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Oslo public transport

In Norway, public transport is well-developed, both urban and intercity. Oslo has a 5-line metro. While in the rest of the cities. And suburbs the main modes of public transport are buses and trams.

Oslo public transport tickets

Tickets for public transport in Norway can buy both at the box office. (kiosks, shops, bus stations). And from the driver (30% more expensive).

All types of public transport (including water transport) have unified tickets. The cost of which depends on the zones. Oslo transport zones map.

Ticket price per adult passenger (prices in CZK)

Ticket typeNumber of zones
 1-zone2-zones3-zones4-zonesAll zones
1 end30507090110
24 hours90140190191192
For 7 days230420610611615
30 days6501160167016751680

The fine for travel without a ticket in Norway. It is 900 kroons / 5,000 rubles.

Tourist Card – Oslo Pass

The card is valid for all types of public transport. And allows free admission. To over 30 Oslo attractions. And museums.

You can buy the card. At the airport. Train stations. Tourist centers. And many hotels.

Oslo Pass ticket price (price: CZK)

Category24 hours48 hours72 hours
Seniors and children under 15145215270

Oslo Metro (T-Bane)

Oslo Metro (T-banen i Oslo) is Oslo’s rapid transit system. Most of the stations opened from 1935 to 1951, they were a suburban railway stops. In 1995, rebuild carried out. The Oslo metro has some feature. In the city center. All its lines converge. And trains move along the same paths. On the outskirts, the lines diverge, the tunnels end. And the carriages “emerge” to the surface. Turning into a commuter train. The interval of movement is different. From 3 minutes (in the center) to 15 minutes (on the outskirts). On weekends, trains leave at half-hour intervals. Since the end of 2006, 6 lines have been operating in Oslo metro. Differing, color. And name. The underground stations are shallow. Descending only a few dozen steps underground. There are no escalators. Trains have 3-4 carriages, mostly red. The distances between the stations are small. 3-5 minutes. Oslo metro

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Oslo metro map can be viewed below.

Trams in Oslo

Trams are another way to get around downtown Oslo. Oslo’s tram network connects many parts of the city. Popular tram destinations. Include Vigeland Sculpture Park. Bislett Stadium. Oslo’s Aker Brygge. And Grünerløkka districts. And most of the attractions in the city center. Trams run exact on time. With a daily interval of 10 minutes.

Buses in Oslo

Oslo’s main bus station – Jernbanetorget. Located in the east of the city. Near the train station called Oslo S. Bus lines run throughout the city. There is one ring route, along which buses numbered 20, 21, 23 and 24. Bus traffic operates from 5:00 to 24:00. At night there are special night routes. For which regular tickets are valid. You can also pay in the salon by paying the driver. But it will be more expensive. Please note that on night routes. Passes (other than the Oslo Pass) are not valid.

For more information on the Oslo city bus service. visit 

Approximate prices for intercity directions

DirectionTravel timePrice (CZK)
Oslo-Bergen11 hfrom 600
Bergen – Ålesund9 h 30 minfrom 400
Oslo – Trondheim8 h 30 minfrom 200
Oslo – Moss  1 hfrom 30

Discounts for bus transportation in Norway:

  • When buying a round trip ticket: 20% discount
  • People from 16 to 26 years old and seniors: 33% discount
  • Children under 4: free
  • Children from 4 to 16 years old: 50% discount

Taxi in Oslo

Taxis in Oslo are not cheap. Taxis in Oslo use a system of surcharges. For a trip to the evening and at night, for a landing. The main taxi companies in Norway are Oslo Taxi, Norges-taxi. Taxis can take from the wheels or ordered by phone. Taxi operators speak English and Norwegian. In a taxi, you can pay in cash or by card.

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If you need to get to, the airport at a certain time. For convenience, you can order a taxi transfer from an online company.

Rent a car in Oslo

To rent a car in Oslo, the driver must be at least 19 years old. And have at least a year of driving experience. Insurance is required.

Norway is interesting country for travel. With hidden corners of pure nature hidden from the eyes of tourists. There is not much to do in the cities of Norway. To explore the whole country, I recommend renting a car. A rental car will make you independent of public transport. And allow you to see the best places in the country at your own pace.

It is comfortable to see the sights of Norway with a rented car. I advise you to rent a car in advance on the Rental cars website. In order to rent a car at a better price. And choose a car of the desired class.

Oslo public transport
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