Locality: Phan Thiet

Construction start / opening date: IX century

Original name: Poshanu Cham tháp

Poshanu Cham Towers are located on the outskirts of Phan Thiet. They built in the ninth century by the Cham, who in ancient times inhabited these places and professed Hinduism. And today the towers remain a religious building for Hindus.


The Cham Towers built in the 9th century as a symbol of the Champa Kingdom. Initially, the bricks laid without the use of cement or any mixtures. All three towers have restored and reconstructed, but the original masonry found on the inner walls, as well as some stone statues, frescoes, and wooden figurines. About three hundred years ago, the towers suffered at the hands of marauders. Since 1990, the towers have been undergoing restoration, which completed in 2000. But today the towers continue to collapse.

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the entire complex called Fohai, after the name of the village. Poshanu a princess who worshiped by the Vietnamese people after her death. Fishermen came here to ask the gods for a rich catch and safe fishing.


Poshanu Towers  one of the main attractions of the Phan Thiet resort, they are sure to be included in tourist excursions around the city. The architectural complex includes three towers, which have undergone a number of reconstructions since their construction. Today, there active temples dedicated to Princess Poshan, Lord Shiva and his bull Ninde.

The first is the largest and attracts attention with its altar depicting the feminine and masculine. The altar made of black stone and has been perfectly preserved to this day. The main tower has three floors and is 15 meters high. The main entrance faces east, according to Cham legends, this entrance belongs to the gods. In the upper part of the tower there are four triangular windows that face the four cardinal points.

The middle tower is 12 meters high, its shape and architecture is the same as that of the main tower, but it looks simpler.

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The height of the small tower is only 4 meters. It has only one window facing east.

The towers representing the architecture of Vietnam can reach via a road paved with huge concrete slabs. Loudspeakers installed along it, telling the history of the temple complex in English. Near the entrance to the temple complex, there is a souvenir shop where you can buy various vases, figurines, bags and even paintings. Also, on the hill you can see pillboxes left over from the war.

Observation deck

Poshanu Towers have an observation deck offering stunning views of the city of Phan Thiet with its beautiful seascapes and greenery. Here you can take great photos and sit in one of the cafes.

Many people note that the Cham towers carry a special energy. Coming out of the temple, you feel inner harmony and a surge of strength. Vietnamese newlyweds often come here to capture the most important moment in their lives.

Surrounding area

A beautiful alley leads to the towers, on the sides of which flowering trees grow: graceful cassia with hanging garlands of yellow flowers, fragrant plumeria and majestic delonix with bright red flowers. The latter recognized by gardeners as one of the most valuable in terms of decorative qualities.

All the towers surrounded by amazing trees. They consist of a trunk and a large number of branches with beautiful flowers at the ends, which why they called cosmic. Also, an amazing grass grows here, which people called “shy” – for its ability to fold its leaves with a light touch. In the evening and at night, the Cham towers illuminated, making them look especially beautiful.

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How to get there

It is best to visit the Cham Towers in Phan Thiet in the morning or at sunset. The ticket office is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. You can get to them by motorcycle or taxi. The latter option is the most preferable because it is very hot in Vietnam. If you are unsure of what to see in Phan Thiet, be sure to visit the Cham Towers, which are the most beautiful places in Vietnam worth a visit.

Interesting Facts

  • Representatives of the small Cham nationality pray in the temple only lying down.
  • Every year in the first lunar month, colorful festivals take place near the towers.
  • From the hill on which the Cham Towers are located, there is an excellent view of the Vietnamese cemetery.