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Point 90 Mall

One of the distinguished commercial centers in the assembly in New Cairo. A spacious and multi-level shopping center that includes international stores and various restaurants. It is famous for Point 90 cinema and is located near the American University in the nineties

Point 90 Mall Shops

Point 90 Mall in the community includes many shops and shopping places, including:

Marina Home Interiors

  • The second and main store in Point 90 Mall, the store sells the most luxurious home furniture, which gives an aesthetic touch to the décor of your home, being designed on the latest designs suitable for different tastes, and also fascinates you with elegance and beauty that is reflected in your lifestyle inside the house, in addition to providing all furniture such as offices, garden pergolas, bedroom furniture, children and reception.
  • Phone: 01014319995
  • Working hours: Work starts from 10 am to 9 pm.

KAMS Toys – Point 90

  • One of the most famous stores that sell special toys for children in Point 90 Mall, and there are also many games for children, girls and boys, and also there are puzzle games that develop the mental abilities of children, in addition to the opening of a new store in the Sheikh Zayed branch that includes many games.
  • Phone: 01065599944
  • Working hours: Working hours start from 11 am to 12 am.


  • It is one of the most famous chain of shoe stores in America Egypt, in the chain offers all shoes and bags for the whole family, at an affordable and discounted price, and it also manufactures the best and finest leather types of shoes in various shapes and colors that suit all tastes, in addition to offering the Baylis chain at Point 90 Mall the best discounts and offers on shoe products.
  • Baylis’ chain of stores is also located in most areas and has many branches, it is located in Sheikh Zayed City, Nasr City, Fifth Settlement, Alexandria City and Mohandessin, and 6 October.
  • Phone: 0224803865
  • Working hours: Opening hours at Mall Point start from 10 am to 10 pm on all days. Except on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 11 pm.
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  • One of the most famous stores that sell shoes and accessories, for women, men, youth and children, where the store has accessories that symbolize elegance and beauty, in addition to providing modern home decorations with the best materials and quality, and also there is a special section inside the store for home furniture such as bedrooms, reception, children’s rooms and offices. and other modern home furniture.
  • Phone: 0224803862
  • Working hours: Point 90 Mall opening hours start from 10 am to 12 am.

Point 90 Clothing Stores

Point 90 Mall offers plenty of shops, including private shops selling high-quality clothing. Some of the best clothing stores in the mall are:


  • It is considered one of the brands specialized in the sale of clothing, which started the mango chain in Spain in 1995, so it is one of the best clothing stores for women and children, although men’s clothing consists of the majority in the mango chain stores.
  • The store also includes many pieces of clothing that are characterized by international brands, and also suit all different tastes, and they are also in line with all modern designs according to fashion, in addition to the appropriate prices, which make offers and discounts through e-shopping.
  • Phone: 01286723858
  • Working hours: Point 90 Mall opening hours start from 10 am to 11.55 pm.


  • A French brand founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain, it is one of the most famous brands in the world and is not limited to France only, and also manufactures clothes from natural materials of high quality.
  • Therefore, it has gained wide fame and a good reputation among private stores in the manufacture of clothing, which is characterized by elegant handmade sewing of women’s and children’s clothing on the latest fashion.
  • In addition, Jennifer’s stores have many branches within Egypt, in the city of the Fifth Settlement and the city of Alexandria, as well as the Oasis Road, and the 6th of October Road.
  • Phone: 01227137094
  • Working hours: Working hours start from 9 am to 10 pm
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It is one of the shops located inside Point 90 Mall, where the shop sells special sportswear for men, women and children. The clothes are of international brands, not only sportswear but also shoes and all Riyadh supplies.

Restaurants & Cafes Mall Point 90

Stavolta Point 90

  • Stavulta is one of the best shops that offer gelato in Point 90 Mall, it offers fresh gelato in the widest kitchens with high quality, and frozen sweets are also manufactured, so it exports sweets all over the world with various flavors, and this is what distinguishes Stavulta Restaurant, and the shop also has other branches in Maadi and Sheikh Zayed.
  • Phone: 01115667730
  • Working hours: Work starts from 11 am to 12 am.

Ayadina – Point 90 Mall

  • One of the most famous restaurants of the Fifth Settlement that serves authentic Lebanese cuisine, it is one of the best restaurants in Point 90 Mall, where it serves all the popular Lebanese cuisine, and famous dishes in Lebanon with the best taste with wonderful flavors.
  • Phone: 0225989193
  • Working hours: Opening hours in the restaurant start from 10 am to 1 am.

Desoky & Soda Point 90

From the restaurants serving all the exquisite cuisine in Point 90 Mall, all specialities served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With the tastiest foods to suit all tastes, the restaurant also characterized by good service and cleanliness.
Phone: 01279384677
Working hours: The restaurant is open from 9 am to 1 am.

Enough Espresso Lab

One of the cafes in Point 90 Mall, which serves all hot and cold drinks. Such as: coffee, tea and all juices with the tastiest taste, along with good service and calm atmosphere inside the place.
Phone: 01098376405
Working hours: from 8 am to 1 am.

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Cinema Point 90 Mall

There is also a 4D Point 90 Cinema Cinema 90 Mall, the first cinema complex in New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement. It offers concerts and screenings, as well as all kinds of Arab, Egyptian, foreign and international films, for all categories from children to adults.

Cinema Point 90 Mall Prices

  • Ticket prices in a cinema vary depending on the type of film and the time of screening, but we can generally roughly display the prices of tickets within the cinema. We find that the morning period costs EGP 40, while the evening period costs EGP 50.
  • The price of tickets does not include three-dimensional viewing glasses, and the reservation can be confirmed by pre-calling through the following phone number 01289300032.
Point 90 Mall
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