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Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Many people go to the most beautiful cities in the world. Especially the colorful cities. In search of vitality and vigor in the souls. These cities consist of many houses colored in wonderful colors. Organized in a way that inspires joy and pleasure. In the souls and makes your vacation special. Because you will see streets and buildings that you have not seen before. Follow this article with us to see the magnificence of these cities.

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1. Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is an Austrian city. It is the capital of the state of Tyrol in western Austria. The city of Innsbruck in the state of Austria. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Which is eminent by its magnificence and beauty. It character by the mixture of nature. And the white Alps with the colorful lifestyle shown in the homes of the city. And this combination gives a kind of splendor and beauty. It resembles a painting in reality. The city of Innsbruck. Considered one of the most important attractions in Austria. It contains a cable car that tourists can ride and sightseeing. With a view and its views beyond fancy. You can have your favorite drink or your favorite meal. In one of the restaurants in the city of Innsbruck. It eminent by its wonderful taste.

2. Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali. One of the most beautiful tourist places in Indonesia. Because of its rich natural beauty, history and ancient heritage. Making it one of the best cities in the world. And the most attractive to tourists, camera lenses and artists’ quills alike.
Bali has some of the most beautiful and most enchanting beaches in the world. Such as Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Kuta. And other natural attractions such as the rice terraces in Ubud. The picturesque quiet island of Lombok on the northeastern coast. Rice fields and steep mountains covered with green and dense forests on the west coast. In addition to the historical monuments. Such as palaces, museums and art galleries. That have contributed to making Bali. One of the most beautiful islands in the world.
Tourism in Bali attracted 8.3 million travellers in the previous year.

3. Vienna – Austria

“Nights in Vienna”. This charming city is the capital of the Republic of Austria. Vienna contains vast green areas of up to half of its area. It topped the list of the best cities in the world. In terms of quality of living standards in 2017. Visitors there enjoy the beauty of nature. And the historical architecture that is everywhere. You can enjoy visiting the Opera House. The Hofburg Imperial Palace. The Haus des Meeres, and Kärntner Street, the city’s shopping center. And the café experience not to missed. The best time to visit Vienna is the cheerful warm summer months. As well as the spring (from April to May) and autumn (September to November). But there are many tourists who prefer to visit in the winter. To enjoy the atmosphere and joy of Christmas.

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4. Osaka, Japan

Colourful largest and richest city in Japan. One of the most beautiful cities for tourism in Japan. Osaka famous for its fun venues. That attract the attention of families. Such as the Ferris Wheel, open-air amusement parks from its rooftop location. The second largest movie studio in the world. And a water park where you can enjoy watching huge. Colourful and rare fish across giant pools.
In addition to hotels options that suit different budgets. Restaurants, bars and luxury nightclubs. The ideal location in the heart of the country. And its most famous tourist cities through huge transport network.

5. Interlaken

Interlaken located between two lakes, Thun and Brienz. Surrounded by some of Switzerland’s highest peaks. It a place that enjoys stunning views. Deserves a place on the list of the world’s. Most beautiful cities in terms of nature. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the splendor of Switzerland. Either by the lake, on the many hiking trails that start at Harder Kulm. Or on the viewing platform located at a height of 1,322 meters. The platform accessed by a funicular. Located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. And the large peaks in the region. Such as: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, are worth a visit. AQnd easy accessible by the Alpine railways.

6. Paris. France

A dream city, the most romantic city in the world. In these words everyone recognizes Paris. The elegant, luxurious. Most visited city on earth attracts about 50 million tourists every year! It is not surprising. Because more than 2,000 years of history of the French capital. So priceless that you can study it by visiting memorable places. A river cruise on the Seine. A picnic on a green lawn by the Eiffel Tower. Admiring the stunning Gothic architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral. These are just a few of the goals that you should realize when you are in Paris.

7. Rome. Italy

The eternal symbol city. The original city is the birthplace of Western culture. It was here, on the banks of the Tiber River. That the powerful Roman Empire unfolded. Later played an important role in the history of all European states. It is worth starting your acquaintance. With the city by visiting the most valuable. Key sights that have become the hallmark of Rome. Such as the legendary ancient Roman arena Colosseum. The main bastion of the Vatican Catholic Church. The state heart of Ancient Rome. Roman Forum, the ancient baths of Caracalla. Numerous squares and magnificent Baroque architecture.

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8. Barcelona. Spain

The football center of the world. The capital of Catalonia. At the same time the most charming city in Spain. Founded in the 3rd century BC, the city had a difficult history. There was a struggle for power. Between the Romans, Moors and Visigoths around it. Later it passed to the descendants of the Frankish kings. The immortal creations of Antoni Gaudí’s architecture. The mesmerizing Gothic facades of the temples. And the entire Gothic quarter. Iconic Camp Nou football stadium. As well as a number of vibrant national festivals. Reveal the essence of the city and its culture.

9. Dubrovnik. Croatia

The pearl of the Adriatic. The city of Dubrovnik, interesting for travelers. Both from a historical point of view and for a resort vacation. It is enough to go to Dubrovnik. The cleanest sea, magnificent beaches, ancient architecture. As well as a wide variety of local cuisine. The historical buildings of the city. Include the towers of Mincheta, Bokar, St. Ivan, the Pile Gate, the Sponza Palace. The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the Rector’s Palace.

10. Budapest. Hungary

The Hungarian capital has existed since the days of the Roman Empire, demonstrating. And in the first century A.D. it was the administrative center of Aquincum, which was later renamed Obuda. Later it merged with the neighboring settlement of Pest. And in the Middle Ages Budapest became one of the glorious European capitals. Since then, the city has retained the grandeur of an imperial city. Today you can visit a lot of historical sites. For example, the neo-Gothic Hungarian Parliament. Buda Castle, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Opera House, Museum of Fine Arts.

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11. Florence. Italy

The world center of culture and art. The embodiment of the Renaissance spirit. City of great creators and the real pride of Italy. All this is Florence. The administrative center of the historic district of Tuscany. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the picturesque. Views of the Apennines Mountains. That surrounded the city from the north and east. And of course, to its magnificent and countless attractions.

12. Copenhagen. Denmark

The capital of the world’s oldest monarchy. Located on islands in the Eresun Strait. Connects the Baltic and northern seas. Copenhagen is the birthplace. Of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Cultural festivals, colorful carnivals. Ancient castles and the richest museums. The old harbor of Nyhavn with its multi colored facades. Preserves the spirit of the ancient past. Stroeget Street demonstrates a wonderful contrast. Between ancient architecture and ultra modern buildings. The magnificent Rosenborg Castle. A place for exposition of the treasures of the Danish crown. The Royal and Opera Theaters will introduce you to the rich cultural life of the city.

13. Seville. Spain

The top of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The center of the authentic Spanish province of Andalusia. Home of vibrant festivals, incendiary flamenco dance and bullfighting. The origins of the city’s richest history date back to the distant third millennium BC. Seville’s squares inspire with baroque facades. In the Santa Cruz quarter, immersed in Mediterranean vegetation. The spirit of the Middle Ages does not stop. The grandiose Cathedral impresses with the size and gloom of the Gothic. House of Pilate allows you to remember the gospel stories.

Most Beautiful Cities in the World
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