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Munich Public Transport

A brief of transport feature in Munich

Munich’s public transport includes bus, tram, U-Bahn (metro) and S-Bahn (urban train). All urban transport connected. To a complex inter connected convenient network.
Which zones the Munich public transport network divided into? The plan of public transport in Munich. Decorated in 4 colors. Each color denotes a specific area. And depending on where you need to get, will depend on the cost of the ticket.

  • Innerraum is a white zone in the centre of Munich. Home to most of the attractions: Marienplatz, Karlsplatz. English Garden, BMW Museum, ETC.
  • The M’nchen XXL is a white and green zone that includes. Schleisheim, Starnberg, Dachau, And The Poing Wildlife Park.
  • The outer region – green, yellow and red zones. Called all outer ring of the suburbs of Munich without the central part.
  • Gesamtnetz (All Network). All zones (white, green, yellow and red) this network includes Munich Airport. And Lakes Starnbergersee and Ammersee.

Trams in Munich

Munich has a well-developed tram traffic. And tram routes wonderful integrated into the city’s public transport network. Some times it is even faster. To reach your destination by tram than by subway.

Currently, Munich’s tram network includes 13-day routes and 4 night routes. All routes are 79 km long and 165 stops. Daytime routes 04.45 – 01.30.
All tram stops have a traffic schedule or scoreboard. If there is a change in traffic. It will write on the scoreboard or announced through a loudspeaker. Only to understand the ad. You need to speak German.

Metro and Train

Metro Munich (U-Bahn)

The Munich subway (U-Bahn) is the most convenient form of public transport. At present, it consists of 96 stations and 8 lines, the length is 95 kilometers. Most of the stations equipped with lifts, escalators and travelators.

Munich’s underground lines differ in numbers (U1 – U8) and colors. But be careful, trains of different numbers go through common tunnels. So choose exact the one you need. Also, at all stations there is a board indicating the arrival time. And train number. Most of all underground stations in Munich are underground. Only the U5 line is an overpass. There five ground stations on the U6 line. Train traffic intervals depend on the time of day, and workload. But are around 2-10 minutes. The working hours of the metro in Munich: 4.00-1.00 on weekdays and 4.00 – 2.00 on weekends.

S-bahn (Munich City Train)

Munich’s city train is the backbone of public transport in Munich. Along with the metro, as many people travel from the suburbs to Munich. The train opened for the 1972 Summer Olympics. The total length of all 10 lines is 442 kilometers. The number of stations reaches 150. Passenger turnover, 800,000 people per day. ِِAverage interval between the trains is 20 minutes.

Buses in Munich

Munich’s bus network divided into three types of buses. MetroBus, City Bus (StadtBus), Special ExpressBus and TaxiBus buses. There are 412 buses in the city.

Taxi in Munich

Taxis are part of Munich’s transport system. Taxis can drive on special dedicated bus lanes. So do not be afraid to use taxi services. But it is worth considering a few nuances:

  • Most taxis can only booked in a foreign language, German or English.
  • In the calculation. The amount called by the taxi driver should coincide. With the amount on the meter. You will give a check and change.
  • In a taxi it is better to sit in specially designated places. For taxi parking with the appropriate designation TAXI.

About the cost of a taxi ride in Munich. The price of travel in a taxi. Does not depend on the number of passengers. And depends on the time of day and the number of traffic jams in the city.

  • Far per landing: 2.90 euros
  • Price per kilometer (up to 5 km): 1.60 euros
  • Fare per kilometer (5 to 10 km): 1.40 euros
  • Price per kilometer (more than 10 km): 1.25 euros
  • Passenger expectations (price per hour) 22.50

Munich public transport tickets

Munich public transport Tickets for all modes of transport are the same. And allow you to make transfers during the validity of the ticket. From one mode of transport to another. More about each type of ticket and the cost.

1. A single trip ticket called Einzelfahrkarte.

Number of zonesTicket price for an adultTicket price for 6-14 year olds
1 zone2,90 €1,40 €
2 zones5,80 €1,40€
3 zones8,70 €1,40 €
4 zones11,60 €1,40 €

Duration: 1 zone (4 rings) – 3 hours, starting from the 2nd zone – 4 hours.
In addition to a ticket for one trip. There is a ticket for a short trip (Kurzstrecke). You can pass a maximum of 4 stops. Of which no more than 2 on the subway or train. It worth such a ticket 1.40 euros. The ticket is 1 hour.

2- Striped ticket

If you want to save on trips in Munich. You can buy “Streifenkarte”. Such a ticket costs 13.00 euros and consists of 10 stripes. The “striped ticket” can used together for several passengers. Breaking through for each the right number of stripes. The price of travel depends on the age of the passenger.

Number of zonesAdultyouth 15-20children 6-14
1 zone2 strips – 2.80 €1 strip – 1.40 €1 strip – 1.40 €
2 zones4 strips – 5.60 €2 strips – 2.80 €1 strip – 1.40 €
3 zones6 strips – 8,40 €3 strips – 4.20 €1 strip – 1.40 €
4 zones8 strips – 11.20 €4 strips – 5.60 €1 strip – 1.40 €

3- Travel card

The most convenient option for tourists is a travel card. For one (Tageskarte) or three days. The so-called “Day Pass”. Valid from the moment of purchase until 6 am the next day. For the Innerraum zone there is a 3-day pass, which is valid until 6 a.m. on the 4th day. The day ticket is for one person (Single). Or for a group of up to 5 people (Partner). These tickets are the most convenient option. For travelers and can bought at the reception of most of any hotel.

Coverage area
Travel card
Single is a travel card for 1 person Partner for a group of up to 5 people
Coverage area1 day3 days1 day3 days
Innenraum6,70 €16.80 €12.80 €€ 29.60
München XXL8.90 €no€ 16.10no
Außenraum6,70 €no12.80 €no
Gesamtnetz13,00 €no€ 24.30no

4- Bavarian ticket

At all public transport Munich acts Bavarian ticket (Bayern-Ticket). From German railways. If besides Munich you are going to some other city or castle. You can move in this city by any public transport (bus, metro, train).

Munich Public Transport
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