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Most Beautiful Islands in the World

There are many beautiful places in the world where you can relax and enjoy the amazing beauty of nature. The islands have always been especially popular with tourists. Many beautiful islands can be found everywhere in any part of the world. But among them you can try to highlight the most beautiful places. This does not mean that they are somehow better than the rest, they just quickly became popular with tourists due to their conditions for comfortable rest and seclusion from modern life.

1. Bora Bora (Tahiti)

There is an attractive place near Tahiti – Boro Boro Island. The unusual island is famous for its amazing circular lagoon. Rich diversity of the underwater world. Turquoise lagoons, coral reefs. Many colorful tropical fish everywhere. Makes Bora Bora a dream for every diver. And the presence of romantic villas with beautiful design and thatched roofs. That blend well with the natural surroundings pleasing to the eye.

2. Boracay – Philippines

A small, elongated island of your dreams. 7 km of paradise beaches – for true romantics and diving enthusiasts. Boracay recognized as the best island resort in the world. The most famous beaches of Boracay are White Beach and Balabog. The island offers magnificent white sand, exotic nature, emerald sea. Over 12 diving centers, a variety of corals and tropical fish. We recommend going to Boracay to everyone who wants to combine diving with a beach holiday. As well as for fans of boring nights: discos, night bars, cafes, karaoke. The island has everything that will allow you to spend your unforgettable vacation!

3. Seychelles

A mosaic of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa. The islands are located near the Indian Ocean, slightly south of the equator and slightly north of Madagascar. When asked where to spend your honeymoon – Madagascar Tour advises – don’t hesitate and go to the Seychelles! An extraordinary palm forest, amazing corals, giant turtles and a great beach – all will contribute to a romantic mood and a great time! And by the way, the famous Seychelles palm tree grows only here, the fruit of which weighs 20 kg and is considered the largest in the plant world. No wonder the locals believe in the legend that it was this fruit that became the temptation for Adam and Eve .

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4. Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is the Filipino answer to the question, what is paradise? This island province stretches southwest to Borneo. Lush limestone peaks rise straight out of the emerald water, which so clear that you can see various fish on the surface.
The islands are full of stretches of white sand lined with rustling palms. The islands themselves covered in dense jungle. And the nearby waters are full of coral, where tropical fish thrive. As a result, it boasts some of the best diving conditions in the world.
Other attractions include the unique nature, lakes and quaint fishing villages.

5. Maldives

The famous islands. The islands of your dreams. Made up of over 1190 coral islands. As locals joke, the main attractions of the Maldives are located in the bowels of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is the best diving destination. It is best to go to the Maldives for those who prefer a quiet vacation. Appreciate peace and quiet, tired of the bustle of the city and have long dreamed of exactly this – to forget about problems, business. Get lost in time. Plunged into an atmosphere of harmony and bliss. Every year the flow of tourists to the Maldives is growing, however, so is the number of comfortable hotels and schools for scuba divers.

6. Santorini 

Santorini surrounded by a caldera filled with sea water and, for good reason. Considered one of the most beautiful places. The white houses of the island built right on volcanic rocks. Against the backdrop of the sea. Churches with blue domes rise, and bright bougainvillea flowers complement the colors in the overall picture.
The most picturesque settlements of the island are the towns of Thira and Oia. Located on black volcanic rocks. By the way, Oya included in the list of the most photographed places on the planet.
Other attractions include the archaeological site of Akrotiri, the ancient city of Thira. The black beach of Perissa and, of course, stunning sunsets.
An unforgettable experience is sailing through a mesmerizing caldera surrounded by sea cliffs.

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7. Ko Lipe, Thailand

The small but famous island of Ko Lipe located in the Andaman Sea, close to Malaysia and Thailand. An island of contrasts, a real paradise for lovers of exotic and banana palms. Ko Lipe is only two kilometers long, with a beach width of 700 meters. You can walk around the entire resort in just 2-3 hours. Accommodation is available, on the island there are both small bungalows, practical huts, and modern hotels. You want to understand how Robinson Crusoe felt when he found himself on a desert island. Plan your next vacation in Ko Lipe.

8. Maui – Hawaii

When choosing the most famous and most famous islands in the world. You cannot do without mentioning Hawaii. Hawaii is an unrivaled combination of beaches. Picturesque waterfalls. Hawaii is a fresh ocean breeze. A sea of ​​orchids, a place of eternal spring, turquoise bays and golden beaches. It has everything that is valuable to romantics. The coast of the ocean. The secrets of the wild jungle. Incomparable coral reefs and the best schools for diving. The most popular activity in Hawaii is relaxation and doing nothing. Hawaii Better to See Once!

9. Langkawi

Langkwi The largest of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea in northern Malaysia and Thailand. The length of the island is 30 kilometers. First of all, beaches clean and comfortable. Choosing a bungalow as accommodation. Become a mini-owner of the beach for a short time and feel like the master of life! You will not bore on the island. You can choose to visit the Langkawi cable car. A crocodile farm, an African buffalo farm, a fruit plantation. Hiking to the island’s waterfalls, walking in the jungle, and water activities – it’s not all to list. For shopping lovers, note – Langkawi is a duty-free zone. Thus, prices for most products are very affordable. There is no public transport on the island. We advise you to just rent a motorcycle, car or bicycle and go for adventures or shopping!

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10. Sardinia, Italy

Sandy beaches, coastal mountain peaks, delicious cuisine. A unique blend of cultures and ancient archaeological treasures – what more could you want from this Italian island?
Many travelers have heard of the trendy Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) with caves and clear green waters. However, this diverse Mediterranean island has many other attractions.

Most Beautiful Islands in the World
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