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Pole Mokotowskie

Pole Mokotowskie located a step from the metro station Politechnika and about 900 meters from Łazienok Królewski.

What was not there! For a long time, this place used as a springboard for training soldiers, and the park itself occupied about 200 hectares – almost 3 times more than now. In the middle of the 19th century, part of the park was occupied by a real hippodrome, which existed almost until the very beginning of the Second World War.

And at the beginning of the 20th century, the first air shows in Poland held here, and in the 20-30s the first airport in Warsaw launched! True, very soon they began to design the Chopin airport, and the vicinity of Paul Mokotovsky began to be built up with houses.

Now here is a real paradise for lovers of dogs and picnics! And although there are enough benches in the park, many prefer to take a blanket with them and spend a whole warm day reading a book, or playing board games with their family.

An additional plus is that there are several cafes and pubs on the territory of the park, where you can have a normal lunch.

Now the park essentially divided into two parts. The one closer to the metro is more crowded, with small hills.
We cross the street and find ourselves in a more flat and slightly less crowded part of the park. It is best to go there from the side of the intersection Wawelska – al. Niepodległości.

What To See Pole Mokotowskie

Find all the hidden quotes! Here is the “Path of Ryszard Kapusinski” – a talented Polish reportage writer, writer and journalist. He traveled a lot, traveled almost all over Africa, witnessed 27 revolutions and was sentenced to death 4 times. And he was born, by the way, in Pinsk. You can write about Ryszard for a very long time.

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The fact is that for a long time he lived in a house just on the territory of the park. Now, in memory of the writer, they made a path with quotes from his books. Clear signs along the route were planned, but something went wrong, and now you can find all 14 only with a map and with your eyes wide open.

Quotes are hidden on curbs, metal strips, benches, etc. Sticking to the route, you will bypass almost the entire park and come to the National Library (but not the one with the gardens on the roof).


A Water Playground will be implemented in the Pole Mokotowskie Park, which will be consistent with the concept of revitalization of the Pole Mokotowskie Park as part of an EU project.
The concept of playground development assumes the arrangement of a thematic playground in reference to the landscape of the river valley. The water play area is located in the vicinity of the lake. A characteristic element of the designed land development is the sandy “Island of Explorers”

Playground in Pole Mokotowskie
Sometimes called the “Polish Central Park”, Pole Mokotowskie is a green oasis located in Śródmieście, Ochota and Mokotów. There are a lot of bicycle paths, lakes, fountains and sculptures. For children, on the other hand, in the downtown part, a playground with a sandpit, slides, bridges, obstacles, swings and ladders has been prepared. There are also structures with climbing walls.

A bicycle route runs through the Pole, connecting Mokotów with Ochota. But we used bicycles only to get there. From our house there is a bicycle route here, so it was very simple. We stopped for a moment in the wild part to take some pictures. Then Marcin was sitting on a bench guarding bicycles, and I circled the pond without water. I took pictures. Photographing spring nature gives me a lot of joy.

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Food trucks appeared on the Mokotów Field, you could drink coffee and eat ice cream. People sat on blankets on the grass, of course at a distance from each other, but we finally felt some substitute for normality.

Leisure activities

– National Library
– the main archive of
Polish literature – walking alleys

– Ryszard Kapuściński
path – bicycle paths – roller skating paths – erratic boulders
(Megalithic circle)
– lakes, fountains, duck islands
– pubs: Bolek and Lolek
– dog
monument – sandstone sculptures made as part of the sculptural plein-air by artists: Teresa Pastuszko-Kowalska, Antoni Wysocki-Jonczak, Grzegorz Szkopowicz, Majid Jammoul, Jacek Muldner-Nieckowski, Dariusz Kowalski, Wiktor Gajda and Sylwester Ambrozia.

Concrete pond

A large pond will also change, which will be concreted and will gain a more natural character. “To the southwest of the existing reservoir, a new water system will be built. The aesthetics of the ponds will refer to natural reservoirs with a rush zone and zones of aquatic plants” – said the Green Management Board.

Pole Mokotowskie
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