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Public transport in Bratislava

Public transport in Bratislava consists of trams, buses and trolleybuses. There is no metro in Bratislava, as the Bratislava population is only 650 thousand people.

Public transport in bratislava price

The fare depends on the travel time and the tariff zone. Bratislava is divided into 10 tariff zones. But for most tourists, only 2 zones are important. The whole Bratislava is zone 100, the suburbs are zone 101. For ordinary tourists, it is not necessary to know about the other zones. I will tell you about the most popular and current tickets.

During the validity period of the ticket, you can make an unlimited number of changes and use all types of public transport.

Ticket name and validity periodPrice €
2 zones / 15 minutes0.70 €
2 zones / 30 minutes0.90 €
3 zones / 60 minutes1.20 €
4 zones / 60 minutes1.50 €
5 zones / 90 minutes1.80 €
6 zones / 90 minutes2.10 €
7 zones / 120 minutes2,30 €
8 zones / 120 minutes€ 2.50
9 zones / 150 minutes2.80 €
10 zones / 150 minutes€ 3.10
180 minutes for all zones3.60 €
24-hour pass hodín€ 3.50
3 days pass 72 hodín8,00 €
Weekly pass 168 hodín11.40 €
Baggage (valid for 3 hours)0,35 €
Electronic travel card for residents of Bratislava (električenky) for 7 days€ 10.40
Electronic travel card for residents of Bratislava (električenky) for 30 days€ 26.90
Electronic travel card for residents of Bratislava (električenky) for 90 days72.30 €
Electronic travel card for residents of Bratislava (električenky) for 365 days264.20 €

All types of tickets, tickets for children and students, and their cost can see on the official website of the public transport in Bratislava

Penalty for travel without a ticket

If you did not pay for the fare and were unable to present a valid ticket to the controller, then you will be fined. No persuasion will help you avoid punishment, even the story that you are a tourist and you did not have little change for travel will not help. At the moment, the fine on the spot is € 50, if you do not have money with you, then within 5 days you will have to pay the fine, which will already be € 70.

Official site of public transport

On the official website of public transport in Bratislava,, you can get a route from point A to point B. All maps of buses, trams and trolley buses are also available on it, all transport routes with a schedule are described.

This example shows how to get from Bratislava Main Railway Station to Mlynské nivy Bus Station and the trolleybus departure time. We will need a 210 trolleybus, the travel time will be 12 minutes, we need to travel 6 stops.

Buses in Bratislava

Due to the fact that there is no metro in Bratislava, ground transportation is very developed, but the most popular mode of transport in Bratislava is buses, which connect the city center with the outskirts. 480 buses operate on 70 route networks of the city. Buses run every day, 7 days a week. In Bratislava you can see buses of various manufacturers and various years of production: Mercedes, Karosa, Ikarus or modern Czech SORs. Night bus numbers are designated with the letter N, for example, N93, N95, N44, etc. At each stop you will see route numbers, but the schedule and description of the route itself, alas, are missing.

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When traveling by bus, you need to know that there are stops on demand, which means that before the desired stop you need to press the STOP button located on the handrail.

Below you can see a map of trams and buses in Bratislava 2019.

Tram in Bratislava

The tram in Bratislava has 9 route lines, 42 km of tracks, 155 stops, 230 trams, 60 of which are new air-conditioned low-floor trams from the Czech manufacturer Skoda. It is not surprising that the tram is a very popular form of transport for both Bratislava residents and tourists. Tram opening hours: from 5 am to 10.45 pm. I have already told about the types of tickets and where to buy them. Below on the map you can see the entire route network of trams in Bratislava. You can download the map to your phone to make it easier to navigate the city.

Trolleybuses in Bratislava

Trolleybuses in Bratislava are 107 km of tracks, 14 day, 3 night routes and 169 trolleybuses. The Škoda trolleybuses are clean, modern, and comfortable to travel in any weather. Below you can download the map of Bratislava trolleybuses.

Water transport

Since Bratislava stands on the Danube, it is not surprising that boat trips are developed here and there is a direct water connection with Vienna. The journey time by boat Vienna-Bratislava is 1 hour 40 minutes. One way fare is 20-35 Euro depending on the day of the week and time of day. The boat runs 5 times a day.

Car rental in Bratislava

To travel around Slovakia, castles, and neighboring countries, you can consider a rented car as an alternative to public transport. Many international services operate in Bratislava: Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Budget, Sixt and others. The car can be picked up immediately upon arrival at the Bratislava airport or in Bratislava city center. The rental price starts at € 15 for a mechanic car. The easiest way to find a car is on the Rentalcars website, where prices from all suppliers are compared and cars are often posted at discounted rates. To rent, you will need a bank card, an international driving license and a passport with a visa.

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Traveling on the roads of Europe is quite simple, traffic rules are almost identical, there are many routes, and people on the roads are polite. Also, with a rented car, you will save a lot of time on the move and get tired much less than using buses or trains.

Taxi in Bratislava

Taxis in Bratislava are part of the city’s transport system. Taxis can travel on dedicated bus lanes. When traveling by taxi, consider the following nuances:

  • It is cheaper to order a taxi by phone, because when the meter is turned on, another tariff is included.
  • Most taxis can only be ordered in Slovak.
  • In tourist places, taxi drivers do not want to turn on the meter (or include the most expensive tariff) and name the price they want.
  • When calculating, the amount called by the taxi driver must coincide with the amount on the meter, you must be given a check and change.
  • It is better to sit in a taxi at special taxi stands with the corresponding TAXI designation, although they are not always located in a convenient place.

If you know in advance where you need to go in Bratislava, then you can order a taxi online. You will not need to worry about whether a taxi will arrive or not, you will be taken to the desired address at a given time or even to Bratislava airport, to the train station, to Vienna, to Vienna airport, to the resort of Heviz, Dudince, Brno, Dunajska Streda, Nitra or to Baden.

Public transport in Bratislava
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