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Pizza Restaurants in Jeddah

Italian pizza one of the most preferred dishes by many. Because it a delicious and delicious dish and prepared in many different forms and foods. It also one of the most famous dishes around the world and if you are a visitor to the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and want to eat a delicious pizza, here is a list of the most famous restaurants that cook pizza in Jeddah.

Pizza Almetro

The pizza at this restaurant characterized by its delicious taste, the dough prepared from it is excellent, and this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Jeddah that prepares pizza with an excellent Italian taste.

Restaurant Information
Restaurant number: 966530883400+.
Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz Road, Bin Aseel Center.
Official pages of the restaurant:
Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.5

Lola Restaurant

  • Lola Restaurant is located at the Italian Embassy in Jeddah, where it works to provide Italian food to all those affiliated with the embassy and others, and after the restaurant was able to put its name among the best Italian restaurants in serving pizza, it was able to open many of its branches, and it should be noted that Lula Restaurant is one of the most beautiful and best restaurants adept in preparing pizza, not only at the level of the city of Jeddah, but at the level of the Middle East as a whole.
  • As for the food in Lula Restaurant, it offers pizza in a beautiful way and is not limited to pizza only, but it offers some other foods next to some juices such as orange juice, which is wonderfully prepared makes it distinctive and beautiful when compared to any juice in any other restaurant, although the price of pizza is somewhat high in this The restaurant but when compared to the size, filling and excess cheese on top of the pizza the price is right to the taste and the costs are many.
  • Working hours: Lula Restaurant is open all days of the week starting from 1pm and closing at 1am.
  • Restaurant Location: Lola Pizza Restaurant is located in Jeddah at the headquarters of the Italian Embassy in Al-Zahra district on King Bin Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone Number: 966126905823

Vera Pizza

Jeddah get when choosing Vera Pizza to spend a good time. As the restaurant offers a wonderful package of the most delicious types of pizza to satisfy all tastes with a distinguished level of fast service and high quality. The place characterized by elegant and comfortable décor. Which made it the best pizza restaurant in Jeddah for many residents of this beautiful city. As it suitable for gathering friends At any time and the family also has a special section for more privacy and fun.

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The team keen in this special place to choose the finest ingredients on which a dish of pizza built with its crispy edges and delicious fresh vegetables covered with a delicious layer of the most delicious and finest types of cheese, and for more happiness and fun, Vera Pizza provided the portable wood-burning oven service to share with Italian pizza lovers all their celebrations and happy occasions, by communicating with the restaurant’s party coordinator on Vera’s official website and registering the order with entering all the details of the ceremony.

  • Restaurant name: Vera Pizza.
  • Address: Vera Pizza is located in Jeddah, specifically 4144 on Batterjee Street, Al-Zahra District.
  • Phone Number:+966 9200 03213
  • Working hours: The restaurant receives its customers seven days a week from one in the afternoon until one in the morning.

Pune Pizza Restaurant

The restaurant serves pizzas in traditional ways, such as vegetables, pepperoni and chicken. It characterized by the quality of the food, and also serves some types of spices with pizza to enhance the flavor.

  • Address: Hamad Al-Jasser – Al-Rawdah – Jeddah
  • Restaurant No:+966126833505
  • Timings: Operates daily from 1 pm to 1 am.

Ajaweed Pizza Land

This restaurant offers a variety of different types of pizzas, all of which have a distinctive taste, especially cheese pizza, fish ranch pizza, and shrimp.

Restaurant Information
Restaurant number: 966505699665+.
Official pages of the restaurant:
Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.4

London Pizza

This restaurant serves pizzas with a fantasy taste that is closer to real Italian pizza, especially with its special dough and spices, in addition to that, it is affordable.

Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant number: 966563885309+.
  • Branches:
  • Grandmother.
  • Official pages of the restaurant:
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.2

Wafi Pizza Restaurant

This restaurant offers delicious pizzas, and the menu includes special meals such as Super Supreme Chicken, Mushroom Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza and Pineapple Pizza. It also characterized by helpful staff and good quality.

  • Address: Imam Abdul Aziz Street – Jeddah
  • Restaurant No:+966126616711
  • Timings: Operates daily from 1 pm to 12:30 am.
  • To view the restaurant menu and order online from here

Pizza Rita

The pizza in this place light, other than that, It affordable for everyone compared to its size, and their dynamite pizza is very delicious.

Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant number: 966126932071+.
  • Branches:
  • Jeddah, Safa.
  • Spikes.
  • Hamdaniya.
  • Samer.
  • Waziriya.
  • University.
  • Lightning the ragama.
  • Set sail.
  • Official pages of the restaurant:
  • Instagram.
  • Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.2

Diamond Pizza (Pizza Almas)

The pizza at this restaurant characterized by its delicious and wonderful taste at the same time. Including cheese pizza, vegetable pizza. In addition to that, the dough used in preparing pizza excellent, and it should note that the price of pizza compared to its quality and speed of presentation very excellent.

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Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant number: +966567295077 / +966504151582.
  • Branches:
  • Jeddah, King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Street.
  • Official pages of the restaurant:
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.2

Pizza Express Restaurant

  • Pizza Express is located with us in the list of the top 10 pizzerias in Jeddah, as it is a restaurant characterized by wonderful pizza and has achieved wide fame despite the fact that it was opened about 10 years ago, as it was opened in 2011, and the most important feature of this restaurant is that it makes pizza in front of the eyes of customers and is served directly and is hot and delicious, and this restaurant offers some offers while serving pizza, where the chef responsible for preparing pizza participates with the customer in preparing pizza, This restaurant is the best choice for families and besides pizza it offers a lot of food as well, and many visitors go to this restaurant by name because it is characterized by serving food with high quality and a wonderful taste that makes everyone who goes to it by chance make it his favorite restaurant.
  • Working hours: Pizza Express restaurant operates daily on a two-shift system and each period is about 6 hours, where it opens at 12 pm and closes at 12 am.
  • Restaurant Location: Pizza Express is located in Andalusia, Tahlia Street in Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: 37 01236170

Magianos Restaurant

  • Magianos Restaurant is one of the restaurants adept at making pizza and Magianos Restaurant is unique in that it is not only a restaurant, but a café and restaurant and is unique in serving Italian food, and this restaurant is one of the best restaurants and suitable for families because the restaurant has a park and entertainment venues, and there is something like a garden where you can eat in the air.
  • Opening hours: The restaurant starts from 2 am to 12 owners every day.
  • Location: Magianos Restaurant is located on Tahlia Street, Seef Roundabout, opposite from Tahlia Commercial Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone Number: +966 12 6606625


Pizza has this taste of great taste, and its price is affordable.

Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant number: +966126050698
  • Branches:
  • Jeddah, Ruwais, Maadi Street.
  • Jeddah, Obhur North.
  • Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz Road.
  • Official pages of the restaurant:
  • Instagram.
  • Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.1

Pizza Hut Jeddah

Pizza Hut a story of love that started many years ago from the United States of America and spread around the world to gain great popularity and confidence among millions of lovers of that favorite dish anywhere and anytime, to become a registered brand of pizza globally.

The Pizza Hut in Jeddah is one of its most distinguished and popular branches for all residents of the city and visitors to it when wanting to eat the best pizza in Jeddah. Which obtained within a period not exceeding 45 minutes of ordering it through one of the means Multiple available to order from anywhere in Jeddah.

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The special offers offered by Pizza Hut daily on pizza orders cannot miss so that its distinguished customers get all their choices at incomparable prices, Pizza Hut has many branches spread around the city to be at the service of its lovers at any time and from everywhere, and the number of its branches reaches 37 branches, the most important of which are:

  • Address: Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari Street, Al-Sulaymaniyah District, Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: 920000106
  • Unified Hotline Number: 144
  • Timings: The restaurant operates seven days a week from 11 am to midnight, except Thursday and Friday from 11 am to 1 am the next day.

Il Vero Restaurant

Despite the small size of the restaurant, it offers many varieties of Italian pizza, as their pizza characterized by its great taste. In addition to being light and of excellent quality.

Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant number: +966126611662 / +966546959105.
  • Branches:
  • Jeddah, Andalusia Region.
  • Official pages of the restaurant:
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Ratings by Delivery Apps: 4.1

Sbarro Pizza

Sparrow Restaurant is the best choice for a hot meal of pizza prepared in a professional manner that takes into account all the details of the original taste of Italian pizza, and it is one of the oldest American names that have become famous in the charming world of pizza since its inception in 1956 in the United States and until it topped the list of the best pizza restaurant in Jeddah at the present time.

The Jeddah branch of Sparrow Pizza is characterized by the splendor of the place and its attractive interior design, and it is suitable for everyone, whether individuals or families, to spend the most beautiful times and eat the most delicious Meals, pizza in Sparrow is baked in a traditional way in a stone oven to gain unparalleled value and taste, especially with its fresh, high-quality, carefully selected ingredients and love provided by a distinguished team that provides service with a wonderful smile and a warm chest even under the pressure of work and in busy seasons;

  • Restaurant Name: Sparrow Pizza.
  • Address: 23815 Transcontinental Street in Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: 00966542826357
  • Timings: Sparrow Pizza is open from 10 am to 2:30 am the next day.
Pizza Restaurants in Jeddah
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