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Best Places to Visit in England

England rich in historical sites. Castles with a thousand-year history interesting in themselves. The royal residences in them are doubly interesting. The most famous archaeological site in the world, Stonehenge, is millions of years old. Thousands of tourists visit England to try to solve its mystery. And, of course, do not forget about the legendary British band. The Beatles. Their fans will delighted to visit The Cavern Club. the place where the Beatles came to fame.

What to see and where to go in England?

Tower Bridge

One of the main and recognizable landmarks of the capital of England . The suspension drawbridge used daily by over 40,000 people to get to the other side of the Thames. The total length of the bridge is 244 meters. The towers are 65 meters high. At a height of 44 meters, there is a gallery between the towers. It used as an observation deck and a museum platform. There are lifting wings between the towers. They bred about 4-5 times a week.

Windsor Castle

 It built in 1070. And today it considered the most romantic building in the country. Moreover, due to the size of 580 m. By 165 m., Windsor Castle got into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest castle in the world.

Tower of London

The fortress is one of the oldest buildings in England. One of the most visited attractions in the world. Included in the UNESCO heritage list. The Tower founded in the II century. As part of the city fortifications. Later it completed and fortified by William I. and Richard the Lionheart. Currently, the Tower houses a museum. An armory with crown treasures, and historical architectural monuments.

London Big Ben

the clock tower of Westminster Palace. Created more than 150 years ago. The commemorative clock proclaims. The most important events of the state. The onset of the New Year, Minutes of Silence, etc. Until recently, it was Big Ben that had the largest dial on Earth. Not a single photo or description can convey all the greatness of the main symbol of London.


This archaeological site considered one of the most mystical in the world. Scientists have not yet agreed on the purpose of the building. Approximate cottage of the foundation of Stonehenge. XXX century BC Consists of stone blocks weighing up to 45 tons. Arranged in rings or in the form of a horseshoe. It estimated that several thousand people. Performed this laborious work over 300 years. The site protected by UNESCO.

Lake District National Park

Natural attractions in England are no less interesting than the country’s man-made masterpieces. An example the park, founded in 1951. Its total area is 885 sq. miles. The Lake District renowned for its superb panoramic views. And flourishing countryside. Mountainous and lakeside landscapes. The nature here is so unpredictable that in one day it can show all 4 seasons.

 Trafalgar Square

Even if you have not been to London yet. You have probably seen Trafalgar Square on TV many times. Big celebrations held here, rallies are raging, music festivals are thundering. So its other name is “The Heart of England”. It was here in May 45 that Churchill announced his victory over Hitler. A key figure in the square a giant granite column topped with a 5-meter statue of Admiral Nelson, who led the Battle of Trafalgar. In the heat, it’s nice to sit by the cool fountains. Decorated with bronze mermaids and fish, marvel at the unusual installations of contemporary artists. The square, by the way, offers an excellent view of Big Ben, next door is the London National Gallery and there is kilometer zero, from where all transport routes of the British capital take their count.

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London Eye

It can seen from afar. But, being in it, you can see the whole city. It is not for nothing that he received the name “London Eye”. Built by the turn of the century, the 135-meter attraction. (this is about a 45-storey building!) Quickly entered the list of iconic objects in London. Transparent egg-shaped capsules illuminated in different colors. At night and resemble a real space structure. The speed of the booths is low – 26 centimeters per second. The wheel makes a full circle for a little over half an hour. So this time will be enough to slowly see all the sights of foggy Albion. Alternatively, you can order a private capsule for a romantic dinner. Or champagne tasting. Taking a ride on the London Ferris wheel. You can say with confidence that you have seen all the main attractions of the British capital.

Hyde Park

Few places of interest in England are as rich in attractions as the Royal Hyde Park. Here is the famous Speakers’ Corner, the animal cemetery, the memorial in honor of Princess Diana, the Wellington Museum, the statue of Achilles – you can list it for a long time. Popular festivals, large-scale celebrations. Political rallies regularly held in the park.

Eden Project

The Eden Project the largest and most technologically advanced botanical garden in the world. The Eden Project a huge industrial environmental complex. The complex consists of several domes. Each one simulating a specific biological environment. Containing many varieties of plants from different parts of the world. Domes made up of portions are hexagonal. With sections pentagonal. The domes made of plastic latex. The first of those domes mimic the tropical environment.

Hadrian’s shaft

This historic landmark in England is 117 km long. It erected in 122-128 by the Romans. To protect against the raids of brigants and picts. About 15 years ago. A hiking trail was opened for tourists along the defensive structure. Travelers’ reviews say that a walk along the rampart will be interesting. Not only for lovers of history and natural beauty. But also for people with any other preferences on vacation.

British Museum

If your list of things to visit in England does not include the oldest and one of the largest museums in the world, you will be in the country in vain. The British Museum, located in London, is the second most visited art museum, second only to the Louvre. All excursions in England must begin or end here. You will see both mysterious exhibits and the oldest artifacts, as well as the most famous objects of history, which you have heard about since childhood.

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Yorkshire Valleys National Park

Even a brief description of this landmark in England sparks interest in it. Charming villages and towns, waterfalls and valleys ideal for hiking, open to visit cave systems (within the parkland), rivers and stone fences, endless wastelands and lush green pastures. on which cattle and sheep walk.

Lost Gardens of Heligan

Stone figure in “The Lost Gardens of Heligan” A huge botanical garden with unique stone figures and exotic plants. He was also included in the list of “the best sights of England” for the original people woven from wire, “meeting” guests throughout the territory, their own “jungle”, flower and vegetable gardens.

Leeds Castle

Every tourist should see with his own eyes. The most beautiful medieval building located on the lake islands near the Len River. At one time it was used as the residence of the royal family. Here are the bedrooms of Aragonese Catherine and Lady Bailey. The banquet hall of King Henry VIII and the library of Master Boudin.

Westminster Abbey

Gothic church in Westminster. Built in 1245-1745. If you are wondering what to visit in England right now. You will hardly be able to get to this abbey. The number of tourists here is always great. The church attracts attention both with its majestic appearance and expositions: weapons of the original type, paintings, rare documents and old folios.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace and Flower Park. The official residence of Elizabeth II (Queen of England) in London. Fans of this landmark in England compare it to a small town. It has its own cinema. Disco, several sports clubs, a bar, a hospital. Post offices and police. Three miles of red carpet walkways and 600 rooms, including grand halls, are serviced daily by over 700 workers. It is also worth buying a ticket in advance.

Shambles Street in York

Shambles Street in York is full of quirky Jinx McCombs stores.

Now you know where to go first in England. However, do not limit your excursion program to these attractions only. No less interesting for you will be, for example, Shambles Street in York. It is included in the TOP-10 of the most beautiful shopping streets in the world, and not only shopping fans should visit it.


Street in the English town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of W. Shakespeare. In a small town. You will find national restaurants and pubs with simple and inexpensive, but tasty dishes. The popular Mop Fair is held in the city center.

Albert Dock in Liverpool

lbert Dock in Liverpool – art space and entertainment area. Built entirely of cast iron, brick and stone (no timber). The Liverpool Albert Dock was the first closed dock in the world. Now the annual Festival of Big Ships is held here, sound, laser and light multimedia shows on the water are arranged.

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London National Gallery

London National Gallery at Trafalgar Square in London Roman Boed. The National Gallery of 1839, located in London at Trafalgar Square. One of the largest art galleries in the kingdom. In its spacious rooms, in chronological order. There are countless masterpieces of fine art with names. With a total number of more than 2 thousand. Here. Visitors can trace the entire history of the development of Western European painting from the 12th to the 20th century.

Rochester Castle

View of Rochester Castle from the doors of Rochester Cathedral on the east bank of the Medway Hugh Llewelyn. The status of the most emblematic landmark of Great Britain. Perhaps, Rochester Castle is worthy. A real symbol of England and its pride. The fortress with almost a thousand years of history is located in Kent. Half an hour from London. 

Sherwood Forest

Scenic landscape of Sherwood Forest near Klimston. The county of Nottinghamshire home to a mysterious forest steeped in legends. Not only adult tourists go to Sherwood Forest. But also those who are looking for attractions in England for children. The spirit of adventure attracts the youngest travelers to this place.

Bibury is the most beautiful village in Great Britain.

For fans of Miss Marple and Bridget Jones. These pastoral houses on the banks of the Colne River. As if descended from photo wallpaper, will surely seem familiar. After all, it in these living scenery of the village of Bibury. That popular films were shot. Authentic, like toy. Buildings made of local shell rock were built in the 17th century! A real source of inspiration for artists and poets. The image of Bibury even printed on the inside cover of the British national passport. Only spurred interest in this village. So on weekends and during the holidays. Be prepared to see dozens of people like you. Lovers of rural peace and quiet. On the two existing streets of Bibury.

Warwick Castle

Medieval castle. A visit to it will be an unusual entertainment for any tourist. The restorers have recreated the interior decoration down to the smallest detail. Madame Tussauds made wax figures that became the castle’s abodes, servants, guards. Ladies of the court. Knight tournaments, archery competitions. And the “Flight of the Eagles” show are held in the courtyard. On Halloween. Ghosts roam the ghost tower.

Best Places to Visit in England
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