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Granite rocks on the shore, Perhentian Island, Malaysia, AsiaPerhentian is clear sapphire waters and luxurious white beaches, which are framed by luxurious palm trees. This is how you can briefly describe this exotic island. More specifically, Perhentian is a small group of islands that includes the two main islands, Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil , as well as several small uninhabited or conditionally inhabited islets. They are located about 20 km from the northeastern shores of the Malacca coast and are washed by transparent waves of the South China Sea .

Average islands temperature is kept at at +33 ° C , and the water is always warmed up to +26 … + 30 C ° . The best time for a trip can be safely called a dry and sunny season from March to October. From October to March, the monsoon season lasts here, during which it rains a lot and strong storm winds blow. During this period, all hotels on the islands are closed and do not accept guests.

If we talk about the hotels themselves, then there is a choice here, although not too great. In general, there are one and a half dozen accommodation options on each of the two main islands. I must say that on weekends the influx of tourists is simply huge, so it is recommended to plan a trip at the beginning or middle of the week. Little Perhentian is more suitable for those who prefer budget accommodation, as there are quite a few hostels on this island. The most popular place is Long Beach , where there are several small but cozy hotels. Great Perhentian Island will be the ideal place for those who like to relax in the background of pristine nature. Well, the hotels that are located here offer more comfortable and more expensive accommodation. The best options are consideredPerhentian Island Resort and Coral View Resort .

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The most convenient and fastest way to get to Perhentian is a flight from Kuala Lumpur to the city of Kota Bharu. Then a transfer is carried out to the pier of Kuala Besut (about 40 minutes), from where a high-speed boat departs to the Perhentian Islands (30-40 minutes). On the islands themselves, the main mode of transportation is by water taxis, which are available at every hotel.

I must say that the main treasure of Perhentian is the magnificent underwater world, the beauty of which cannot be described in words. The waters of Perhentian are just teeming with all kinds of colorful inhabitants: young fish, clown fish, parrot fish, barracudas, moray eels, sea turtles, sharks and a variety of corals grow here. Also near the islands lies a sunken Vietnamese ship, to which divers from all over the world dive. In general, there are 21 dive sites around the islands and a large number of excellent “points” for snorkeling. Moreover, each of them has its own special “zest”, so diving here will appeal to both beginners and professionals. I would like to pay special attention to the dive sites Terumbu Tiga, Tokong Laut and Pulau Susu Dara Besar & Susu Dara Kecil… The first of them is located east of Big Perhentian and boasts granite boulders that are overgrown with gorgonians and many types of soft corals, between which schools of sea bass, fusiliers and sea cockerels scurry. Tokong Laut is a rocky island with a landscape of soft corals of various sizes and colors. The last dive site is interesting because of the many reef fish and the perfect clarity of the water.

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Perhentian also boasts just ideal places for snorkeling. The best scuba diving spots are Shark point, Sea bell and Turtle Watching , which are always included in the snorkeling tours provided by local hotels. Shark point is famous for its black fin and white fin shark watching. The main attraction of the Sea Bell is the colorful coral gardens. And Turtle Watching is the so-called observation deck for watching huge sea turtles.

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