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People in Mexico – Women and Men in Mexico

What are the women in Mexico? And the men? Beautiful? These questions, as it turned out, interest many. When I am going to this or that country. Especially for a long time. I am curious about whom I will face and live there.

It is a fact that Mexicans look different from us. Is that there is a nose, eyes. And the rest of the body are similar. But! They are different.

Well, let’s see what they are – the inhabitants of Mexico?

Mexican girls

  • Until a certain age, Mexican girls are good-looking.
  • The scheme works: the younger the young lady. The more curvy and cute she is.
  • Although, many in their youth have a tendency to be overweight
  • At the same time, girls can be flexible and mobile.
  • Often, girls look older than their age (especially schoolgirls).
  • In terms of clothing, the same principle applies. The younger the girl, the more she looks after herself. Although, really fashion and well-dressed people. More likely an exception for Mexico than a rule.
  • Girls, at whom you can stare and crash into a pole. Not found as often as tourist guys would like.
  • The makeup of Mexican young ladies is most often specific. Either it does not exist at all. Or it is a color that any Indian ancestor will envy.
  • In terms of hairstyles. Mexican women are not big inventors. The most wear loose hair, tails. And never make braids. (except for children and old women).
  • The eyes are uncommonly dark, the hair is uncommonly black. You can meet girls with gray eyes only a few times.
  • Most of the girls have similar facial features. But sometimes there are faces that are different from others.
  • Whatever one may say. Stunning beauties of Mexican women cannot call. Far from Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. But cute and not devoid of charisma.
  • Most have a fair dark skin color, but sometimes they are quite light.
  • Tattoos, piercings, ear tunnels, dreadlocks are rare. Mostly, these young ladies can found in resort areas. Which marked by a relaxed atmosphere.
  • In terms of clothing, the girls are not shy. Short shorts, T-shirts, tight things. All this worn by many. And regardless of whether a figure fits in them or not.
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Mexican guys

  • Guys, just like girls, are different. Thinner and fuller, lighter and darker.
  • In terms of completeness. Gentlemen seem to take care of themselves even less than ladies. Coca-Cola is their favorite drink, tacos. And chips are their favorite food.
  • There are cute specimens. But, sadly, there are even fewer beautiful guys in Mexico than girls. And with stylish ones, it’s a disaster.
  • He is the exception, not the rule! So guys going on a trip with their girlfriends. And wives don’t have to worry. That the other half will be staring at the guys a la Gael Garcia Bernal.
  • Mods found, but rare. In cities with many students. And other youth, such as Guanajuato.
  • There are many chubby. It is not for nothing that Mexicans. Considered one of the fattest nations in the world. It should note that Mexican cuisine. And the habit of eating at night dispose to this.
  • In general. The family is not without its black sheep. And not without a handsome man. That’s what I can say about Mexican.

Women of Mexico

  • That way, after 23-25. ​​(even earlier). Especially after the birth of children. Girls begin to creep into impressive women.
  • A mature, fit woman is impractical in Mexico. They eat, they eat all the time, and fitness, sound, is not their strong point. But! You have to understand that in Mexico there is no such cult of thinness as. for example. They even have in their magazines all the ladies of magnificent forms. Both women and men themselves regard obesity calm. And consider it normal. They used to it, they like it.
  • Beautiful and well-groomed women with shining eyes are a rare animal. Usually, they are not smartly dressed. A little disheveled and depressed by life and its burdens. For the most part. Mexicans are not rich people. And have many children. And these are chores, worries, and other joys of life.
  • However, despite the difficulties. Seniors know how to forget about them. And have fun and laugh when there is a reason for this, And sometimes without it.
  • In general, women do not use age-concealing products. Hair dye, cosmetics, and even more so botox and other wisdom. Why is all this needed? What is natural is not ugly!
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Men of Mexico

  • Men, it seems, on the contrary, become fitter with age. So it is not uncommon to see a picture on the streets. When a full-fat wife goes with a thin-thin husband.
  • Men are funny! Why should they be sad? It’s not for them to sit with three children. Pick out thorns from cacti and sculpt tortillas around the clock.
  • There are not many mods. The standard set of clothes is plain blue jeans and a T-shirt. The older the seniors, the more often they wear shirts. But not those that are under a tie, but informal every day.
  • Older men are fond of wearing hats and, it should note. They suit them. There are special “hat” cities, such as San Miguel de Allende. There, the attention of seniors in hats is off the scale!
  • Fewer of the strong wear beards and mustaches, preferring a clean-shaven face. “Three-day unshaven” is not fashion.
  • Peasants love to get together. To chat, however, women are not inferior to them in this.
  • Drunk, inadequate Mexicans on the streets are almost never met. This is very, very rare. It is not customary for them to walk drunk, it’s a shame, so it seems. You see, they seem to be sitting in cafes sipping beer.
  • In my opinion, men in Mexico are quite pleasant.

Mexican couples

  • Couples are separate and my favorite topic. Mexicans look harmonious in a pair. They are not used to hiding their feelings. So if they love, then everyone around them knows about it. And right so, this is not something to ashamed of!
  • They walked, walked, wanted to hug in the middle of the square. Sincere people.
  • Young people are usually even more loving. In relationships, Mexicans are quite free. There is no such thing that the only one and for life. Grooms and brides can change a lot.
  • Kisses, hugs, and other aspects of affection not hidden from prying eyes. And not forbidden. No one will look askance and say “Shameless!”
  • Everything is as usual if the girl is a fashion. Then the guy does not lag behind.
  • There are not so many cinemas. For example, as well as any fun centers in general. I’m just curious about how the dates go. It seems that the guys just walk the streets, sit in parks or somewhere in cafes.
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Old Men

  • Old Mexicans are very nice. Mexicans know how to age beautifully. Without turning into grumbling. Constantly dissatisfied with the life of old men.
  • They are sweet and kind. Although, as elsewhere, there are exceptions.
  • It seems to me that not all old people have an easy life, but they never show it. They meet each other with a smile, and they say goodbye to her.
  • And they love each other until old age. Often in cities, in the central square. You can watch elderly couples come just to dance. To the music of the orchestra. Isn’t it romantic?
People in Mexico – Women and Men in Mexico
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