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 Pizza Hut Kuwait Unified Hotline

Pizza is one of the most famous fast food, which is preferred by many for its distinctive taste and ease of eating, and one of the most important brands in the pizza industry around the world is Pizza Hut, whose branches are located in most countries, and one of the countries where there are many branches in various cities is Kuwait, and through a digital website, the unified Pizza Hut Kuwait number for orders will be displayed, as well as the Pizza Hut Kuwait customer service number, the addresses of the various branches and the menu for the new year.

Pizza Hut number Kuwait Customer Service Delivery

You can make a delivery request by calling the Pizza Hut number and transferring to the nearest branch in Kuwait, after which you can view the pizza menu and choose the preferred type of pizza, and by calling you can learn about the new dishes that have been added to the Pizza Hut Kuwait menu.

  • Through the number: (+965) 1815050.

Pizza Hut Restaurant in Kuwait Phone Number

  • You can call to order on 1815050.

Pizza Hut Salmiya

  • You can call to order from Salmiya Governorate on 1815050.
  • You can call to order from Hawalli Governorate from a unified toll-free number: 1815050.

Customer Service Number Pizza Hut Number Kuwait

You can call from inside Kuwait without the country code and from outside Kuwait using the code, and this line specializes in hearing customer complaints, considering their comments, and working to take the opinions of proposals to solve their problems, and complaints are often due to delayed request for some minutes due to traffic congestion.

  • Through the number: (+965) 2244425.
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Pizza Hut Kevan

  • You can call the number Delivery: 1815050.

Pizza Hut Avenues

  • You can call 1815050.

Sea Hut Pizza

  • You can call 1815050.

Pizza Hut Kuwait Gulf offers today

Pizza Hut Kuwait branches seek to provide the most beautiful taste, the best quality and the cheapest price, and they provide wonderful offers and are characterized by the work of new varieties in the world of making delicious pizzas through the use of the largest American chefs specialized in making pastries, sandwiches and pies.

Latest Pizza Hut Kuwait offers

  • The Big Pizza Hut offer “Our Friday is Akbar” consists of a party box with 3 medium pizza hut, 6 garlic dip fries, family size wedges, in addition to a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi-Cola drink at a price of 6.950 KD.
  • Pizza Hut Family Offer consists of 2 fries and appetizers sized pizzas in addition to Pepsi-Cola at a price of 5.950 KD.
  • There are many other offers that you can check when you call Pizza Hut Kuwait.
  • There are also many products, the most important of which are “grilled chicken – parmesan with garlic – peri berry – teriyaki with sesame – pizza hut pasta – stuffed crust”.

Pizza Hut Kuwait Website

  • Pizzahut Kuwait Facebook Page
  • PizzaHut Kuwait Twitter Page
  • Instagram page Pizzahut Kuwait
  • PizzaHut.YouTube Channel Address PizzaHutMiddleEast
 Pizza Hut Kuwait Unified Hotline
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