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Pokhara is located in the central part of the country at a distance of 198 km west of Kathmandu. The city ranks 3rd in terms of number in Nepal, second only to the capital and city of Biratnagar. Pokhara is an ancient city, as evidenced by historical data. Back in the 17th century, she represented the capital of the kingdom of Kaska. The old town still has houses from that time, which can be seen on Bhimshen Tol Street. Pokhara is inhabited by such peoples as Newari, Thakali, Gurungs, as well as Tibetan refugees, for whom 4 settlement camps were built in the vicinity of the city in 1960.

In terms of popularity and attendance, Pokhara is in an honorable second place, following the colorful Kathmandu, attracting tourists with its amazing Himalayan landscapes, as well as the close location of majestic mountain peaks such as Annapurna, Daulagiri, Manaslu and others. It is from here that most of the mountain routes of Nepal begin.

Pokhara is located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Pheva. If Kathmandu is famous for its cultural heritage, then Pokhara is known primarily for its amazing landscapes and the picturesque Phewa Lake, along which the tourist area of ​​Lakeside stretches. Here, a string of hotels are located, ranging from the cheapest guesthouses to star hotels, numerous restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and eateries.

You can rent a boat on the shore of the lake, boating is popular with both tourists and the Nepalese themselves, who often come here on weekends. All bustling tourist life is concentrated mainly around Lake Pheva. Here you will also find many travel agencies that organize trekking in the mountains, rental shops for hiking clothes, shoes and climbing equipment, as well as souvenir shops.

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Founded: 1962

Area: 464.24 km 2

Population: 600,759 (2011)

Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Language: nepali


Current time in Pokhara:


(UTC 0)

Many paragliding clubs are concentrated in Pokhara, which organize flights from the top of Sarangkot. Favorable thermal conditions of this region allow for flights and training of inexperienced pilots.

Kathmandu – Pokhara: how to get there

Flight by plane

Numerous Nepalese local airlines offer flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The flight duration is 40 minutes, and the magnificent landscapes of the Himalayas will leave a lasting impression on a lifetime. Tickets are sold in all travel agencies, their cost is about $ 100.

Public buses

Local buses leave from the main Gongabu Central Bus Terminal. Travel time is 8 hours. Tickets cost about $ 5 (350 rupees). You can buy them in the center of the terminal itself at the cash desks.

Tourist buses

These buses go a little faster, the travel time will be 7 hours. They leave from Tourist bus Park, where buses just stand along the street next to the Mountain Hotel. Getting to this place from Thamel is not at all difficult, you need to move along the Rantipath, which will take about 10 minutes on foot. Departure of the bus at 7.00, arrival in Pokhara at 14.00. It is better to be on the spot half an hour before departure, so that your seat on the bus is not given to another. Tickets can be purchased at travel agencies, their cost is about $ 7 (500-600 rupees).

Minibuses of the Toyota Hiace brand provided by Greenline follow the usual route, but are more comfortable and faster, and lunch is included in their ticket price. Their stop is located at the intersection of Kanti Path and Tredevi Marg. Tickets can be bought from travel agencies, but they cost 2 times more than regular tourist buses, which is about $ 14 (1000 rupees)

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Getting to Pokhara by taxi will cost much more than by buses, the price must be negotiated in advance with the driver. Travel time will take 5 hours, taking into account traffic jams, it may be a little more.

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Climate and weather in Pokhara

Weather forecast




+12 … +18°C


s, 3 m / s




+12 … +20°C


s, 3 m / s




+12 … +21°C


s, 3 m / s




+10 … +19°C


s, 3 m / s




+10 … +18°C


s, 3 m / s




+11 … +18°C


s, 3 m / s

Where to go in Pokhara

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On the opposite side of Lake Pheva, opposite the Peace Pagoda, there is the Sarangkot peak, whose height reaches 1590 …

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Devi waterfall, or as it is also called Patale – Chango, is located in front of the Tashi-Ling settlement on the road to …

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The caves, of which there are quite a large number in Nepal, are not only natural attractions, …

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The Mountaineering Museum is located in the southern part of Pokhara. It was opened thanks to funds from the government of Nepal, and

The Gurkha Museum opened its doors to its first visitors in 1994. He currently occupies the front ranks.

The Annapurna Museum, or its other name, the Museum of Natural History, has an amazing collection of butterflies, which.

Where to stay in Pokhara

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