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Praga Park

Prague Park together with the Zoological Garden entered into the register of monuments on 3.07.1990 under the number 1434

Praski Park is the oldest public park in Warsaw. Initially called Aleksandrovsky or Alexandrian, after 1916 it renamed Praski. It built in the years 1865-1871. According to the design of Jan Dobrowolski. On the right bank of the Vistula, on sand river madas and wetlands used as meadows and pastures. The park with an area of 30 ha was located between today’s Solidarności
Avenue and Łukasińskiego and Jagiellońska streets and the Vistula River, in the area of the current Gdański Bridge. It founded in the landscape style, and from the side of the Vistula the existing riverside thickets preserved. The main compositional axis an avenue leading through the entire park. From today’s Veterans Square towards the north-west. in the area of today’s Gdański Bridge. The main avenue and the border street Michałowska (today Łukasińskiego) were part of the starry layout of the Veterans Square. The park had viewing links through the Vistula with the Old Town and the Royal Castle. At that time, the park lacked equipment. Benches replaced stone blocks created after the construction of the bridge. Tables and benches made of boards set up in the place of an open-air eatery. At the beginning of the twentieth century, two playgrounds for children arranged in the park.

New Establish

In the 20s of the twentieth century, the northern part of the park. Up to the Town Hall Street, separated for the newly established Zoological Garden. In the 50s of the twentieth century, the communication system of the park redesigned by S. Bolek, MSc. After 1951. The park enlarged by the area lying between today’s Jagiellońska and Łukasińskiego streets. The author of the design of this part was engineer A. Scholtz.
The basic compositional element of the western part of the park an ellipsoidal bypass avenue crossed by two main avenues. The dominant element of the eastern part is Łukasińskiego Street, which is currently a walking route of the park. Among the trees predominate poplars, maples, lindens, elms and ash trees. As well as chestnuts and white robins, and from coniferous trees spruce, Douglas fir and larches. The park has a playground, a concert shell and a number of garden sculptures. (the most characteristic is a metal giraffe). In the immediate vicinity of the park, at Al. Solidarności there a bear enclosure administered by the ZOO.

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Praga Park Opening Hours

  • Monday 00:00–23:59
  • Tuesday 00:00–23:59
  • Wednesday 00:00–23:59
  • Thursday 00:00–23:59
  • Friday 00:00–23:59
  • Saturday 00:00–23:59
  • Sunday 00:00–23:59

How to Get To Praga Park

By Bus Dworzec Wileński 03 № 160, 190

By Tram Dworzec Wileński 03 № 4, 13, 20, 23, 26

Address: aleja Solidarności, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

Coordinates: 52.2528201°N, 21.027713°E

Official Website:

Praga Park
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