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Public Transport in Bologna

Public transport Tickets Prices in Bologna

Below you can see a list of tickets with prices for travel in the city

  • Regular ticket (Biglietto ordinario): €1.3
  • Regular ticket purchased from the machine on the bus (Biglietto ordinario): €1.50
  • 10 trips (CITY PASS): €12.00
  • 24-hour pass (Giornaliero): €5.00
  • Travel for children up to 1 meter tall – free

If you need to travel to the suburbs. The fare will depend on the number of tariff zones you will be driving through.

  • 1 zone and duration of 60 minutes (1 zona validità 60 minuti): € 1.30
  • 2 zones and duration 60 minutes (2 zone validità 60 minuti): € 2.10
  • 3 zones and duration of 120 minutes (3 zone validità 120 minuti): € 2.90
  • 4 zones and duration of 150 minutes (4 zone validità 150 minuti): € 3.70
  • 5 zones and duration of 180 minutes (5 zone validità 180 minuti): € 4.50

The Biglietto ordinario is valid for 75 minutes. And can be used for transfers during this time. The ticket must be validated by the validator. Each time the bus is changed. The ticket must be validated again.

Where to buy tickets for public transport in Bologna

The following methods are available to purchase a travel ticket:

  • App Muver
  • Points of sale of the transport company TPER
  • Authorized Center at Bologna Airport
  • Ticket machine
  • Ticket machine on the bus
  • Upon entering the bus – some buses

Important! The ticket machines accept coins in denominations of 10, 20, 50 euro cents, €1, and €2 and do not give change.

Penalty for travel without a ticket in Bologna

The penalty for travel without a ticket is €87.00. If the fine paid within 5 days, the fine is reduced to €65.00. If the person does not pay the fine. Then after the trial, the amount of the fine increases to €260.00. 

Bologna Buses

Bologna Buses the most popular form of urban public transport in the city. Aside from commuter trains. City buses known by their red color and the TPER. (Transport Company of Bologna) lettering on the body. A board under the windshield on each bus. Shows the route number and direction of travel.

At the entrance. You must show your ticket to the driver or buy a ticket and then validate it.

At the moment, there are about 30-day buses and 5-night routes in the city. Below is a map of the central public transport routes of Bologna.

Bologna trolleybuses

There are no trams in Bologna. But the city began to develop a friendly mode of transport trolleybuses. There are only 4 routes: 13, 14, 32, 33. On the map, trolleybus routes most do not differ from bus routes. Only they marked in black.

Car rental in Bologna

Most of the offices of companies such as Avis, Hertz, Sixt, and Win Rent. Located at the airport and in the Central Railway Station area. You can compare rental prices on the website of the rental car. It searches through all booking systems.

When traveling in Italy, always think over the route. Leave the car only in paid guarded parking lots. And check into a hotel with parking. Consider future costs: rental costs, toll roads and high fuel prices in Italy. Fuel prices in 2019 in Italy are as follows: 1 liter of 98 gasoline – €1.65. 1 liter of diesel – 1.45.

Taxi in Bologna

Taxi in Italy is an expensive way of getting around. Taxis in Bologna are no exception. A free taxi can found in specialized parking lots. And a taxi car can recognize by its white color. And checkered Taxi on the roof.

The fare in a taxi in Bologna is as follows: € 4-6 – landing; 1 km of the way €1.3-1.6. There is an additional charge with arrival at the airport. When traveling, every minute of downtime in a traffic jam counted: €0.5 – 1 minute. Fares are much higher at night and on holidays.
The cost of travel from the airport to the hotel in the city center. Taking into account the surcharge for the trip from the airport will cost around € 20-35. If the driver did not turn on the meter. Then upon arrival, he can ask you for any amount. And he can take a long route.

Public Transport in Bologna
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