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Nayomi Customer Service Phone Number

Nayomi customer service, recently online purchase has become the main one, especially after the spread of the Corona virus and the government’s warning of gatherings and crowding, and the Nayomi store has developed a website to display all the clothes and accessories in all its branches, and has also provided delivery of orders, in order to avoid going to the store, and below we mention to you ways to contact the Nayomi store.

Nayomi Customer Service Phone Number

The Nayomi customer service phone number is: 8005654.

Nayomi KSA Customer Service Number

Many customers are looking for a number to contact customer service to submit inquiries related to the company’s field, or to submit complaints that you may encounter, and the ways to communicate with the company are:

  • Nayomi’s unified international toll-free customer service number is: 009718005654.
  • Nayomi WhatsApp customer service number for inquiries is: 971503802326.
  • Nayomi’s special UAE customer service number is: 8005654.
  • The Nayomi KSA customer service number is: 8001180009.
  • You can also contact the Nayomi store by e-mail

Nayomi Chat Customer Service

Nayomi provides customer service via chat: click here.

Facebook Nayomi

Nayomi Customer Service on the company’s Facebook page: Click here.

Payment methods on Nayomi

Nayomi store has provided many payment methods through the official website of the store, and this is through some steps, which are:

  • Payment can made on the official website of the Nayomi application by using a credit card, including: MasterCard, Visa or Medi.
  • In-store payments can made by swiping your card at the store’s ATM.
  • Some customers sometimes choose to pay cash upon receipt of orders, purchased from the site.
  • Payment can made in more than one currency such as USD, SAR, UAE Dirham.
  • While cash payment requested upon receipt of orders, an additional fee of SAR 22 will be charged for the service.
Nayomi Customer Service Phone Number
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