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Public transport in Amsterdam

Public transport in Amsterdam is both simple and complex. Regardless of the goals set. Each traveler. Uses the services of the transport network of this or that city. The main municipal transport company in Amsterdam is GVB.

The transport system of Amsterdam has a zonal structure. The division of the city into zones can seen here. By clicking on the function symbol”Toon zones op de kaart”.

Below is an up-to-date interactive map. Of public transport in Amsterdam from GVB. Using which you can choose the type of transport, find a stop and build the best route.

public transport in Amsterdam map

Public transport in Amsterdam prices

To begin with, I will give a table with the main tickets and passes, as well as their prices that are relevant for 2019.

Ticket nameWhat transport can you usePrice in local currency
Electronic ticket for 1 trip for 1 hour (transfers are possible)Metro, tram, day bus routes€ 3.20
1.5 hour ticketMetro, tram, day bus routes€ 6.50
Electronic ticket for 24 hours (1 day)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 8.50
Electronic ticket for 48 hours (2 days)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 13.50
Electronic ticket for 72 hours (3 days)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 19.00
E-ticket for 96 hours (4 days)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 24.50
Electronic ticket for 120 hours (5 days)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 29.50
Electronic ticket for 144 hours (6 days)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 33.50
Electronic ticket for 168 hours (week)All day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 36.50
Electronic ticket for children (4-11 years old) for 24 hoursAll day and night routes of buses, metro, tram€ 4.00
E-ticket for the night bus (transfers possible) 90 minutesAll night bus routes€ 4.50
Amsterdam & Region Day CardAll day and night bus routes, metro, tram, regional buses, including the bus from Schiphol Airport.€ 19.50
public transport in amsterdam costs

Where can you buy a public transport ticket?

A ticket can buy from a tram. Or bus driver. From special yellow ticket vending machines. With the GVB sign. At all metro stations. (coins and bills accepted). Or from the GVB Tickets & Info office. Opposite the Amsterdam central train station.

Metro in Amsterdam

Since Amsterdam is a small city. You should use the metro. Only when you need to get to districts far from the center. For example – to the southern. And eastern quarters, which connected by metro to the Central Railway Station. Three of the four lines of the Amsterdam metro converge. At the Central Station. From where it is not far from the center of Amsterdam to Dam Square.

On July 21, 2018, a new metro line (52) opened. Connecting the northern and southern parts of the city.

The Amsterdam metro ground transport. More like trams than metro in the usual way. Only 3.5 kilometers runs underground. The cars decorated in various styles. By pasting them with photo wallpapers. You can travel in a punk-style carriage. In a carriage with views of Amsterdam. Or in a carriage that tells about. Which countries in the world you can fly to by KLM planes.

The metro has a single ticket. For all types of transport in Amsterdam. You can buy it from special machines. Located near the turnstiles. Some stations have signs. With explanations in English next to the machine. To activate the ticket. You just need to attach the card. To the special window on the turnstile. At the exit, the ticket inspector may need it, so do not throw it.

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Amsterdam metro map below.

Trams in Amsterdam

The tram network in Amsterdam one of the largest. In the Netherlands. And Europe. At the moment. The city has 16 routes with a total length of 80.5 km. On which 216 modern air-conditioned trams of white. And blue run. With the tram, you can quick travel to your destination. Within the city.

Tourists will find the following tram routes useful: No. 16 or No. 5, which can take from the stop. Amsterdam central to stop. Museumplein, home to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. On route number 4 you can get to the stop. Stadhouderskade. Next to which is the Albert Cuyp market. Trams run from 06:00 to 00:30.

All tram and metro lines of Amsterdam are shown on the map below. For convenience. I advise you to download the map to your phone.

Buses in Amsterdam

Buses are not as punctual as trams. And often do not follow the timetable. But there is a timetable at every stop. The buses are comfortable. And have a high speed. It runs from 06:00 am to 00:30 am. At the same time, after that and until 5:30. Night buses operate. For which all types of tickets are valid. Except for travel cards.

You can buy a ticket for the night bus both in advance. And in the driver’s cabin. A ticket for 1 trip (1.5 hours) will cost 4.70 euros. For half an hour. You can make an unlimited number of transfers. To night buses of the GVB company. A card for 12 journeys on night buses will cost 35.20 euros (the card is valid for 1 year). For a night bus to stop at a stop, you need to “vote”.

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The official GVB mobile app for iOS. And Android is available for download. Allowing you to find the best route. And track public transport.

Amsterdam Ferries

Free ferries run across the river Ai (Ij) in the following directions:

Departure stationArrival station
Central StationBuiksloterweg
NDSM dockTasmanstraat
Central StationNDSM dock
Central StationIJplein

These ferry routes are also shown in the diagram.

Railway transport in Amsterdam

The main railway transport hub is the Amsterdam Central Station. The station building is beautiful and can recognize from afar. It is from here that trains leave every few minutes. To all parts of the Netherlands. And Europe.

Intercity trains leave from the Central Station. To Utrecht (travel time – 30 minutes). Rotterdam (45 minutes). The Hague (50 minutes). Haarlem (15 minutes).
About the movement of railway transport in Amsterdam. Can obtain on the official website.

Taxi in Amsterdam

Amsterdam made up of many canals. And narrow one-way streets, so getting around by car is not practical. It is not accepted to “catch” a taxi on the street. And in some districts of Amsterdam it is problematic. The driver simply not stop. It is best to call a taxi to the hotel. The car will arrive on time. But in the evening. And on weekends it is better to order a taxi in advance.

Taxi Fare

Car up to 4 seats:

  • 1-Maximum landing – 3.19 euros ;
  • 2-Maximum per kilometer – EUR 2.35 ;
  • 3-Maximum per minute – €0.39 ;

Minivan from 5 to 8 seats:

  • 1-Maximum landing – 6.49 euros ;
  • 2-Maximum per kilometer – 2.95 euros ;
  • 3-Maximum per minute – €0.44.

Car rental in Amsterdam

Some attractions are inconvenient. And take a long time to reach by public transport. So experienced travelers. And owners of a driver’s license may consider renting a car. Rent a car, most often we use the Rental cars service. Even at the peak of the season. You can find a free car of the required class. With an automatic transmission. Naturally, the car can pick up at the airport after arrival. Car rental costs around €15 for a small Ford and €100 for an E-class Mercedes.

Public transport in Amsterdam
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