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Panorama Mall

This mall is one of the most prominent landmarks of the tourist city of Riyadh. Due to its unique and beautiful design, and the distinctive panoramic façade. It includes one of the largest gaming areas in the region with an area of up to 7,325 square meters.

In addition to a huge restaurant area characterized by a panoramic façade. And many shops, and in general Panorama Mall, located in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Characterized by its distinctive location and provides great shopping pleasure for its patrons from different segments of society. Because of its many different shops offering different. The types of wonderful goods, which meet the many desires of shoppers. In addition, the presence of many services offered by Panorama Mall from the events it holds to the latest offers from the shops in it.

Panorama Mall Riyadh Shops

Panorama Mall Riyadh stores include the most famous international brands of various types of clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, jewelry, watches and others.

Women’s clothing stores in Panorama Mall Riyadh

This is a collection of women’s clothing stores inside the mall.

  • Liu Ju
  • Uturk
  • Man Secret
  • Reese
  • Terranova
  • Jennifer

Shops specialized in watches and jewelry

The most prominent of them are:

Kooheji jewelry.
Hublot Swiss luxury watch shop.
Daham shop.
Swatch Shops.
Moment Store, which offers a wide selection of great watches.
Emporio Armani is Armani’s famous brand of the best Italian watches and accessories.
The famous Fayendra store, which showcases the most luxurious jewelry, designed with high professionalism, and a collection of exquisite watches.
Welt store for jewelry and multiple accessories.
Al-Hussaini watch shop.
Amazing jewelry store

Men’s Clothing Shops Panorama Mall

  • Salsa Shops
  • U Wass Polo Assen
  • Shiruti
  • New York
  • Promod.
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Sports Shops

The famous adidas store.
New Balance Store, which specializes in selling various sports products such as sneakers, equipment and sportswear of high quality.
Cool at Spring store, which specializes in selling shoes.
A store above Foot solutions, which showcases a variety of the latest healthy and comfortable sneakers, for men and women, from international brands, and with high quality and specifications, which suits those who have problems wearing regular shoes and suffer from foot problems

Children’s clothing stores Panorama Mall

  • Marks & Spencer
  • Sanrio
  • you add
  • Terranova
  • Sergent Major

Panorama Mall Perfume Shops

  • Makeup for ever
  • Durrance
  • Natural Touch

Home Furnishings Shops

Home Suite Home store, which showcases the many different home supplies from wonderful and distinctive furnishings and decorations.
Villeroy & Boch store, which sells home accessories in a variety of designs.
Store Area 25; which offers a wide variety of modern and luxurious home furniture.
Cherry Lenin store, which specializes in the many bedroom accessories, from comfortable mattresses and soft pillows to various distinctive decorations, with the highest quality

Shoe Shops in Panorama Mall

  • Ortec
  • Shiruti
  • Liu Ju
  • Marks & Spencer
  • vinci
  • Karen Millen

Watches Shops

  • Rolex
  • Wallis
  • Al, Humaidi Stores
  • Chopard
  • Swiss Swatch

Panorama Mall Riyadh Other Shops

There are a lot of shops for everything that a woman, a man and a child need, and among these shops are:

  • Adidas Shop
  • Massimo Dutti Shop
  • Rivage Shop
  • Liu Ju Shop
  • Otterk Shop
  • Man Secret Shop
  • Terranova shop
  • Jennifer’s Shop
  • Salsa Shop
  • U Wass Polo Assen Shop
  • Cheruti shop
  • New Yorker Shop
  • Promod Shop
  • Zaidi scenario shop
  • Natural Touch Shop
  • Clay shop
  • Toss shop
  • Ponciana Shop
  • Kooheji Shop
  • Rolex Shop
  • Wallis Shop
  • Swiss Swatch Shop
  • Rolex Shop
  • Swarvisky Shop
  • Abd El , Samad Al , Qurashi Shop
  • AMC Cinema Shop Saudi Arabia
  • Eden Matux Shop
  • Atmosphere Shop
  • Armenian Exchange shop
  • Al , Humaidi Shop
  • Atletis’ Co Shop
  • Black Fashion Shop
  • Blender Shop
  • Liverly Hills Polo Club Shop
  • Calvin Klein’s shop
  • Call at Spring Shop
  • Bobby Brown Shop
  • Clarks Shop
  • Companise shop
  • Drees shop
  • Faces Shop
  • Flamore Shop
  • Shop Gap
  • H&M Panorama Mall
  • Swarovski Panorama Mall
  • Jerry Webber’s Shop
  • Hamleys Shop
  • The happy fitness shop
  • Home Sweet Home Shop
  • Naomi Shop
  • Pull& Bear Shop
  • Reina’s shop
  • Zara Shop
  • Manbour shop
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Riyadh Panorama Mall Amusement Park

It contains a lot of children’s amusement parks and an area of about 7,000 square meters for children to enjoy fun with the family in addition to the presence of safety for the safety of children, and there is an area called Metropolis games dedicated to children and suitable for all ages there are electronic games, conder games, electric games and ice skating games, in addition to there are special halls for celebrations equipped at the highest level to hold parties and special events for birthdays, and there are in the mall babysitters so that the mother can leave her children safely until The mother finishes shopping.

Restaurants & Cafes in Panorama Mall Riyadh

  • Danube Panorama
  • you spent the night
  • Casa Pasta
  • Papa Roti
  • La Rose
  • you take over
  • Brew Bar Specialty Coffee | Pro Bar
  • Mcdonald ‘s
  • Urth Caffe Panorama Mall Earth Cafe Panorama Mall
  • Waynes Cafe
  • Key Café
  • cold talk
  • Charlize Philly Stakes
  • huna Takhassusi
  • Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen
  • Kudo
  • Karam Express
  • Magnolia Bakery – Magnolia Bakery
  • Nespresso
  • Rustic sheet
  • Anoosh
  • Shawarmer | Shawarmer
  • Hervey
  • Caribou Coffee – Caribou Coffee
  • The Capsule
  • The World of Crepes
  • Mark & Spencer Cafe
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Panorama Mall Food Court
  • Food Square
  • FireGrill
  • Lamud
  • Los Angeles Chocolate Bar

Panorama Mall Location Riyadh

  • You can access the mall via Google Maps via this link from here

Panorama Mall Riyadh Working Hours

  • Saturday 9:00am–12:00am
  • Sunday 9:00am–12:00am
  • Monday 9:00am–12:00am
  • Tuesday 9:00am–12:00am
  • Wednesday 9:00am–12:00am
  • Thursday 9:00am–12:00am
  • Friday 2:00 pm – 12:00 am
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Services available in Panorama Mall Riyadh

This mall has a number of free services that surpass other malls, which are as follows:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Safety & Security
  • Customer Service Desk
  • ATMs
  • Car Cleaning Service
  • Changing rooms
  • Strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Children’s changing rooms
Panorama Mall
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