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Top 10 Parks in Berlin

What places are worth seeing in Berlin? The most interesting and visited Parks according to visitors’ reviews. Map, photos and a short description.

1. Tiergarten

Große Sternallee, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Тиргартен 1 1

Tiergarten is a favorite vacation spot residents and visitors of Berlin. The park covers a huge area of ​​200 hectares with a length of paths of 30 kilometers.

Трептов-парк 2. Treptower Park

2. Alt-Treptow, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Treptow – park – one from Berlin parks, on the banks of the Spree River. It is famous for the fact that it contains the Soviet War Memorial, on the site where more than 7,000 soldiers who died in the battles for Berlin are buried.

3. Lustgarten

Unnamed Road, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Люстгартен 1 1

Lustgarten is a park on the Museum Island in the center of Berlin, part of the City Palace. The park, conceived as a household for the palace, has undergone many renovations, including after the Second World War, when it was completely destroyed.

4. Berlin Botanical Garden

Unnamed Road, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Botanical Garden is a large collection of 22 thousand living plants, located on the territory of about 43 getars. Built in the period 1897 – 1910. under the direction of Adolf Heinrich Gustav Engler.

5. Berlin Zoo

Unnamed Road, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Zoo is a zoological garden in Berlin, the largest in Europe, located on 35 hectares, contains 15,000 animals, 1,500 species. About 2.6 million people visit the zoo every year.

6. Körner Park

Unnamed Road, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Körnerpark – a small park on the site of a clay quarry, appeared in 1912 and became a place of rest for the townspeople. A popular meeting place for local immigrants.

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7. Park Gorlitzer

Görlitzer Str. 3, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Park Görlitzer is a park in the center of Berlin that has gained fame as an immigrant, where illegal activities flourish. It is better to refrain from visiting in the dark.

8. Friedrichshain People’s Park

Unnamed Road, 10249 Berlin, Germany

Friedrichshain People’s Park is the first city park in Berlin to be included in the list of protected historic sites. The initiator of the creation of the park is the director of the Royal Parks of Berlin, Peter Lenne. Prak opened in 1848.

9. Mauerpark

Unnamed Road, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Mauerpark is a public park in Berlin, the name translates as “Wall Park”. Named after the Berlin Wall that ran through it. Currently, the park is popular with young people as a meeting and pastime.


10. Fritz-Schloss Park

Unnamed Road, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Парк Фриц-Шлос 1 1

The Fritz-Schloss Park is not far from the center of Berlin, well equipped for sports and walking with children.

Top 10 Parks in Berlin
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