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PlayStation KSA Support Unified Number

PlayStation Saudi Arabia support number: Many people of different ages prefer to buy PlayStation devices permanently, as many prefer to play various sports and others on PlayStation devices, and Sony is one of the best companies that have excelled in making PlayStation devices with the highest quality, efficiency and reasonable price, and some people are looking for a PlayStation Saudi Arabia support number, in the event of any defect in the PlayStation device or to inquire about anything else, so we offer you through this Report all PlayStation KSA support numbers.

PlayStation KSA Support Number

Many people inside Saudi Arabia may suffer from some problems and damages to PlayStation devices, and some want to communicate with PlayStation support customer service inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so Sony has provided easy ways to communicate with PlayStation support in Saudi Arabia, in order to facilitate the process of communication and inquire about all services or repair any malfunction in the PlayStation device or submit a complaint regarding a problem in the device, and you can contact PlayStation Support in Saudi Arabia by one of the following numbers:
You can contact PlayStation support in Saudi Arabia by phone through the following numbers:

  • 8008440483.
  • 8008500542.

You can also contact PlayStation support in Saudi Arabia via the following email:


Sony unified number in Saudi Arabia

Sony is one of the largest and most famous companies known globally in the manufacture and distribution of modern devices and electronics, and there are many branches of Sony within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and many people in Saudi Arabia want to communicate with Sony customer service, so the company has allocated a unified number linking all branches of the company to each other within Saudi Arabia, and you can contact Sony customer service in Saudi Arabia on one of the following unified numbers:

  • 8008500542.
  • 8008440483.
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When to contact Sony KSA customer service

You can contact Sony customer service using one of the previous numbers from anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from nine in the morning, until 5 and a half in the evening, from Sunday to Thursday.

Sony Products

Sony offers many modern products and electronics such as:

  • Modern laptops and computers.
  • Modern iPads and tablets.
  • Sony digital cameras.
  • Modern televisions and television screens.
  • Playstation devices and electronic games.
  • All kinds of smartphones.

The new Sony Saudi Arabia number

The Japanese company Sony has allocated a new technical support number for all its customers in the Saudi market, in order to communicate immediately with the customer service staff in the company, and in order to obtain an immediate solution to the problem facing them, as it is possible to contact technical support in the Sony Saudi company. Through the following number: 8008440483 or 8008500542.

Ways to communicate with Sony’s technical support team

Also, the Sony company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had provided several ways for customers to communicate with technical support, respond faster to all inquiries and complaints, and solve all problems that customers may encounter, so that it is possible to communicate with the technical support team of Sony by following any from the following methods:
Sony technical support can be contacted through the following e-mail:
Or by phone (for STC customers) No.: 8008440483
Phone (for non-STC customers): 8008500542
Or via Sony technical support from here.
The customer service hours for Sony in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are from 9:00 am to 5:50 pm Saudi time, from Sunday to Thursday.

PlayStation KSA Support Unified Number
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