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Party Shops in Riyadh

Rose Language Company

It is also one of the most important leading companies in the processing of weddings and engagements, it has all possible services for parties from decorations, kosha and bouquets for the bride, DJs and table decoration, hospitality services and party entrances, with display screens and flashlights, gift-giving, one of the most beautiful nights, Address King Abdul Aziz Road in the west of the old airport Riyadh Hall Palace for celebrations, phone number 0541646665

Words for Party Coordination

For weddings in Riyadh, be fully prepared to make the night of your life the most beautiful and sweetest night that will delight the newlyweds and leave in the minds of the guests the most wonderful and enjoyable memories with a bouquet of video and photographs and securing the brightest singers with musical bands.

Arranging tables in different and varied shapes in the form of a theater, or in a wonderful geometric circular shape One of the best party processing shops in Riyadh Full supervision of the men’s and women’s halls Preparing an open buffet for weddings, events and the bride’s cake with a romantic atmosphere Preparing a room for preparing brides and doing rehearsals for the ceremony before its date. You can contact the administration to book, inquire and approve the requirements of the ceremony that suit the bride and groom according to an approved budget.

Jolina Banquet Equipment Company

It is a specialized and leading company in organizing parties, events and weddings such as organizing invitation cards, kosha, sound and song system, and table papers, and they also offer a distinguished group of the finest designs suitable for all tastes, and they also have different systems of complementary decorations for various parties, they also have the possibility of building theaters and party entrances, their address is Riyadh, Al-Ghadeer neighborhood on Al-Ghadeer Street, phone number 0542354936

Stars for Parties & Weddings

Full readiness to coordinate parties in Riyadh and arrange wedding halls with luxurious readiness and a modern Gulf atmosphere with the provision of rooms for VIPs and important guests A cadre of coffee makers, photographers and supervisors.

Full readiness to prepare the wedding buffet with a cake of joy and souvenirs, design and print invitation cards and arrange the flowers of the ceremony with a bride’s kosha with elegant touches and attractive colors. Ready to do rehearsals for the ceremony and prepare the bride. Place and location of Stars Concert Lavender Center.

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Ria Aventis Company

It is one of the leading companies in organizing weddings, whether in halls, palaces or villas, it offers an excellent range of designs and interiors that are implemented with the highest possible quality, and the entrances are decorated with balloons and flowers, and it has specialists to take care of hospitality matters and sweets on the wedding day, with special designs for the night of immersion and the organization of invitation cards and kosh décor, address Khalid bin Al-Waleed Street, Granada district in Riyadh, phone number 0555984316

Classics for parties and weddings

Wedding organizers with sound and light systems Creating modern decorations Arranging and coordinating tables and the bride’s kosha and with an administrative staff to meet all the requirements of the ceremony Souvenirs and invitation cards at competitive prices, satin and velvet bedspreads for tables and chairs Curtains in attractive colors that go with the floor with the provision of photographers and videos. Reception and hospitality staff Colorful lighting, mirror backgrounds and plasma screens.

Masters of Excellence Company

It is one of the most important companies for organizing parties, as it cares about every small and large for the wedding day, in terms of designing halls and tents with hospitality crews, sound and lighting systems, attention to photography from pictures and videos, attention to a special decoration for the kosha and wonderful programs for the night with the diversity of these programs to suit all tastes, the address of the ashes of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Anqari Al Woroud in Riyadh, phone number 0500313133

Spring Weddings for Party Coordination

Preparing parties in a decent and modern way, starting from curtains, kosha mats, tables, and dressing chairs to the floor, preparing a banquet buffet and cake, preparing the bride, wedding dress and all her requirements with a hairdresser and a female photographer, securing a musical band and supervisors to receive cars, laser lighting, entertainment paragraphs, and supervisors for children, do not let anxiety disturb your joy, we will be ready to turn your dreams into reality. And record the memory of your concert over the days.

Modern Tents Est.

This institution provides a variety of party and wedding coordination services at the highest levels, all staff have very great experience in choosing the smallest details for all occasions, and the most important of these arrangements is the decoration such as curtains, tables and lighting, attention to theaters, corridors and sound systems, attention as much as possible to the implementation of the kosh and buffet, with the preparation of halls and their entrances to suit each type of party, its address is King Abdul Aziz Road, exit 5 after the intersection of Imam Saud Road towards the north, the fourth shop after the intersection in Riyadh, No. Phone 500646746

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Royal Hospitality Catering Shops

Preparing and equipping children’s parties, coordinating tables and chairs, making a chocolate fountain, artwork, entertainment paragraphs, a cotton candy machine, a corn machine with all its supplies, children’s drinks and a large cake, children’s sweets, bouncy and a soapy playground, cartoon characters, decorations, clowns and decorating the entire place.

Coordinating weddings and preparing tables, preparing a perfume table, with a chocolate table with all its requirements. Competitive prices and an atmosphere of joy and surprises.

Evening elegance

It is one of the party planning companies in Riyadh that offers the best options suitable for a fun evening, they can organize weddings and engagements, while decorating the entrances to halls, theaters and kosha, by decorating them with balloons and flowers, so that the hall becomes a royal and legendary hall, its address is Al-Wurud neighborhood in Riyadh, phone number 507627474

Bouquet Express

Wedding coordination in Riyadh is cheap and suitable for various occasions with souvenirs and boxes with occasion prints, helium and ordinary balloons, arches and multiple shapes, laser lighting, illuminated backgrounds, graduation figures, high-tech sound systems and a musical band to share with you pleasant and enjoyable moments.

Decorating halls, invitation tables and concert buffet. Arabic coffee team Luminous wooden décor arches of roses, back curtains, comprehensive reception table decorations, graduation hats. With a willingness to meet your suggestions, add your touches and implement your ideas.

Wedding Anniversary Company

This company offers a variety of designs and decorations for weddings and weddings, and also organizes invitation cards, wedding sweets, kosha decorations decorated with flowers, and special celebrations for the night of immersion, and also offers an excellent range of theater decorations, lighting and attention to the hall tables to suit the rest of the décor, its address is exit 29 on Bilal Bin Rabah Street next to Chocolate Island, phone number 598974964

Sirmonia Event & Wedding

Designing invitation cards and coordinating all your party supplies in the finest and most beautiful styles, satin silk bedspreads, inklets for decorating tables and chairs, and kosha with curtains to harmonize the flooring décor. Arrangement of the flowers of the ceremony Inviting a musical band and singer, supervisors and supervisors, arranging a buffet with a variety of eastern and western varieties, a Gulf atmosphere, laser lighting and plasma screens, while securing photographers for the ceremony and supervisors to receive your guests, decorating the brides’ rooms. And create an atmosphere of pleasure and fun. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street. Riyadh.

Wedding Makers Company

This company employs a group of skilled workers who are able to coordinate parties completely in terms of decoration, roses and hospitality, as they do special programs for the wedding day and a special design for the kosha, theater and hall tables, and party coordination programs are available to suit all tastes and budgets for each bride, Address Olaya Street in Libra Tower Riyadh, phone number 12160485

Party Shops in Riyadh
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