic renewal of unlimited social packages

You can cancel the automatic renewal of unlimited social packages in more than one way as follows:

  • Send an SMS with 0440 to 1100.
  • Alternatively, you can dial *0440#.
  • You can dial *1100# and follow these steps:
    1. Select Mobily Services.
    2. Hence messaging services.
    3. Then select Social Services.
    4. Finally, click on the word Unsubscribe
Mobily Data SIM Unlimited 150
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