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Pszczyna Park

Passing from the market square in Pszczyna through the Gate of the Chosen Ones and further through the castle courtyard, we enter the area of 156 ha of the historic Pszczyna Park.

Visited by tourists in large numbers throughout the year, it attracts with its diversity and richness of objects. It was founded in the sixteenth century, transformed in the eighteenth century from a Renaissance garden into a baroque one. The current shape of the park comes from the second half of the nineteenth century.

The composition was given the features of a romantic garden, using characteristic and fashionable elements at that time: clusters of trees and shrubs, river backwaters, arched bridges over canals, gazebos and other buildings.

We will find here, among others, princely stables, an ice house, a tea house and a Chinese gate. A historical event is connected with the eighteenth-century chapel “Be Your Will”, it was here that the voivode of Krakow Andrzej Tęczyński drove king Henry of Valois fleeing to France, trying unsuccessfully to persuade him to return to the Polish throne.

In the western part of the park in the so-called Zwierzyniec there is a golf course, which was created in a picturesque environment, will create the best conditions for its guests to relax. Here you can meet both on business, as well as spend nice moments with family and friends. It is adjacent to the areas where the Bison Show Farm was established.

Pszczyna Park
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