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Optical Shops in Riyadh

Sunglasses are one of the daily necessities for many people who work to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, in addition, many use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes or for medical necessity, so many eyewear shops have spread in Riyadh that offer various high-quality optics at reasonable prices, here is in this article the best eyewear store in Riyadh that has received a high rating by many people.


It has a wide variety of sunglasses and lenses with a variety of prices from which you can get a black frame at a price of 600 riyals without lenses, and therefore the prices are slightly high.
MAGRABi optical shop is located in King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Road from Al-Quds neighborhood in Riyadh and works daily from half past nine in the morning until eleven in the evening with a rest in the middle of the day and you can call him on the following number 0112782661.

Salman Optics Riyadh

The store offers many famous international brands, in addition to offering the best price for glasses of all kinds, whether medical or sunglasses, and keen to provide modern models of glasses suitable for young people, in addition to providing contact lenses, and uses modern technologies to install lenses, and is characterized by providing a warranty on glasses of various types of medical for a year.

In addition, it provides different types of eyewear parts, and it also offers the service of replacing glasses in the event that it does not suit the customer, but this done according to a specific period determined by the store, and it characterized by offering the best prices and many discounts for customers who use their insurance card to buy, and you can also use customer service in the store to choose the appropriate glasses for you or the type of contact lenses, in addition, the store provides an eye examination service at the hands of the best experts In this field, this is what made it the best eyewear stores in Riyadh.

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Farza Glasses

In addition to the free eye test, Farza Optics offers a wide range of sunglasses of famous brands such as Rayban, Hermousi, Despada, Plancia and a large number of well-known original brands, and they provide shipping and purchasing service through their website.

Working hours: from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 4:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Except on Friday, he works in the evening shift only

Phone number:0112455602

Five Seasons Optics

You can rely on Five Seasons to get men’s glasses, women’s eyewear and children’s glasses with access to a guarantee on all products, free maintenance and free shipping to any area within Riyadh.
The store is located in Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Road in the Al-Wadi neighborhood of Riyadh and works daily from nine in the morning to twelve midnight, while on Friday, it works from after the afternoon and you can call it on the following number 0550099110.

Al Maha Optical Shop

The service at Al Maha Optical Shop is good and fast in delivering orders from it, the branch is located in Dammam Road from Al-Munsiyah neighborhood in Riyadh.
The working hours of the shop are from nine in the morning to eleven in the evening, and on Friday, it starts working from four in the afternoon to the end of the day, and you can call him on the following number 0115102874.

Sana Eye Shop

Sana store has been classified as the best shop selling eyeglasses in Riyadh, as it provides many forms of eyeglasses and sunglasses, whether suitable for women or men, in addition to that it provides many vision protection glasses, contact lenses, and different types of glasses, which you will find inside this store with high quality and reasonable prices.

Manshaf Optics

Which characterized by providing free shipping service to different areas in the city of Riyadh in a short time, and the products delivered to the door of the house, and in the event that the products were purchased but did not suit you and you want to replace them, the store provides this service for a period of one month from the date of purchase.

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Eyeball Shop

Eyeball Optics His experience more than 30 years in the field of glasses, has men’s, women’s and children’s sunglasses, as well as eyeglasses in addition to contact lenses and eyeglass accessories, you can get used to this shop in saving through the offers it offers.
Muqla Optics is located next to Al Sadhan Mall in Abu Saeed Al Khudri Road with the intersection of Khalid bin Al Waleed and works daily from half past nine in the morning to twelve midnight while it takes a break in the middle of the day and you can call it on the following number 0112222299.

Tutia Optics

If you want to buy eyeglasses or sunglasses for your children, we recommend that you buy glasses from the Totia Children’s Store, which provides many children’s glasses in different shapes and models and different accessories related to glasses, and also provides a free optometry service.

Five Seasons Optical

The fourth store in the list of the best sunglasses store in Riyadh is the Five Seasons Eyewear Shop and provides its customers with the best women’s and men’s glasses, children’s glasses and prescription lenses with a comprehensive warranty for all products and offers throughout the year, and they also offer free shipping service to the door of the house (inside Riyadh only) with free maintenance service as well, and with all that their prices are satisfactory for everything they offer in addition of course to the excellent quality of products

Working hours: from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm all days of the week except Friday from 4:00 pm to 12:00 pm

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Except on Friday, works in the evening shift only

Five Seasons Optical Phone Number: 0550099110

Five Seasons Optical Address: Abi Bakr Al Siddique Road, Al Wadi, Riyadh

Barakat Glasses

If you are looking for a cheap eyewear store in Riyadh, Al Barakat Optics is the right store for you as it offers the best prices in addition to offering many discounts, sometimes up to 50 percent, and you can buy by going to the store or buying online from home and paying on delivery, and the products you bought will be delivered to your door in a short time.

You can also use customer service at Al Barakat Eyewear store, in order to choose the right product for your need, or to inquire about anything by contacting their phone number.

Optical Shops in Riyadh
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