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Mykonos Public Transport

Bus in Mykonos

In the capital of the island, Mykonos. There are two major bus stations. From which buses leave for different parts of the island. One of the bus stations. Old Port Bus Station located downtown from the capital of Mykonos.

Stops on the island not marked. And you can stop the bus by raising your hand anywhere. On the windshield of the bus. There are signs in Greek indicating the destination. A travel ticket can purchased at tobacco and newsstands. Or direct from the driver. After purchase, the ticket must validated.

Large air-conditioned white buses run around the island during the high season. From May to October. But when the number of flights limited during the low season. In July and August. Some buses carry tourists from the popular Paradise Beach. To the city until 2 am.
The fare ranges from €1.8 to €2.3 depending on the distance you drive.

Port of Mykonos

The island is home to New Port Mykonos. Where ferries and water taxis depart for the island’s popular beaches. In addition, hydrofoils depart from it. To the nearby islands of Delos and Raney. Where tourists go on excursions. You can find out the working hours of water transport. And buy tickets direct at the port.

Taxi on the island of Mykonos

Taxis in Mykonos are useful for tourists when moving from resort towns. To remote beaches such as Mersini and Fokos. Taxis are air-conditioned old Mercedes; all machines equipped with meters. Any place on the island can reached within 30 minutes. Prices vary. It all depends on how you agree with the taxi driver.

Rental car in Mykonos

Rental offices located at Mykonos Airport. And in the center of the island’s capital. Tourists rent a car upon arrival or later. When they find themselves in the center of the capital.
The average cost of car rental is €30 per day. The cost decreases in proportion to the rental period. Longer it is, the lower the rental price per day.

Mykonos Public Transport
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