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Nations speak English

What nations speak English? English is considered to be the language of international communication. More than one and a half billion people around the world are fluent in English. It is considered the native language for 600,000,000 people who live in 12 countries.

Others, almost a billion people, recognize English as their second mother tongue. Despite the fact that English enjoys such great popularity among the world’s population, it is only in the third or fourth place in terms of popularity, behind Spanish and Chinese (though only in terms of the number of inhabitants).

English acts as the main language for conducting international politics and economic relations. It is one of the official languages ​​of the UN. Even the information technology community is strongly associated with English, in particular, about 92% of all information in the world is located and stored in English. It is the main language of the Internet. That is why, English is spoken in every country in the world, in its own way, of course, but they do.

By the way, the English language was able to get such popularity and prevalence in a short period of distribution. It is considered the most taught language on the planet, because every day more and more people want to learn and learn this language.

We draw your attention to the fact that English is spoken all over the world, however, there are also countries where English is the official language.

Where English is the official language

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In particular, it is enshrined at the legislative level as the state language in Australia, the Bahamas, Botswana, the USA, the UK, India, the Gambia, the Philippines, Malta and other states.

There are a number of states where English is not recognized as an official language, but it is spoken by the majority of the population.

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That is why, regardless of which country you would like to go to, you will be understood on any continent if you start to study and improve your knowledge of the English language.

As a rule, even in countries where English is not often used, all signs and menus are translated one way or another. This allows you to achieve better attendance and popularity of these resorts from the English-speaking population of the world.

Nations speak English
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