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Parks in Riyadh

Riyadh has a stunning natural beauty that has made it a destination for tourists from around the world, from its name we can imagine the amount of parks and natural places it owns, where the best Parks Riyadh the most prominent destination for its various visitors as well as many places of tourism in Riyadh.

Artificial lakes, eco-friendly plants, pets and palms hugging the clouds of the sky, the areas cultivated in Riyadh gave them serenity and purity.

Library Park

From the charming family Parks, it has three beautiful fountains and a fourth surrounded by a range of seats. A winding industrial lake, stretching from east to west, is spread over the Parks with wide corridors paved in bright sand brick colours, allowing them to roam the Parks comfortably, and tree-shaded seats for family sessions.

Various children’s toys, electronic, electric and regular, are distributed throughout the park. Suitable for holidays and holidays, it is a natural and beautiful outlet.

The best hotels near the King Fahd Library Park:

There is a wide range of Parks located near the library garden, most notably the Upper Executive Hotel, The Ibis Riyadh Hotel, The Rif Al-Malaz International Hotel and The Novotel Suites Hotel Diar Riyadh.

Highlights of the king fahd library Park:

  • The Park has many restaurants and cafés that offer a special range of hot meals and fast drinks.
  • The library Park also has a walkway dedicated to athletes and runners with many important facilities, most notably water courses and other recreational games for children.

Riyadh Landmarks Park

Riyadh’s most beautiful Parks one of the modern gardens with distinctive modern openings, combining pleasure, culture and luxury with miniature figures of 31 landmarks in the world.

The most beautiful area in Al-Masal park is the local landmark area, which includes sculptures of landmarks located on the land of Saudi Arabia, such as the mini-body of the Holy Kaaba and the Mosque of the Two Mosques, which are one of riyadh’s most beautiful Park.


The park is located along the Eastern Ring Road in the middle of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

It can be accessed at the following coordinates:

24°45’44.1″N 46°44’07.1″E


Hotel Intercity Riyadh – Malaz

Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

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Daraya Park

It is one of the ideal parks in Riyadh that suits young people and families because of its stunning nature.

The location of The Daraya Park:

Al-Daraya Park is located in parallel with King Faisal Road, which is located in Riyadh, Al-Baghiri region.

The best hotels near Daraya Park:

There are a range of signature hotels near the park such as Hyatt Regency Riyadh High Hotel and Narcissus Riyadh Hotel and Spa.

Highlights of The Daraya Park:

  • Enjoy the greenery, fountains and distinctive corridors with which luminous laser displays merge while changing the direction of the water longitudinally and accidentally.
  • There is also a dedicated children’s entertainment area, a distinctive electric games area, pool gyms and video game screens.
  • In addition to providing a lot of recreational, advertising and cultural activities, whether in religious or national holidays, with a lot of special theatrical performances.

Home Park

One of Riyadh most famous landmarks, trees and the lake give it refreshing moisture, over a period of 27,000 mFigures have been created to include the kingdom’s most important religious, heritage and development landmarks.

It can be toured by land and river by lake, featuring recreational games, children’s water parks and a festival theatre, a suitable place for entertainment and recreation, and public parking is provided to visitors from all directions.

Visit dates for schools and groups from 8am to 12pm. Families from 4pm to 21am. Friday until 9 p.m.

Al olya Riyadh Park

Olaya Park or the farm Parks formerly the most beautiful garden in Riyadh without dispute, with a vast green area covered with palm trees in the middle of an artificial lake with three colorful dancing fountains that increase its beauty and charm.

The park has 3 children’s play areas, with many mechanical games such as swings, blues and other climbing games, and a dedicated venue for electric games and a small football stadium, so it is one of the best Parks and parks in Riyadh ever.


Located in al-Alia neighborhood along King Fahd Road in The Capital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Accessible at the following coordinates:

24°40’50.2″N 46°40’58.1″E


Hyatt Regency High Riyadh Hotel

Narcissus Riyadh Hotel & Spa

Granada Park

Granada Riyadh Park is located on Nasr Bin Abya’i Road in the capital Riyadh.

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The best hotels near Granada Park:

There is a large selection of hotels that are close to Granada Park such as:

Gran Via Suites

Masia Real de la Hambra

Nevada Palace.

Highlights of Granada Park:

  • The park has a plains area with green spaces, green ball courts, children’s theatres and agricultural areas.
  • It is also equipped with many shops where visitors can get some souvenirs.

Red Park

Red Park site:

The park is located on the road of al-Hamra neighborhood walkway in the capital Riyadh in front of exit 9.

The best hotels near Al Hamra Park:

Al Hamra has a range of hotels, the most prominent of which are:

Lamar Hotel Suites

Dar Al , Ans

Valley touches.

Highlights of Al Hamra Park entertainment:

  • Add a special part of the children’s theme parks inside, emphasizing that their tickets are of nominal prices.
  • It also displays many paragraphs inside the park, most notably the festival train.

Doha Park

One of the most popular areas for families, the park is an open park, characterized by simplicity and beauty, green spaces on each side, with a range of water bodies, rich in private councils for families, and abounding of wonderful and entertaining recreational areas, making it the most attractive area for visitors.

It features exquisite collections of flower basins that reek of the various aromatic scents that fill the Park.

The park management is keen to provide the finest services always to visitors, the area of the Park 82000 m2  Opened in the 9th year of the 15th century AH, it features a private celebration square and a private ski yard with a shaded tent that obscures the sun to prevent ice from melting.

What distinguishes it from Riyadh Gardens is the presence of the first dance fountain swaying with different musical rhythms, approximately 18 m high.

King Salman Wild Park

King Salman Wild Park is the best park in Riyadh ever, reflecting the nature of the country’s desert wildlife, where its rocky nature is designed and carved to resemble the authentic rugged nature of Najd.

The park has horse riding facilities, special cycling and quad bike routes, and has a traditional popular market that cannot be missed, with shops, restaurants and cafés offering distinctive services.

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It is located along Banban Airport Road, 20 km from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It can be reached by taxi within half an hour to 45 minutes from the middle of Riyadh on the following coordinates:

25°00’19.9″N 46°36’01.6″E


Courtyard Hotel from Marriott Riyadh High

Fraser Suites Riyadh Hotel

Riyadh Zoo In Malaz

Price of a ticket to the zoo in Riyadh:

The price of a ticket to the zoo in Riyadh is 10 riyals for adults.

For children, their entry into the Park at a cost of half a ticket worth five riyals.

However, for the ticket price for schoolchildren, it is limited to only 2 riyals.

The Zoo in Riyadh opens its doors to visitors daily on two periods:

The first period is allocated from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The second period is also specified: from 1 p.m. to the time of the Moroccan prayer.

  • The zoo’s management in Riyadh divided the weekdays to be the park’s official weekly holiday, with Tuesdays reserved for women only and Mondays for men only, with Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays reserved for families.

The date of the establishment of the zoo in Riyadh:

The Zoo in Riyadh is one of the oldest ever established in 1957 in al-Malaz, where it has been established for more than 60 years and is the only zoo within Saudi Arabia that belongs to government agencies.

Zoo area in Riyadh:

The zoo in Riyadh is about 161 square kilometers.

It is a great space that allowed it to combine being a zoo with a botanical Park at the same time.

The most important activities and facilities at the Zoo in Riyadh:

  • Riyadh Zoo has a wide range of internationally branded restaurants and cafés.
  • There are also many seats for young, adult and disabled people in various places within the park.
  • Many theatrical and entertainment performances are offered, both human and animal, such as serk.
Parks in Riyadh
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